American Endurance Ride Conference Board Meeting  28 February 1991


I.                    The AERC Board Meeting was called to order at 3:15 PM by President Maggy Price in the Apline room of John Asuga’s Nugget in Sparks, Nevada.


II.                 Board Members in attendance were: Pres. Maggy Price, Vice-President Les Carr, Treasurer Jeri Ayers Scott, Secretary Arlene Morris, Louise Riedel, Karen Beason, Joe Long, Eric Hovde, Earle Baxter, Janice Stillman, Lindsay Taliaferro, Nina Warren, Ann Cofield, Tom Bowling, Dean Jackson, Larry Carlson, Matthew Mackay-Smith, Crockett Dumas, Cliff Lewis. Coming in after the meeting started were Lynn Wittle and Barbara McCrary.


III.               The President reported that membership had grown in past year to over 3500 members.  The Board member who brought in the most new members was Cliff Lewis who received a hand painted “Tee” shirt.


IV.              The Vice-President’s reports are in the Committee Reports.


V.                 The Secretary read a summary of mail Board motions since the March 1990 Board Meeting.  These were approved as corrected.


VI.              Treasureres Report and National Office Committee report were passed out to the board members, it included a proposed budget for 1991.  Due to a $5000.00 contribution we were able to pay bills.  This enabled us to end the year with a balanced budget.


VII.            Committee Reports


A list of the Committee meeting times and rooms will be posted for members information.  AERC Hospitality room is also available.


  1. Awards Committee – we now have a permanent award for horses with total mileage of over 8000 miles.


  1. Competition Committee – Does not think we should change system for 1991 National Championship as already ¼ into ride season.  Matthew Mackay-Smith felt other proposed ideas should be presented to Board now.  He briefly outlined his concept.  Eric Hovde moved and Dean Jackson seconded a motion to table all discussion until the complete committee had a chance to examine all the proposals.  Motion carried.


  1. Education Committee -  A draft of a the AERC Distance Riders manual was passed out, comments are to be back to the committee chair Nina in three (3) weeks.  This manual when printed will be free to new members.  Can be sold at cost: estimated price $2.45 at clinics.


A copy of a new AERC Brochure was passed out. It has information about the sport of endurance riding.  The present one contains only an application blank and list of available awards. Discussion on what color paper to use and also location of AERC’s logo.  AERC is presently using gray paper with blue letterhead.  The education committee will select colors.


Next project is to write a manual on how to put on a Distance Riding clinic.  Want to design a 81/2 x 11 poster that could be used to announce clinic.


  1. By-Laws Committee – No action by this committee.


  1. Fund-Raising Committee – Written report. Used Tack Auction raised $2000 last year.  Chairman Carr asked if we should have an annual Fund Raising campaing; goal $50,000. What should we name this campaign?


  1. Hall of Fame – 1991 inductees were selected. Ch. Carr found that in reading submittals, he learned more of the history fo the organization.


  1. Raffle Committee – Now that we have a 501 C3 tax number; many letters have been written to companies selling horse related products asking for donations.  Due to the tax status we are getting more positive responses. Jamiee has been doing the writing herself not burdening the AERC office.


There will be special raffle tickets sold during the awards dinner which only apply to items being raffled that evening.  Better chance to win and most be there to accept.  She also suggested contacting regional organizations to help in ticket sales.


  1. Legal Committee – AERC was being sued incorrectly due to a trampling accident that occurred during a Ride and Tie competition.  Correctio nof the penalty given to Paunee Grasslands Ride Manager.


  1. Trails Committee – President Bush has some line items relating to trails in US 1991 Budget.  Have made “Trail ‘Tee’ shirts” to sell as fund raiser in Trails Comm. Booth. A Board member asked about liability in the U.S. Forest Service “Adopt a Trail” program, know that individual volunteer workers are covered but what about a club or organization. Committee Ch. Dumas did not have an answer.


  1. International Committee – Meeting many times in next several days.  No. American championship ride is August 24th. AERC has yet to receive invitation to compete in 1991 European Ch. ride in France.


