John Ascuaga's Nugget- Sparka, Nevada, 1989

Sunday, March 5, 1989


7:40 A.M.- The meeting was called to order by President, Lindsay Taliaferro Roll Call: Carr, Dumas, McCrary, Long, Morris, Price, Scott, Ansorge, Beason, Riedel, Taliaferro, Goton, Baxter, Paulo, Nebeker, Warren, Mitchell, Pruitt, Zontelli, Bennett, Lewis.


TREASURERS REPORT- Treasurer Jeri Ayers-Scott reviewed the treasurerís report and proposed 1989 budget which had been included in the directors packet. After discussion a motion by Goton, seconded by Morris carried to accept the proposed 1989 budget and report.


1989-90 CONVENTION/BOARD MEETING- Motion by Price, seconded by Scott to hold the convention at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks Nevada March 8-11, 1990 Motion carried.


MIDYEAR MEETING- After discussion it was agreed that the mid year meeting will be held August 29 and 30, 1989. Location will be determined after consultation with travel agent to determine the best location Suggestion to hold a regional seminar in conjunction with the meeting was not resolved.



Presented by Karen Paulo


HUSBAND/WIFE TEAM: Motion by Paulo, seconded by Price. Moved to increase the number of husband/wife teams acknowledge to top TEN (formerly top five). Motion carried. Effective 1989 ride season


BREEDERS CUP: Motion by Awards committee to add new award category titled "Breeders Cup". This award would be a perpetual trophy (donated by Danica Pierce) presented to the owner of a stallion or mare who's get have an outstanding record of AERC sponsored endurance rides. Remanded to committee for further details.


MULTI DAY: Proposal for a new awards division for Multi day rides was remanded to the competitions committee for further detail.


TOP FIVE JUNIORS: It was noted that a provision approved in 1984 allows for automatic adjustment of the number of junior awards given based on the number of juniors participating in any given ride season.


OVERALL TOP 25: Motion by Paulo, seconded by Long to reinstate Overall Top 25 National based on National Championship Rides. This would not alter the top ten in each weight division. Motion failed.


MILEAGE: Motion by Paulo, second by Price. Eliminate senior mileage, horse mileage and junior mileage national awards. Replace with Top Ten Horse and Rider Team and Top five junior horse and rider team (one horse and one rider). Motion carried: Effective 3/5/89


REGIONAL MILEAGE- Motion by Morris, seconded by Mitchell Add a regional mileage award for Rider and up to 2 horses. Senior, reserve senior and junior teams will be acknowledged. Effective 3/5/89


INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE- Report presented by Lee Wittle


The following information/action was considered by the AERC International Committee during a meeting Friday, March 3, 1989. Members of the International Committee" Lindsay Taliaferro, Barbara McCrary, Jim Bryant, Maggy Price, Lee Wittle, Ruth Waltenspiel, Matthew McKay-Smith, Emmet Ross, Wayne McMinn, Andy Bender, Louise Riedel, Gary Ray, Roger Yohe (chairman). It was noted that R.F. Richardson was dropped from the committee.


It was reported that Matthew Mackay-Smith has resigned as the AERC representative to the American Horse Show Association. Maggy Price has replaced Matthew is this capacity and will also serve as Chairman of the AHSAInternational Endurance Sub-Committee.


The AERC International committee endorsed the World Cup ride which is tentatively scheduled to be held in Italy in September of 1989.


It is the recommendation of the International Committee that in the event horses are unable to be transported to Portugal due to African Horse Sickness, that the U.S. team will not be allowed to compete on leased horses. Mr. Wittle explained the the U.S. team has a good record of win's which is an advantage when obtaining sponsors and that competing on leased horses could put the team at a disadvantage.


Emmett Ross was appointed to chair a sub-commitee for fund raising for international activities.


Barbara McCrary will chair a sub-committee for site selection or the North American Championship.


Jim Bryant and Maggy Price will co-author a document outlining the evolution of U.S. involvement in international endurance riding and will create a organizational charter.


It was noted that although gracious words were extended to the U.S. individuals and team for their accomplishments in the 1988 World Championship ride, the Canadian team members were not mentioned although they are also members of AERC. It was suggested that an article be published in the Endurance News to acknowledge the accomplishments of our Canadian members.


The international committee will submit articles for publication in the EN. Committee chairman, Roger Yohe wi11 work with Convention program chairman Robbi Pruitt to discuss a forum for the 1990 convention. The FEI sub-committee has requested that space be provided for a FEI judges school to be held March 7, 1989 prior to the board meeting.


Discussion. and explaination of the U.S. team selection process. Selection committee members" Lee WLttle, Roger Yohe, Wayne McMinn, Andy Bender, Louise Riedel and Gary Ray.


