AERC Board of Directors Meeting- March 8, 1990


The AERC Board of Directors convened at 3 pm March 8. Present were MatthewMackay Smith, Joe Long, Cliff Lewis, Boyd Zontelli, Jill Nebeker, Arlene Morris, Robbi Pruitt, Earle Baxter, Nina Warren, Frank Bennett, Les Carr, Peter Ansorge, Karen Beason, Maggy Price, Barbara McCrary, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Lindsay Taliaferro, Louise Riedel, Crockett Dumas, and Karen Paulo.


Pursuant to the resignation of Southeast region director, Jackie Mitchell, the newly- elected director, Ann Cofield was sworn in. Louise Riedel was designated as secretary pro-tem.


Committee reports followed:


NATIONAL OFFICE COMMITTEE: Jeri Ayers-Scott reported that the budget for 1990 is not balanced. She also pointed out that there is a need for an additional employee and for more office space. Four alternatives were discussed as possible methods of raising funds: reducing awards, raising sanction fees, raising dues and requiring all ride entries to be AERC


Matthew Mackay Smith moved to add a surcharge of $5.00 for each non-AERC ride entrant. Arlene Morris seconded. The chair directed that this motion be remanded to the committee for action by the new board.


Matthew Mackay Smith moved to raise the sanction fee $.50 per ride entry. Barbara seconded. The motionremanded to committee for action by the new board.


Barbara McCrary moved to raise dues to $40 for an individual and $50 for a family. Arlene Morris seconded. The motion remanded to committee for action by the new board.


Joe Long suggested that the sale of life memberships might be reinstated. as a fund-raising means. No action taken.


Matthew Mackay moved that everyone who rides an AERC ride must be an AERC member effective for the 1991 season. Barbara McCrary seconded. The motion remanded to committee for action by the new board.


ELECTIONS COMMITTEE:In the absence of the committee chairman, the Secretary read the report. It was remanded to the elections committee for consultation with the by-laws committee.

SANCTION COMMITTEE:†† Louise Riedel reported that a meeting of the sanction committee in conjunction with theExecutive committee will be held on Friday afternoon to consider an appeal by Terry Dye, manager of the Prairie Grasslands ride. Louise moved, Arlene Morris seconded to change the sanctioning committee charter in the matter of the right of a ride manager to appeal what he considers unfair treatment by the sanctioning director to read: "Any ride manager who feels he/she has received unfair treatment from the sanctioning director may file a protest through the regular channels under Rule 15." Motion carried.


TRAILS COMMITTEE: Crockett Dumas reported. No action taken.


COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE: Cliff Lewis reported the dates of the National Championship Series: September 22--Northwest, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast; October 20--Mountain, Central, Northeast; November 10--West. Cliff moved for committee to accept the dates. Motion carried. Joe Long that it be made a matter of record that it be considered part of the structure that the final ride be rotated among the regions. Matthew Mackay Smith requested that a five-year calendar be prepared showing this rotation.


Cliff moved for committee that to determine the top 20% in the region to qualify for the national championship, these figures will be computed based on finishing riders rather than on starting riders. Motion carried. Cliff moved for the committee that the horse-rider team must also ride a minimum of 300 miles in order to qualify for the National Championship series. Motion carried.


Cliff moved for committee that at least one veterinarian from the AERC veterinary committee must be present at each National Championship ride. Earle moved to amend as follows: that a veterinarian from the AERC committee shall be HEAD veterinarian at each championship ride for the championship portions. Arlene seconded. Amendment carried. Matthew further moved to amend that at least one veterinarian from the committee OR A VETERINARIAN DESIGNATED BY THE CHAIRMAN OF THE VETERINARY COMMITTEE, be present. Nina Warren seconded. Amendment carried.

The complete motion to read as follows: At least one veterinarian from the AERC veterinary committee or a veterinarian designated by the chairman of the veterinary committee, shall be head veterinarian for the championship portion of the ride. Motion carried.


Cliff moved for committee that entries fees not exceed $125 (not including the surcharge) Motion carried.

The meeting recessed at 5:00 pm and reconvened at8:00 p.m.


