I.                    The AERC Board meeting was called to order at 8:00am by President Maggy Price in the Alpine Room of John Aacuuga’s Nugget in Sparks, Nevada.


II.                 Board members in attendance were: Maggy Price, Dan Frazier, Louise Riedel, Karren Beason, Joe Long, Nina Warren, Eric Hovde, Vonita Bowers, Dean Jackson, Cliff Lewis, Tom Bowling, Lindsay Taliaferro, Lynn Whittle, Earle Baxter, Ann Cofield, Larry Carlson, Sandy Ziemens, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Crockett Dumas, Courtney Hart, Mark Dees, Jamie Stillman, and Cindy Collins,


III.               It was moved and seconded that Jackie Mitchell be made chair of  a ride managers committee.  Motion Carried.




A.     Championship series.  It was moved and seconded that the 20% citeria be removed from the series and a 400 mile requirement be the sole criteria.  Motion carried.


It was moved and seconded that the series structure be changes as follows:  1st race of series yields regular points.  2nd race in series has bonus of 50% in points.  Third race in series has a bonus of 75% in points.  purpose of the graduated point system is to keep people in the series despite one poor performance. Motion passed.


Final race in series is a one day 100 miles at the Land Between the Lakes, SE region.


B.     Team competition. It was moved and seconded that the AERC incorporate team cometition in to its national awards system.. Motion was defeated.  Recommended that team be tried informally on a regional level.


C.     Multi-Day rides.  A resolution was made by the Board to drop the Pioneer Award. Membership input will be solicited.


There was a motion to go with best four rides for a multi-day championship. Motion failed.


A resolution was made by the Board that multi-day rides should “go somewhere” on historic trails.


There was a motion to allow only “event horses” bonus points and best condition judgement.  Discussion followed and no action was taken at this time. 


D.     It was moved and seconded that the AERC drop overall regional awards and increase the weight division awards to eliminate redundancy and emphasize the weight divisions.  Each region would be guaranteed three places in each division with a maximum of ten places for the larger regions.  This proposal was discussed and decision was made to poll the membership and vote on the issue at the mid-year board meeting.


E.      Board recommended that ride managers adopt a universal numbering system to disignate weight divisions such as 100’s for lightweight, 200’s for middle weights, and 300’s for heavy weights.


V.                 INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE.  It was moved and seconded that the Board accept the charter for the International Committee and establish a separate membership category for those wishing to support international riding.  Motion carried.


VI.              VETERIANARY COMMITTEE. Dr. Ridgeway reported on the compliation of a list fo allowable substances for use on aendurance horses.  Report emphasized that the concern is not with vitamins and electrolytes.


The committee endoursed the use of TEAM type therapies, but recommended against the use of mechanical modalities such as ultra sound.


The committee recommended against the existence of a national mileage championship.


Committee submitted a new “fit to continue” criteria.  This criteria includes a “sound at the trou” finish line requirement.  See written veterinary committee report for details.  Board voted a resolution in support of the changes, but decided to delay a vote until the mid-year board meeting to gain needed membership input.


VII.            RULES COMMITTEE.  It was moved and seconded that mileage from FEI rides will count for championship cometition.  FEI riders and horses will receive mileage credit only.  Motion passed.


A motion was made and seconded to delete rules 1.4, 1.4.1, and 1.4.2. Motion passed.


A motion was made and seconded to have Rule 11.2 read: Special event rides are series of rides on consecutive days totaling more than three days or 150 miles.  Special qualification rides are rides with entry qualifications other than those contained in Rule #3. Special event and special qualification rides shall require approval of the AERC Board of Directors for sanction for the first two years. Motion passed.


A motion was made and seconded that Rule 11.2.1 read: A petition for such approval must be sent to the AERC Executive Director for distribution to the Board at least 180 day sbefore the ride date.  Such petition must include clear rationale for the qualification and justification for this specialty ride.  The Board will render its decision within 60 days.  The horses must be under the control fo veterianarians experienced with horses and endurance rides from pre-vet exams through the post-ride final vet exam. Motion Passed.


VIII.         TRAILS COMMITTEE.  It was moved and seconded that the AERC join the American Horse Council as an organizational member and to encourage riders to join AHC as recreational members with the hpurpose of being a strong lobbying force in Washington, D.C.  Motion carried.  Funds for this organizational membership were donated.  Vice President Beason was chosen as the liaison for the AHC.


Board voted on a previous motion removing the stipulation that Limited Distance Rides be sanctioned when held in conjunction with an AERC sanctioned event.  Roll call vote.  Motion failed 16 nay to 6 yes.


IX.              SANCTIONING COMMITTEE.  It was moved and seconded that the AERC sanction the 1991 Race of Champions despite the application being late.  Motion passed.


X.                 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS.


A.     It was moved and seconded that the AERC sell subscriptions of the “Endurance News” to non-members for $18.00 USA and $25.00 foreign.  Motion passed.


B.     It was moved and seconded that the 1992 AERC convention be held February 7th and 8th 1992 at the Nuggett in Sparks, Nevada with Cindy COllins remaining as the convention chairperson. Motion passed.


C.     The Board passed a resolution to hol dthe 1993 Convention to a location east of the Rickes. Membership input will be considered.


D.     Board passed a resolution to increase all rider fees at rides to $3.50 and to reinstate the AERC member discount on ride fees.  Membership input requested with Board to vote at mid-year meeting.


E.      Board approved the 1991-2 budget as submitted.


F.      It was moved and seconded to hold the mid-year Board meeting on Aug. 25th in Carson City, NV at the North American Championship. Motion Passed.


G.     It was moved and seconded that non-members received no retroactive mileage credit. Motion defeated.


H.     Board member, Louise Reidel, requested that the AERC explore a fee-based trophy awards system to raise money.  Membership input is needed.


I.        Board member, Vonita Bowers, requested that the AERC consider revamping the Husband/Wife Team award.  Item was remanded to committee.


J.       Board member, Cliff Lewis, submitted a petition to th eBoard with 91 signatures requesting that Les Carr remain removed from the Board, but have his membership and riding privileges reinstated.  A motion was made and seconded. A roll call vote was requested.  The motion was defeated 14 nays, 6 yes, 2 obstained.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Cindy L. Collins – AERC Secretary.