Presented by Kerry Ridgway, DVM


Dr. Ridgway reported that after three lengthy meetings, the veterinary committee will submit a written report to the board A complete review of rules pertaining to veterinarians will be discussed with the rules committee. The veterinary committee asked that their suggestions be given consideration. Rule regarding best condition judging, lameness evaluation, and better discussion one to one with other vets will be part of the committees presentation. A revision of the vet protion of the best condition evaluation sheet is under consideration as well as guidelines for judging best condition.


Dr. Ridgway discussed the need for some level of qualification for ride veterinarians. He stated that the AERC is the only long distance riding organization that does not require their veterinary judges to be "sanctioned" He suggested that perhaps in an open book type of test would at least assure that the veterinarians have an understanding of endurance judging. The committee to review other possibilities.


It was suggested that a definite statement pertaining to horses that are a danger to other horses and persons are subject to disqualification from rides. Studly stated that this would be more appropriate as a rule. The rules committee was directed to draft such a rule for board consideration.


COMPETITIONS: presented by Cliff Lewis


The following criteria for championship rides was presented:




1)†† All vet. checks will be gates into holds

2)†† At least one check having a 40 minute hold

3)†† One hour post ride check

4)†† Cardiac Recovery Index used at all 40 min. hold or longer vet checks as well as post rides, and at other times as appropriate

5)†† Pulse recovery of 64 or lower must be met within 30 minutes of arrival (arrival monitors will be needed to insure that arrival time is recorded)

6)†† Pulse recovery (64 or lower) must be met within one hour post ride and sound at a walk

7)†† At a11 vet exams, there will be no flexing or palpating of horses legs until after the horse has been trotted out for soundness.


The top 20% of juniors within the regions will be qualified to compete in the National Championship program. There shall be not less than two juniors representing each region. Top ten placings will be awarded nationally. Juniors may be sponsored by anyone entered in the ride, either championship or open. Motion: Carr, second, Zontell~. Motion carried


Regarding weight division points- There will have to be at least 11 competitors in the division in order to earn full division points.

To assure continuity in veterinary control, members of the AERC Veterinary Committee will be available to serve as head vet. Rides using these veterinarians will charge riders an additional $10.00 over the regular entry fee (this money to be paid to AERC with sanctioning fee). This money will be used by AERC to help defray travel and lodging costs for these veterinarians. Ride management will be responsible to pay the vet's regular fee.


The board will receive for approval a final list of the championship rides from sanctioning directors. The ride managers will be sent a letter from the competitions committee which will include guidelines and criteria. Management will be required to sign a statement that they agree to comply with the established guidelines and criteria. This statement must be returned before the board will give final approval.


RIDE AND TIE: presented by Wayne Hindrich


After lengthy discussion the issue of AERC sanctioning ride and tie events was remanded to the legal and national office committees for further review. The legal committee will address - The legal and liability aspects of of two non- profit corporations engaging in this type of affiliation and will define the layers of liability, sanctioning and grievance responsibilities of each organization. The national office committee will investigate the cost factor involved , ie.,staff time, printing, postage, etc. in this "services rendered" situation.


LIMITED DISTANCE presented by Nina Curtis (co-chairman) with Kerry Ridgway(veterinary committee)


After reviewing the committee report which was previously submitted the committee requested the following changes be accepted in the Limited Distance program: motion Committee, second Price- motion carried effective 1989 ride season


I) CHEVERONS- A chevron will be awarded to participants of limited distance rides after completion of 250 miles and every 250 miles thereafter up to 1000 miles(these will be a series of four 250 cheverons). After 1,000 miles cheverons will be earned inincrements of 1,000 miles.


2) BEST CONDITION- The word "Best Condition" to be removed from the limited distance category. As a means to acknowledge the principals of good horsemanship and sensible use of the horse in limited distance rides the following was approved:


" Horse or horses that have exhibited high standards of performance, fitness and recovery throughout and after a limited distance ride, shall receive a AERC "Certificate ofExcellence" or other acknowledgement as management wishes to provide".


3) At any time a AERC member may ride in either the Limited Distance or National Ride without any increase in dues and or penalities.


12:22 The meeting was recessed for lunch


Reconvened at 1:45

With the following directors present: Carr, Dumas, Long, Price, Ayers-Scott, Ansorge, Riedel, Taliaferro, Baxter, Warren, Mitchell, Bennett, Lewis, Pruitt




The following individuals were approved to serve as committee chairpersons for 1989


Awards:††† Karen Paulo

Competitions: Cliff Lewis

Legal & Insurance: Mark Dees & Sheryl Studley

Hall of Fame: Maggy Price

Education: Arlene Morris

Limited Distance: Carol Ranta & Nina Curtis

Rules: Peter Ansorge

Sanctioning: Louise Riedel

Veterinary: Kerry Ridgway, DVM

International: Roger Yohe

Protest: Earle Baxter

Convention Program: Robbi Pruitt


The executive committee shall consist of officers, Taliaferro, Price, Ayers-Scott, Mitchell. Motion by Ansorge seconded by Carr to approve Nina Warren as the fifth member of this committee carried.


