AERC Board of Directors Meeting February 9, 1992


The AERC Board of Directors convened at 8:30 a.m. February 9 1992 with Maggie Price presiding.  Also attending were Dean Jackson, Ronald Wittenspiel, Mike Tomlinson, Earle Baxter, Jim Baldwin, Mark Dees, Dean Frazier, Susan Kasemeyer, Richard Hayes, Terry Dye,  Les Carr, Byron Meredith. Louise Riedel, Jan Worthington, Crockett Dumas, Courtney Hart, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Joe Long, Vonita Bowers, Eric Hovde, Lynn Whttle and Barbara McCrary.


The first order of business was continuation of committee reports:


International. Theresa Cross reported that 250 AERC members had signed up for the International Support Group.  An expanded charter and by-laws have been provided, and time zone elections for committee members were conducted.


PROTEST.  Reference to printed committee report as provided by Larry Carlson. Lynn Wittle will head this committee in 1992.


TRAILS. Crocket Dumas moved that AERC become a permanent sustaining member of the American Horse Council.  Byron Meredith seconded. Motion carried.


CONVENTION. Richard Hayes and Joe Long were appointed to make arrangements for the 1992 Convention to be held in Atlanta in early spring.


Maggie announced that Nina Warren has agreed to continue as chairman of the Education Committee.


The president thanked Gail Paoli and her staff for their work in arranging this year’s convention.


COMPUTER. Joe Long referred to the report which had been distributed.  He will complete a check list and programmers’ manual, and a new Data Base will be secured.  Mike Tomlinson and David St. Charles were appointed to work with Joe on the computer system.




Race of Champions: Mike Tomlinson moved, Vonita Bowers seconded that the Race of Champions be granted sanctionoing for the 1992 ride – with the stipulation that the rules committee review rule 11.2 to clear up any ambiguities.  Motion carried.


Mark Dees moved, Lynn Wittle seconded to appoint Joe Long as the steward for the Race of Champions. Motion Carried.


Ghost Wagon Train. Dean Jackson moved, Mark Dees seconded to approve the 5-day Ghost Wagon Train on July 27-31. Motion carried.


COMPETITIONS.  Eric Hovde circulated a motion from committee to realign the weight divisions to better represent the membership as follows:  Lightweight 0-160; middleweight 161-200; heavyweight 200-UP.  Another prposal was received to create a “window” or overlap of 10 pounds at each dividing line, i.e. lightweight 0-165; Middleweight 155-215; Heavyweight 205-UP.  (This would solve the problems created by inaccurate scales, riders losing or gaining weight or changing tack), and that riders be required to ride in their specific weight division.  Eric Hovde moved, Vonita bowers seconded to table these motions until a questionnaire can be circulated to the members. Motion carried.  The matter was remanded to committee.


The position of editor-publisher-typesetter of the Endurance News was discussed.  LynnWittle moved to offer the position to toni Fonseca, but with an annual contract.  Ron Waltenspiel seconded. Motion Carried.  Byron Meredith, for the legal committee, will prepare such a contract.


The president suggested that Board members write articles for the Endurance News.  The following assignments were made:


May Issue – Courtney Hart – deadline April 10

June Issue – Dane Frazier, Cindy Collins – deadline May 10

July Issue – Richard Hayes, Eric Hovde – deadline June 10

August Issue – Lynn Wittle – deadline July 10

September Issue – Jerri Scott – deadline August 10

October Issue – Courtney Hart – deadline September 10


Each director was asked by the president to submit at least five questions, to be included on a survey, to determine the profile of an AERC rider.  This should be done by April 15.  The survey will be printed in the Endurance News.  The next discussion concerned the discrepancies between the rules and by-laws as set forth in the circulated report of the legal committee.  Joe Long reported that the Rules Committee had approved the suggested changes.  The By-laws are to be included in the Rule Book; releases should be included on membership applications and ride enteries.  Lynn Wittle moved, Mike Tomlinson seconded to accept the legal committee’s recommendations in its entirety (including the releases). Motion carried.


Dane Frazier reported for the Veterinary Committee. Attention was directed to Heather Hoynes report on drug testing.  The Veterinary Committee does not recommend action at this time.  Mark Dees recommended that the legal and veterinary committees explore implementation of a drug testing program.


Discussion followed on the “eight-point” program, proposed by the Veterinary Committee, to take care fo emergencies and still provide appropriate veterinary control to the rides.  Courtney Hart moved, Les Carr seconded that a joint task force be formed consisting of the veterinary, legal, and ride-management committees, to come with a proposal as to how this should be written. Motion carried.  This will be finalized at the mid-year board meeting.


A motion from committee was presented to accept the Veterinary Committee’s recommendation on the Morbidity-Mortality report (name to be changed to “Head Veterinarian’s Statistical Report.”), ride results not ot e posted until this report is received.  Motion carried. To be implemented immediately.


A motion from committee was presented to re-organize the Veterinary Committee as follows: chairman of the committee appointed by the president. The balance of the committee to be elected by the veterinary membership of AERC with one elected veterinarian from each region and two elected from veterinarians at large.  There will also be a lay representative, appointed by the president, to be a member of the committee.  The elected veterinary representative from each reagion will chair a regional veterinary advisory sub-committee, the structure and membership to be determined by each region.  Courtney Hart presented an alternate method, suggesting that regional directors select the veterinarians and that four non-veterinarians be appointed by the president, none to be from the same region.  The motion as presented by committee passed.  The president appointed Susan Kasemeyer as the lay representative on the committee.


in the matter of insurance, it was remanded to the legal and insurance committee.


Les Carr moved, Louise Riedel seconded to provide a letter supporting a documentary whose purpose is the preservation of the Outlaw Trail.  Motion carried.


It was proposed that a voter in an election for Directors at Large only vote for five names.  The legal committee was asked to research this proposal.


Byron Meredith moved to accept the budget as proposed. Louise Riedel seconded. Motion carried.


Date and location of midyear board meeting will be announced.


The rules committee moved that rule changes passed at the Thursday night meeting be effective June 1, be published in the April, May and June Endurance News and included in a new rule book.  Motion carried.


A question arose as to whether guidelines were needed in the case of riders arriving at a vet check where no veterinarians were present.  It was the consensus that no action was necessary.


The Competitions committee presented the following report:  The Championship series has been scheduled through 1996, schedule to be mailed to directors.  There will be regular points granted for first and second rides, with twice as many points for the final ride.  AERC will pay all expenses for the head veterinarian (both fees and travel expenses.) The “cap” on the entry fee should be increased by $5 to allow the surcharge fee, to be returned to AERC,  be increased to $25.  It will be necessary for championship rides to have a ride steward.  The veterinary committee is asked to establish a standard fee for services at championship rides.  The proposal will be mailed to board members for mail ballot.


The meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.


Louise Riedel, Secretary