The Board of Directors of the AERC met September 12, 1987 at the Mariott Inn in Nashville, Tenn.


 There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order at 8:23. Directord present were Matthew Macay-Smith, Louise Riedel, Doyle Caraway, Joe Long, Maggy Price, Lindsay Taliaferro, Earle Baxter, Heide Flint, Arlene Morris, Carolyn Ellis, Frank Bennett, Barbara McCrary, Tom Bowling, Peter Ansorge, Pat French and Jackie Mitchell.


Tabulation of the membership questionnaire was disbributed.


Comments from officers--no action required. Business. proceded to committee.


Ethics Committee: Frank Bennett presented the following statement:

1. It is possible for a member to be in compliance with AERC rules and still

be guilty of unethical conduct,

2. Any conduct with takes unfair advantage of riders or ride manangement is unethical, It was suggested that a statement including abuse of the animal as unethical conduct be added. Referred back to committee,


Hall of Fame Committee: Arlene Morris called for further nominations.


National Office Committem: Refer to printed report, Barbara McCrary moved that the membership year be changed to coincide with the beginning of the ride season, effective December 1. Members to be given the option at April 1988 to choose an 8-month membership, April 1 1988 through November 30, 1988 or a 20-month membership, April 1,!988 through November 30 !989, with appropriate pro-rated fees. Frank Bennett seconded. Motion carried. This requires a by-law change, preceded by a 2/3 majority approval of the Board, This matter will be sent to the entire Board in the next mailing.

Barbara McCrary moved to approve funding for networking the office computers with the stipulation that networking not he done until funds are available. Frank Bennett seconded, Motion carried.

Barbara McCrary announced that a donation of a hard drive and tape backup

had been offered~ valued at about $3500.~ by Mountain Computers in exchange for a letter from AERC stating the nature of our organization. Joe Long will contact Mountain Computers relative to this offer,


Sanctioning Committee: It was the sense of the board that there should be

a discussion at this time relative to changing the method of selecting the national champion. Tom Bowling offered plans that had originated from several sources. After considering various alternatives the Board agreed that the following factors should be incorporated in a proposed system:

...... equal numbers of  50 and 100 mile rides

…..  some head-to.-head competition

….  Part of season devoted to ordinary competition; part of season devoted to championship riding

..... balance of both speed and endurance in champion horse

...... no junior division in national championship competition

..... champions in each of three weight divisions (no over-all national champion


Proposals for three alternative programs were formulated.

  1. Sixteen rides, two per region, one each 100 and 50; 5 of each to be counted for qualification.


2. Traditional points for a portion of the year;  qualifying a numberfrom each region (number to be specified) then go to sectionals or nationals.


3. Continue in the traditional way but apply a new system of analysis which will emphasize achievement in longer races, ride points weighted by size and length of ride; a final sectional or national ride.


Joe Long was directed by the chair to reword the point system for rides with fewer than 10 entrants.


Legal and Insurance Committee~ A conference phone call was received from Sheryl Studley during which she discussed the status of the lawsuit against AERC filed by McAna!ly, manager of the Catoosa ride.


Veterinary Committee: Heidi Flint presented a proposed Veterinary Question­naire to be filled out by ride veterinarians. The Board extended approbation to Dr. Dane Frazier for his stand at Catoosa. The Board unanimously approved the questionnaire with the alterations suggested.


Grievance and Protest Committee~ The chairman shall be reimbursed for phone and mail expenses incurred in the business of the committee. Maggie Price moved and Frank Bennett seconded that the party who is dissatisfied with the committee’s decision and who wishes to go on to the entire board must pay an additional appeals fee of $50. Fees will be returned if protest is upheld. The question arose as to whether the proposed protest procedure necessitates a by-law change, and will be referred to the legal committee. Joe Long moved, Peter Ansorge seconded to apply the same fee schedule to grievances as to protest. Motion carried.


International Committee: The president explained that the Organizing Committee for an international ride is responsible for financial arrangements and indebtedness for the event. Consideration of this matter was tabled until Sunday's meeting. Lindsay Taliaferro and Barbara McCrary were appoint­ed to prepare motions concerning AERC’s functions in international rides.


Limited Distance Committee: Report from Jeri Scott approved as circulated with the following exceptions: Correct date of establishment of program to read "1984." No. I. Change length of ride to read "no less than 25 nor more than 35 miles." No. 3. Add phrase "at time of ride" after 48 months. Add No. 15. "There will be no awards or recognition for speed." Change No. 9 to read "The ten horses or mules having the highest veterinary score will be recognized" Jackie Mitchell moved to approve report. Seconded by Carolyn El!is. Motion carried.


The sanctioning committee was asked by the chair ko develop language for inclusion in the by-laws~ to be sent out with the ba!lot, for response which will (1) establish the authority of the AERC to issue sanctions and police them. He also asked the rules committee to do the same thing by the October 15 deadline~ He also would like by the winter board meeting a description of the powers and duties of the sanctioning director.

In the matter of a !50-mile ride alleged to have been won in !0 hrs, 45 min. Pat French moved that we resolve that Joe Nebeker revise his ride results for the Farmer's 150, based on accurate measurement, and report the mileage completed to the best of his ability. The Protest and Grievance Committee can require the production of evidence satisfactory to the resolution of the problem.


Membership and Outreach Committee: The chair directed Carolyn Ellis to get together with the Legal committee to find out what kind of position people who ride with us who are not members put themselves in in terms of our exposure in liability to them, their exposure in liability to us. The question is whether non-members who ride with us are covered by our insurance


Publicity and Education Committee: Items for concern:

..... The Endurance News

-          Press releases to national horse magazines; classified ads in same

-          ---Attendance at conventions--our own and other horse related conventions

New manual on "How to Put on a Ride"

..... Possible Handbook for Riders


Rules Committee: Directors were referred by Peter Ansorge to a proposed new codification of the rules which had been printed and circulated. He began the discussion by a brief overview of the material. Exception was taken to rule 3, "The ride must be open, to all riders. .... " .The word rider" stricken. Rule 3 should now read "The ride must be open to any breed or type of horse or  mule"

Following are changes that were made by the Board to the proposed rules;

Rule     1.1.1 This mileage over 50 must be a multiple five….

1.2 - Endurance rides which are sanctioned

1.4.1 - Delete "series" to read: Special exceptions may be granted by

the Board of Directors of the AERC for rides….


The meeting was recessed at 4:45


The meeting was reconvened at 8:04 September !3. Discussion continued on revision of rules,

Add Rule 1.3.2: A change in mileage and/or ride results certified by the AERC may be mandated by the Protest and Grievance committee or the Board

 Rule 1.5:  Substitute “Not to exceed 35 miles” for "less than 50 miles”

          Heidi Flint moved the addition of rule “The recovery parameters and hold time shall be established by the ride veterinarians., based on environmental and trail conditions, existing at ride time. Ride management may set more stringent parameters." Motion seconded--defeated. The committee is asked to work with the veterinary committee in relation to this concept.

Heidi Flint moved to change rule 3 to read "the ride must be open to all horses of any breed or type and regardless of qualifications," Lindsay Taliferro seconded. Motion defeated.

          The chair asked for a consensus of the board as to whether it wants to see the possibility of sanctioning special events (such as the PROC). The response showed ten in favor.

Peter Ansorge will rework all of rule 3 and submit it by mail ballot for approval.

Rule 4: To be renumbered to fit into Rule 3.

Rule 5: To read "The ride must provide a specific amount of time (total competition time"

Rule 5.2: To read "Total competition time.

Rule 6.1: "An entry must pass all veterinary criteria for completion. A rider who fails any of the other criteria should be pulled from top ten placing".,..

It was the consensus of the board by show of hands that the minimum completion standards (now found in the veterinary handbook) be put back into rule six.

The statement "Ride management has a right to set more stringent require­ments than those set by AERC" will be added to rule 6,

Rule  A poll of the board regarding weight with or without tack resulted in 10 in favor of weighing with tack; 5 without tack.

Rule Joe Long moved that we change the break-point between middle weight and heavyweght to 210 pounds. Heidi Flint seconded. Motion carried.

Rule    8.5.3: It was the consensus of the Board that riders shall be weighed at their first ride of the season and may be spot checked at any or all subsequent rides, Any rider may challenge an entrant's weight. Ride results must show any deviation from the stated category so the office can properly award points.

  Rule 8,5.5.1:         To read "where there are fewer than eleven starters".
  Rule         To read "Bonus points that WOULD have been earned by the place equal to

  Rule         To read "Where there are fewer than six juniors
  Rule 8.6: To       be renumbered to follow other rules on weight.

Rule    10.3: Joe long moved that juniors who qualify to ride without sponsors shall ride as

            seniors. Rule to read " Juniors 14 years or older who have completed 500 miles or more of AERC sanctioned rides in the AERC rider mileage program and have written consent of parent or guardian shall ride as seniors”. Tom Bowling moved that we rescind Rules 10.3/!0.3.1. Pat French seconded~ Motion defeated.

Rule     10.5: The sponsor must be a responsible adult and must be duly entered as a competitor in the event,


Rule 10.5.3 Delete

Rule 10.6: Delete ”Any”

Rule 12.5: Delete "Approximate"
Rule 15.1: De!ete.


Frank Bennett moved to accept the report of the Rules Committee with the exception of. rules three and four which will be reworked. Motion carried with thanks to Peter Ansorge


Trails Committee: Report accepted as circulated

Rider Safety Committee: Report accepted as circulated.

Protest and Grievance Committee: (Continuation) A second statement was read into the record by the chair. Peter Ansorge moved that the Protest and Grievance Committee incorporate the two documents as well as the present procedures appearing in the rules, to be coordinated with the Rules committee and to be forwarded to the Board by mail.


With reference to the proposals for revision of the national championship system~ Lindsay Taliaferro moved that items 1 and 2, (as recorded in the previous day's minutes) be properly worded and submitted to the membership via the next Newsletter along with any explanations that  the committee wishes to add and that a vote be required by return mail  no later than Nov. 1, that the Board be advised of the results and that the committee submit a plan corresponding to the will of the membership. Joe seconded. Motion carried.


International Committee: (Continuation) Lindsay Taliaferro moved that the AERC and its International Committee will act only as sponsors of FEI sanctioned endurance events within the U.S. The International Committee will select an "Organizing Committee" for each event. The members or organization comprising the Organizing Committee must at time of selection, evidence and guarantee satisfactory financial responsibility and wherewithal to successfully fulfill FEI event requirements without recourse to AERC genera.l funds. Barbara McCrary seconded. Motion carried.

Lindsay Taliaferro moved that the AERC office staff will assist the International Committee, such time and effort subject to National Office Committee review and approval. Barbara McCrary seconded. Motion carried.




It was the consensus of the Board to sanction Randy Eiland’s 5-day New Mexico Renegade Ride.


The AHSA has requested that AERC appoint representatives to their organization. The International Committee will make the selections.


Arlene Morris moved that we change the boundary of the Southwest district to

conform to the time zone line. Motion seconded and carried.


Frank Bennett moved that we refuse sanctioning to any rides that offer cash awards or are run in conjunction with rides that do. Barbara McCrary seconded. Motion defeated.


Heidi Flint moved that any ride offering prizes in excess of an amount to be determined shall agree to pay the expenses of an AERC steward to attend and monitor the event. Maggie Price seconded. Motion carried. Effective as of the new ride year (December 1).


The chair proposed a motion to state that the above applies to an organization offering any single prize whose value is in excess of $500, with the exception of futurities and other contributory schemes supported by an organization recognized by the AERC. Jackie Mitchell seconded. Motion carried


Lindsay Taliaferro moved that the organizer and manager of a ride may participate only for completion. The motion was tabled and remanded to the rules Committee.


Joe Long moved that beginning December I, AERC members accumulate points toward a regional championship in the region in which they ride. Lindsay seconded. Motion carried.


It is the sense of the Board that AERC is in opposition to the proposed

Vision Sports ride from St. Joseph Mo. to Sacramento in the summer of 1988.


The meeting adjourned at 12:00.


Louise Riedel, Secretary