TOP FIVE JUNIORS: Motion by Beason seconded by Ansorge


"Top five juniors be listed in the regional standings in the Endurance News for each of the regions regardless of a region's size". Motion failed. Roll call requested: Yes- Carr, Ansorge, Pruitt, Lewis. NO- Dumas, McCrary, Long, Price, Scott, Riedel, Baxter, Warren, Mitchell. Abstain- Zontelli, Bennet ( see awards committee report for discussion).



presented by Peter Ansorge, Chairman


1) STEWARD RULE: The committee asked that the wording be changed to include

a word that had previously been omitted.

The correct wording will appear in rule 11.9 as..."A ride offering any single prize

valued in excess of $1,000" : ( approved)

2) PENALTY SCHEDULE- Back to committee - review at mid year


3) JUNIOR RULE #10 - Committees request to change the junior rule as follows was returned to committee for further work to be presented at the mid year meeting: Replace statement ...... "and must finish within one minute of that sponsor (the same minute or I minute on either side of the sponsor's finishing min replace with .... "THE SPONSOR AND JUNIOR MUST MAINTAIN VISUAL CONTACT AND BE CLOSE ENOUGH TO ONE ANOTHER TO CONVERSE WITHOUT SHOUTING".


4) MOTION: Carr, second Price: Add new rule 10.4

" All juniors, sponsored or unsponsored must wear approved safety helmets..

these are AHSA- PCA-SNELL-ANSl 290.4: 14- yes, 2 no motion carried: Effective June I, 1989




6) RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS- MOTION-Committee: "If a member moves to a different AERC region anytime within the ride year, all points and mileage will be recorded in the region to which that members moves, regardless of the time of year that the move is made". Motion tabled until mid year meeting


7) RIDE DATE CONFLICT STATEMENT: The following was approved to be included on the sanction/ resanction applications-"The competition, it's management, manager and agents will accept as final the decision of the AERC Executive Committee as to any dispute regarding ride date application".


8) DISCLAIMER: To be included in AERC rules and regulations-" AERC rules and regulations serve the requirements of the competitor, but the competitor is totally responsible for self and mount before, during and after an endurance ride".

Tabled to mid-year meeting


9)†† LIMITED DISTANCE RULES: Extension and modification of limited distance rules

in rule book- tabled to mid year


10) RULE BOOK REPRINT SCHEDULE: Resolved that reprinting of the rulebook will occur on November 1st of each year as needed.


MOTION: Riedel, second Paulo- "Check points must be held within ... miles of finish". Remanded to rules committee


SANCTIONING COMMITTEE: presented by Louise Riedel, Chairperson


The committee charter was presented , motion by committee to accept was seconded by Bennett- motion carried.


MOTION: Appoint a director-at-large to coordinate all special event and multi-day rides to avoid conflicts . Moved-committee, second Mitche11. Accepted.


Barbara McCrary was appointed to serve as sanctioning director as coordinator for special event and multi-day rides.


Studley, suggested that the sanctioning committee establish guidelines for sanctioning directors.


MOTION: Ansorge (rules committee) Rule 11.9 "Sanctioning directors may withhold or remove sanctioning before or during the competition if a ride does not meet AERC standards including but not limited to AERC Rules and Regulations and procedures dealing with the horse and rider safety". Roll call vote: Yes: Carr, Dumas, Long, Price, Scott, Ansorge, Riedel, Taliaferro, Baxter, Warren, Mitchell, Pruitt, Zontelli, Bennett, Lewis- No: none : Effective immediately

SOLDIERS MEADOWS- West region sanctioning director Frank Bennett asked for approval of sanctioning for the Multi-day Soldiers Meadows ride to be held June 26-30, 1989. Approved.


GOVERNER'S CUP: Motion: Ansorge " Approve full sanctioning for the Governer's Cup Ride".- Approval granted. It will be necessary for sanctioning director Beason to approve changes for this ride to meet requirements for the Centeral Region Championship Ride.


REIMBURSEMENT POLICY: Executive policy will take into consideration that some directors may need to be reimburesed for some telephone expenses incurred while conducting AERC business.


CORRECTIONS: Motion, Ansorge- second, Long

The following motion was approved to take effect 3/5/89


" 30 days after the mailing of the AERC Newsletter, the ride results printed there-in become official and are not subject to change, unless intentional fraud is proved. This statement will appear in the news letter monthly.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned: