Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. in Sparks, NV


Motion made by Joe Long and Seconded by Dean Jackson to seat the newly elected directors from retions where the “old” director was unable to attend the convention.  Motion carried. (Richard Hayes, Susan Kasemeyer, Mike Tomlinson, Jim Baldwin, Byron Meredith). This is now a policy.


The Executive Directors Report was presented by Gail Paoli. Included in the report was the issue of two rides that were sanctioned and advertised with the understanding that ride management had or was sending in their membership fees.  On the Polly Bridges ride the board voted to award the riders mileage only.  No fees have been received.  On the Sleeping Giant ride, the Board agreed that “the ride never existed”.   The managers never made good on their bounced check and never sent in any ride results. No one knows who rode or completed.  The management has “disappeared”.


Dean Jackson presented a brief report on Awards.  Included in the report was concern that the saddle makers feel they are not thanked or appreciated for their donation.  Dean asked that we please make a special effort to thank all of the saddle makers for their generosity…Boz, saddlery, Manciante saddlery, Sports Saddles by Geni Stewart-Spears, and Brown’s Ortho-Flex Saddles.


Eric Hovde presented the Competitions Committee report.  Nina Warren was thanked for the wonderful job done on the final Championship ride.  The Calendar is published for the 1992 Championship series.  The Competitions committee will meet during this weekend and set a five year calendar.  Eric requested a motion requiring recording and categorizing of all pulls on a ride.  This “non-completion” form would be used for educational/statistical purposes.  This motion was tabled until the Sunday Board meeting.  The Board was asked to discuss this information with members during the convention.  Eric’s committee also proposed the concept of a one day 100 mile AERC Championship ride (totally separate from the yearly Championship series) set in the format of the ROC with stringent entry requirements and prestigious awards.  Profits might be donated to local trails in the area which sponsored the ride.  only proven 100 mile trails would be considered.  This has been remanded to committee for further discussion and hopefully a proposal will be forthcoming.


A brief overview of the computer problems was given.  Further discussion was delayed until a report by member David St. Charles is received and can be reviewed.  Further discussion is postponed until the Sunday Board meeting.


The director’s and officer’s liability insurance was discussed.  Maggie stated that this policy is not worth the paper it was written on.  Maggie has been in touch with American Bankers’ insurance about a replacement policy.  She has shared this information with both Mark Dees and Byron Meridith.  Also there is an on-going search for ride insurance.  Maggie asked the legal/insurance committee to study these policies and make a recommendation to the full Board.


The Education Committee report included a thanks to Jeannie Waldron, Jim Bryant, the AAEP and Oklahoma State University for the new video on “Vetting an Endurance Ride”.  Special thanks were given to Nina Warren and her committee for our outstanding AERC Rider’s Handbook.  All members are encouraged to purchase at least one copy.  More videos are planned.  A thanks was given to the anonymous benefactor who donated $5,000.00 for funding.


The National Office Report/Treasurers Report was given by Jeni Scott.


The Rules Committee Report included the old business of previously proposed rule changes:


Fit to Continue – postponed until after the dinner break


A rider who elevates from 50 to 100 or any other elevation will get completion only.  Currently this is a rule only for 25 milers who elevate to a 50.  After length discussion the motion was passed.  Any person who elevates gets completion only.


Requested a change on Rule 5.2 to lengthen completion time under unforeseen adverse conditions.  Motion failed.


Requested a change in rule 5.4 to increase the amount of time given for limited distance riders (above 6 hours). The motion failed.


Requested a change in rule 6k to allow crews to follow their riders along roads.  motion failed. Left to ride management discretion.


Requested a change in language only of rule 6.1 to clean up confusion about completion for riders over the time limit. The motion passed.


After extensive discussion the Fit to Continue Rule was passed.  This motion had been adopted “in principal” at last year’s Board meeting.  A roll call vote was taken.  It passed 14 to 9. Rule Change: “The horse must be metabolically stable sufficient to demonstrate fitness to continue.  There must be no gait aberrations that are consistently observable under all circumstances that result in pain or threaten future athletic performance.  The examination should be done at a trot, straight out and back, with no prior flexation or palpitation.  It must be recognized that we are dealing with a risk sport with inherent wear and tear.  Veterinarians must be flexible enough to evaluate the horse injured after completing the course.  This is a minimal criteria not designed to disqualify legitimate stiffness or leg weariness but to discourage the over-riding of horses between the last vet check and the finish line.”


It was decided to postpone the decision on the location of the 1993 convention site until Sunday’s Board meeting.


Motion that multi-day horse and rider teams completing the entire event to be given 1.5 points per mile.  Motion defeated.


Sanctioning Committee report:  Ghost Wagon Trail Ride, June 20-24. Committee will study this ride and report back to the Board at the Sunday Meeting.  There will be a sanctioning directors orientation meeting 4-6 P.M. Friday @ the Donner Rm.


Announcement:  Bob Suhr requests that all Board members be prompt at the morning meeting.


Veterinarian Committee Report:  Given by Dr. Kerry Ridgeway.  Reorganization of the vet committee published in the March 1992 Newsletter includes Chairman to be appointed by the AERC President.  Balance of the committee to be elected by the vet membership a)one elected vet from each region; b) two elected vets from at-large.  Each regional vet representative will chair a regional vet advisory subcommittee.  Structure and membership to be determined by each region.  Dr. Ridgeway next discussed the newly proposed Veterinary Guidelines outlined in the January issue fo the AERC Newsletter.  He emphasized that the committee did not recommend these guidelines become Rules.  Extensive discussion followed.  It was suggested that Dr. Ridgeway continue this discussion in the Ride Managers Meeting.  There was discussion about the appropriateness of publishing guidelines in the EN prior to Board approval.  Dr. Waldron discussed how the deaths of nine endurance horses in Australia in 1990 (four died from exhausted horse syndrome) caused national rules severely prohibiting endurance rides…including microchips under the horse’s skin and required government permission to transport or compete.


Next Heather Hoynes, DVM briefly went over the report.  Dr. Ridgeway opened with a statement that the true answer is education not rules.  A “guesstament” was given that only 1% of the endurance riders use drugs on their horses.  Extensive discussion followed.  The decision was made to take no action at this time.


The final item from the vet committee was presented – An AERC Head Veterinarian’s morbidity and Mortality Report.  Dr. Ridgeway presented this item and requested the Board adopt it.  Decision will be made at Sunday Board meeting.


Meeting was adjourned.


Board members in attendance:


Maggie Price, Cindy Collins, Courney Hart, Crockett Dumas, Mark Dees, Les Carr, Dean Jackson, Louise Riedel, Earle Baxter, Lindsay Taiaferro, Jim Baldwin, Vonita Bowers, Eric Hovde, Joe Long, Sandy Zeimens, Cliff Lewis, Tom Bowling, Mike Tomlinson, Susan Kasemeyer, Richard Hayes, Byron Menedith, Dane Frazier, Jeri Scott, and Lynn Whittle.


Respectfully Submitted,


Cindy L. Collins

AERC Secretary 1991-2