Cliff moved for committee that full points shall be awarded to championship riders when there are 11 starting championship riders on the ride. Matthew moved to amend as follows: Full points will be available in the championship rides in each senior weight division when there are 11 or more championship riders starting in the championship ride. Motion carried.


It was moved for committee that riders must be weighed at the ride at least before and after ride on a verified scale. They shall maintain the minimum weight required by the weight division during the course of the ride.


Cliff moved for committee that a surcharge of $20 will be charged to all championship riders at the time of entry in each championship ride. This money will be collected by ride management and will be sent to the AERC office. This fee will be collected by all championship ride managers, regardless of whether they will need it or not. The AERC will use this money to offset the regular veterinary fees to provide a committee veterinarian for each championship ride. Any monies left over will go into a revolving fund. Motion carried. Kerry Ridgway stated that the veterinary committee had agreed that if the ride will make sure that if veterinarians on championship series are reimbursed air fare, with lodging and meals provided, will be happy to work at the scale of that ride, whatever that ride normally pays for veterinary services.


Cliff moved for committee that completion criteria will consist of sound at a walk and P/R of 68/68 one hour after the ride. Matthew Mackay Smith moved to amend that completion criteria will consist of a metabolic examination equivalent to that used for veterinary control on the trail and sound enough to continue at the trot at a time up to one hour of completion at the discretion of the rider. Joe Long seconded. The motion to amend was approved 14-4, with a roll call vote requested. In favor: Ansorge, Beason, Nebeker, Riedel, Baxter, Warren, Bennett, Long, Mackay-Smith, Morris, Dumas, McCrary, Price, Ayers-Scott. Opposed: Pruitt, Zontelli, Lewis, Carr. Motion as amended carried.

Karen Paulo moved, seconded by Cliff that riders will only receive points toward regional championships on rides ridden within that region. Motion defeated


Arlene Morris moved, Cliff seconded that for 1990 the last Championship ride be a two-day I00, up to 120 in place of a 100 mile one-day ride. andthat the shorter ride be half the distance of the two-day ride. Motion carried.


Crockett Dumas moved, Boyd Zontelli seconded that riders will start qualifying for the 1991 championship season on August 1 and conclude on July 31. Motion carried. By way of clarification Crockett stated that the 1990 qualifying season for championship rides ends August 31, 1990. The qualifying season for the 1991 championship season begins August 1, 1990 and ends July 31, 1991.


Cliff moved for committee that juniors on championship rides must remain with their original sponsor unless the sponsor is disqualified at which time they may change to another sponsor with the permission and co-operation of ride officials. Motion defeated.


Joe moved, Karen Paulo seconded that the calculations of the numbers of placings for juniors be done in the same manner for all regions. Remanded to committee for Sunday.


The President expressed the board's appreciation for Cliff Lewis's work as chairmanof the Competition Committee.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE: Les Carr reported. No action taken


EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Arlene Morris reported. No action taken.


VETERINARY COMMITTEE: Kerry Ridgway moved for committee that a ride veterinarian should not also be a ride manager. Remanded to committee for the Sunday meeting.


Kerry Ridgway moved for committee that Rule 2.1 be changed to read "The ride must employ at least TWO veterinarians..." Remanded to committee for Sunday meeting


Kerry Ridgway moved that Rule be changed to read ďa Rider may present the horse any time within one hour." Remanded to committee for the Sunday meeting.


Other subjects being considered by the Veterinary Committee are proposed training methods for veterinarians, judging seminars in each region, some form of apprenticeship, videos, tapes, and convention programs.


Drug policies--present policy is inadequate. A motion will be forthcoming at the Sunday meeting, but for now will be deferred to Mark Dees.


The committee was thanked for its work.


RULES COMMITTEE: Petet Ansorge reported. Action on recommendations of the Rules Committee to be deferred until Sunday. Peter was thanked for his efforts as chairman over the past several years.


INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:Lee Wittle reported, No action taken


Lindsayintroduced Dr. George Riegler, President of the European Long Distance Riding Committee, and teacher of a course for FEI judges for the past two days.


LEGAL AND INSURANCE COMMITTEE: Mark Dees reported. A new insurance program is being studied..No action was taken.


The meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m.


Louise Riedel, Secretary pro-tem