  1. World Relations Committee – One of duties is to act as an ambassador, represent AERC but not vote.  Sub-committee is working with the committee hosting No. American Ch. in Carson City, Nevada.


  1. Rules Committee – Announced several proposed wording changes. #6.4 regarding credit for internation rides. #1 Removal of 3 day 150 mile restriction.


  1. Veterinary Committee – Now have 250 AERC veterinarian members.  Working on medication policy/rule. Veterinary manual still in process.


  1. Sanctioning Committee – Have a request for sanctioning of  1991 3 day 160 mile Race of Champions comtest.


  1. Protest Committee – During the year there were two drugging protests. Riders were censured also lost points and miles for the contest.  Protest of Robert Morris regarding Die Hard series, mileage over 150 miles in 3 days and mileage changes made less than 90 days before competition was disallowed. It was alleged violations of Les Carr.  That hearing to be this evening.


No listing for or report from Limited Distance Program or the newly established Ride Managers Committee.


VIII.         There being no more committee reports, meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Arlene C. Morris, Secretary




I.                    The Board reconvened at 7:30 PM in the Alpine Room for the Hearing requested by the Protest and Grievance Committee re: the protest against Les Carr.


II.                 Board members in attendance were: Pres. Maggy Price, Vice-President Les Carr, Treasurer Jeri-Ayers Scott, Secretary Arlene Morris, Louise Riedel, Karen Beason, Joe Long, Eric Hovde, Earle Baxter, Jamee Stillman, Lindsay Taliaferro, Nina Warren, Ann Cofield, Tom Bowling, Dean Jackson, Larry Carlson, Matther Mackay-Smith, Crockett Duman, Cliff Lewis, Lynn Wittle and Barbara McCrarry.


III.               President Price explained the procedure for this hearing


1.      Prosecution – (Motion makers Jeri-Ayers Scott and Matthew Mackay-Smith) will present case with all testimony and speakers.  Questions will then be solicited from Board members, these should be written.


2.      Defendant – Les Carr will present testimony and then ask for written questions.


3.      At this point meeting will be closed, rationale ethics are involved.  Les Carr will leave the room. Written ballots to be taken on all motions.  It takes a 2/3rds majority ballot to remove a director from the board.


4.      Appeal of this protest was through out as AERC office states they received FAX of the appeal within time frame but not a check.


IV.              Matthew Mackay-Smith moved the board first consider if there was evidence to take action against Les Carr for misconduct. Oouise Riedel seconded motion.  After much discussion Maggy Price restated motion to ask vote on whether or not Vice-President carr had violated philosophy of AERC.  Joe Long felt had to be guilty of something and suggested misconduct.


V.                 Written Ballot.  Board passed the motion 16 yes, 3 no, 1 abstain.


VI.              Jeri-Ayers Scott moved that Les Carr be removed from the AERC Board for a period of not less than 2 years. This motion had been seconeded by Matthew Mackay-Smith and the motion had been printed and sent to all Board members.  Vote 11 yes, 8 no, 1 abstain.  Motion failed.


VII.            Joe Long moved and Ann Cofield seconded a motion that Les Carr and all horses owned and leased by him be suspended from all AERC competition for the remainder of the 1991 Ride year.  (This ballow was by show of hands.) Yes 15, no 5 Motion passed.


VIII.         Lynn Whittle moved and Louise Riedel seconded a motion that all of Les Carr’s and his horse Astro Aries awards from the 1990 Ride season be forfeited.  Lindsay Taliaferro moved to amend the motion, seconded by Joe Long that Les Carr lose his mileage from the year 1990 (Hand vote yes 6, no 11 amendment failed). Motion itself was never voted upon.


IX.              Crockett Dumas moved and Joe Long seconded a motion that all year-end awards earned by Les not be presented and not given to any other riders. Motion passed. Hand vote.


X.                 The AERC general membership at convention to be notified of these decisions by posted notice.  President Price to personally notify Les of these decisions.  Will also be printed in next issue of AERC Endurance News.


XI.              Special hearin gadjourned at 12:30 AM 1 March 1991.


Respectfully submitted,


Arlene C. Morris, Secretary