AERC Board of Directors Meeting February 18, 1988


TheBoard of Directors convened Thursday, February 18 at 3:03 pm. There being a quorum the meeting was called to order by Dr. Matthew Mackay-Smith, president. Other directors present were Louise Riedel, Joe Long, Pat French, Jim Bumgardner, Crockett Dumas, Jackie Mitchell Earle Baxter, Lindsay Taliaferro, Barbara McCrary, John DiPietra, Kathy Ray, Tom Goton, Frank Benenett, Jeri Scott, Tom Bowling, Arlene Morris, Smokey Killen, Heidi Smith, Maggie Price.


Reports of officers--President, Vice-President and Treasurer were the first order of business~ followed by committee reports as listed:


NATIONAL OFFICE COMMITTEE - Printed report circulated by Jeri Scott. The chair asked this committee to consider the following items: the integration and utilization of computer capability and the information we should require from members who wish to have 'their horses' records researched.


NATIONAL AWARDS COMMITTEE - Tom Goton reported on having selected jackets, plaques and blankets for the 1987 awards and on having arranged for the donation of three saddles. He stated that a decision needs to be made as to the mandatory date for finalizing year-end awards. This matter remanded to the Records and Awards committee.


PUBLICITY AND EDUCATION - Arlene Morris reported on the progress of the new Ride Manager's handbook. A similar manual for riders is being considered.


VETERINARY COMMITTEE - Dr. Kerry Ridgway reported that the committee has been involved in writing a new veterinary handbook. Other matters of consideration include types of veterinary checks, the drug testing issue, forms concerning veterinary data and the use of such data, a post ride critique form which will serve to inform management of the veterinarians' evaluation of the ride, and a limited mileage examina­tion form. Other issues are how long should veterinary care be provided post-ride and a method of identifying qualified ride veter­inarians.    The committee recommends unanimously that management be advised that setting veterinary criteria is not a management preroga­tive. Recommendations for board action on these issues will be pre­sented at the Sunday meeting.


COMPETITION AND SANCTIONING - Tom Bowling reported on the work done by the committee regarding the championship ride series. Cliff Lewis reviewed the historical basis for national awards. The president stated that he felt there was explicit accusation that unnamed special interests had used unethical means to exert influence and recommended that that portion be stricken from the report as not in the best in-

terest of the sport. Crockett Dumas submitted a number of petitions from the Northwest region indicating negative reactions to Plan A and moved for recission of this plan. The president stated that since this was not a motion from the committee it could not be acted on at this time. Crockett also indicated he wished to present another proposal concerning weight divisions. These will be taken up under old business.


Joe Long stated that he felt that it is not clear whether the recent mail ballot specified that juniors are running for the championship under the 16-ride system or under the old system. He moved (for committee) that the juniors be included in the 16-ride championship series. Motion defeated 16-1 (Long in favor). (Juniors will ride under the old point system for national championship)


Arlene Morris scheduled a meeting of regional sanctioning directors for Saturday at 1:15 in order to explore sanctioning procedures across the country.


Pat French reported on a proposed new event, the Arab Horse Desert Classic, a 26-mile race to be run on a 2-mile course on the beach in Florida with a $25,000 purse. The question was raised as to what should be AERC's stand on this event. It was remanded to the Competi­tion Committee for a statement designed for public release.


Darolyn Butler was asked to give the board information on a move in Oklahoma to put any type of racing over six miles under the Racing Commission of the state of Oklahoma. This matter was also remanded to the Competitions Committee for any future action.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE - Pat French distributed a printed re­port which included a revised charter. This report, along with input from the legal committee will be submitted to the Board. Attention was called to a protest concerning a conflict in dates arising from sanctioning the Lakeside Ride. The committee recommended that the schedule stand as listed and that the grievance be disposed of in this fashion. There were no objections. There is another protest by Fred Toomey against an allegedly short ride managed by Carol Hunt. Since this ride took place last season there can be no changes made. Pat recommended that he meet with the principals in the case within the next 48 hours and attempt to dispose of  the matter.


The meeting recessed at 6:10 and reconvened at 8:04.


RULES COMMITTEE - Peter Ansorge referred to the rules committee re­port as circulated. The committee moved that the preamble to the rules be approved. Motion carried unanimously.    It was moved by committee to insert the section in italics into Rule 4.1 to read "Cause is de­fined as a specific occurence, including but not limited to, one of the following." Motion carried unanimously.


A suggestion had been received from the legal committee relative to eliminating Rule 4.2. Peter recommended to retain this rule. There were no objections.


The committee proposed to add the section in italics to rule 10.2 to read "Junior riders may participate in AERC competition only with written consent of parent or guardian  and this consent implies approval and acceptance of AERC rules qoverningc juniors and sponsorships. Discussion resulted in remanding this change to the rules/legal committees for rewording.


The committee offered the following as a motion "Rule 10.5.2 (concern­ing non-competitor sponsors) shall be deleted." Motion carried 18-2. (Smith and Mitchell opposed)


Rules was remanded to the rules/legal committees for reword­ing.


The committee moved to add the section in italics to rule 8.5.5 to read "AERC computes points withing each division except the Junior division based on the following formula (one point per mile plus bonus point per mile for top ten equals total points per mile) Passed unanimously.


The committee moved to change rule 10.6 as follows to read~ "Infraction of the sponsorship shall result in either the sponsor and/or junior being disqualified. Passed unanimously.


Rule 11.3 and the proposal concerning ride managers riding their own rides moved to old business.


The rules committee has been working on enforcement penalities.    This matter was remanded to the rules and legal committees for consulta­tion.


Peter Ansorge, moved that we declare the Governor's Cup improperly sanctioned. Frank Bennett, as a committee member seconded. Joe Long moved to table the above motion. John DiPietra seconded. The motion to table defeated 17-2. (Long ~ French assenting, DiPietra abstain) The motion to deny sanction carried 19-I (French opposing)


Sub-rule 11 (concerning sanctioning of special-category rides) remanded to rules committee with the following instructions: 13 directors favor full sanction at board discretion; 5 favor allowing recognition and/or limited sanction; 1 opposes any kind of sanction.)


TRAILS COMMITTEE - Crockett Dumas distributed a printed report which was accepted.


LEGAL COMMITTEE - Sheryl Studley and Mark Dees circulated reports. Discussion followed regarding insurance, especially in regard to rides giving cash awards.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50.