The Board of Directors convened Sunday, March 8. There being a quorum, the meeting was called to order by D.r Matthew Macay-Smith, president, at 8:10 am. Other directors present were: Cindy Collins, Arlene Morris, Heidi Flint, Joe Long, Jerri Scott, Frank Bennett, Crocket Dumas, Tom Bowling, John DiPietra, Tom Goton, Jackie Mitchell, Doyle Carraway, Lindsay Talliaferro, Mahhy Price, Earle Baxter, Peter Ansorge, Jim Baumgardner, Bob Puhl, Pat French, louise Riedel, and Caroline Ellis.


The Secretary read a letter from Mark Dees retracting a statement he made at the general meeting on Friday concerning Chris Linger’s best condition award.


Joe Long moved that the AERC provide full ride sanctioning to the Purina Race of Champions as provided in our sanctioning procedures. Peter Ansorge seconded. The vote resulted in a tie. The Chair cast the deciding “nay”. Motion defeated.


Heidi Flint moved that the current wording concerning required AERC membership for ride management be changed from “manager or secretary” to “manager and secretary”. Jerri Scott seconded. Motion defeated.


Heidi Flint moved to restate the above motion to substitute “day (or alternate) manager” for “secretary”, this change to be effective June 1, 1987. Joe Long seconded. Motion carried.


Heidi Flint moved that the head veterinarian be required to be ab AERC member. Jerri Scott seconded. Motion defeated.


Pat French moved that an alternate manager be required for every sanctioned ride. Motion died for lack of a second.


Bob Puhl suggested that the wording concerning veterinarians be changed to read “licensed veterinarians”. The chair referred this to the Veterinary Committee.


A suggestion was received from the Office Committee that a sliding scale for researching records be established (based on the degree of difficulty). Joe Long moved that the Finance Committee be enabled to establish such a scale. Heidi Flint seconded. Motion carried.


Arlene Morris read the proposed charter for the Rules Committee. A motion to accept the committee report not being necessary, the Board voted to approve the charter as presented. It being necessary to provide the number of members on the committee, the Board approved a total membership of five, to be composed of two board members and three members at large.


Pat French mentioned an event in Okalahoma which is offering largew cash awards. The chair requested that a clarification of what this does to amateur status be obtained in writing by the executive secretary for publication in the Endurance News. The International Committee will also be involved in this matter.


Heidi Flint moved that an AERC sanctioned ride shall have a maximum completion time of 12 hours for 50 miles and 24 hours for 100 miles, with appropriate intermediate times for intermediate distances. Exceptions to lengthen these times to accommodate unusual weather or trail conditions may be made only with written recommendation and approval by a ride’s head veterinarian. All such exceptions are subject to review by the Board. Seconded by Maggie Price, who withdrew the second on the basis of objecting to the exceptions. Heidi withdrew the statement that “all such exceptions are subject to review of the Board”. Heidi refused to withdraw the main statement of “exceptions”. Maggie moved to amend the motion to strike the “exceptions”. Tom Goton seconded. The motion to amend carried. The original motion as amended carried and will read “An AERC sanctioned ride shall have a maximum completion time of 12 hours for 50 miles and 24 hours for 100 miles with appropriate intermediate times for intermediate distances (Chart of intermediate times appended). Motion carried.


Arlene Morris had requested a definition of an elevator ride. It is defined in Rule 1.2. Maggy Price moved that if there is to be an elevator ride it must be announced on the sanctioning sheet and published in the ride calendar. (To be effective June 1, 1987 for new sanctioning filings). Cindy Collins seconded. Motion carried.


The minutes of the March 5 minutes were circulated. The former secretary suggested we accept them as preliminary. The office will include in the first ballot to the Board the question of approval of the minutes. The question of how to accept the minutes for publication to the membership will be left to the descrition of the chair or with board approval.


Barbara McCrary read a letter from Levi Ride and Tie to propose that the AERC become the governing body of the Levi Ride and Tie. Joe Long moved and Lindsay Taliaferro seconded that the AERC explore the possibility of inclusion of Ride and Tie into our structure. Concern was voiced as to the cost of administration, the large cash prizes and the problems of management. Motion carried. The matter will be included in the questionnaire to the membership.


Dr. Harry Fryer addressed the Board relative to a committee on rider safety which would (1) educate riders and managers as to prevention of rider injury (2) collect and record injuries  and use these incidents to develop a safety column (3) provide safety information on various areas of  rider safety (i.e. starting and finish lines)  (4) rider safety articles (5) involvement in helmet design. The Board accepted the report and gave consent by acclamation to formation of a Rider Safety Committee, and approved Dr. Fryer’s appointment as representative from AERC to the American Medical Equestrian Association.




Frank Bennett spoke on the limited distance program to the effect that limited distance riders should receive more recognition, especially career mileage credit. Carol Ranta, who was recognized from the audience, suggested giving chevrons and recognition within the limited distance program itself. Frank Bennett moved that riders and horses in limited distance be granted career miles. Earle Baxter seconded. Jim Baumgardner moved to amend the motion to give career mileage to riders who declare that they are no longer able to ride fifty milers. Peter Ansorge seconded. Amendment defeated. The original motion was voted on and defeated. Maggy Price moved that after increments of 250 miles of limited distance riders will be awarded a “limited mileage program” patch and will be recognized in our publication. Crockett Dumas seconded. Motion carried. Loe long moved that horses in the limited distance program receive comparable recognition every 250 miles. Jerri Scott seconded. Motion defeated. Joe Lond resubmitted the motion for an award every 500 miles. Jackie Mitchell seconded. Motion defeated. Other items concerning the limited distance program, including best condition forms, were remanded to committee.


The question of allowing juniors to decide whether or not to ride as seniors will be remanded to committee, will be included in the questionnaire, and will be submitted to legal council. It was suggested that the committee refer to the tape of the Friday afternoon Board meeting, where this topic was thoroughly discussed.


Crockett Dumas inquired as to which region Alaskan rides belong in. By acclimation Alaska was assigned to the Northwest region and Hawaii to the Southwest region.


Crockett Dumas requested that all actions of the Board be reported in the Endurance News.


Crockett Dumas moved to repeal the rule that requires the presence of the rider at the start of the ride. Joe Long seconded. Motion defeated.


Joe long moved that the four-year terms on the International Committee be staggered every two years. Peter Ansorge seconded. Motion carried.


Arlene Morris read a letter from David Hayes, DVM, proposing veterinary standards.This matter will be remanded to the Veterinary Committee. Peter Ansorge requested a letter be written to Dr. Hayes stating the Board’s action. The Chair instructed the Secretary to do so, and te respond to any such correspondence in the future.


Heidi Flint brought up the subject of mandatory pre-ride examination. The current rule calls for “pre-ride control”. The Board by acclimation supported the following resolution: “all rides must be reminded that the board interprets this rule on veterinary control to mean that each horse will receive a substantive physical examination of metabolic and mechanical parameters before the ride, at control point within the ride, and after the ride”.


The mid-year meeting was set for September 12, 13 in Nashville, Tennessee.


The 1988 convention is scheduled for Las Vegas. The 1989 convention is proposed for Nashville. Joe Long suggested that the Nugget in Reno be secured for 1989 as a backup location with the option of canceling.


It was directed that an item be included in the questionnaire inquiring as to whether members will go to Nashville. The chair inquired as to whether the West Region would consider presenting their awards at the Las Vegas meeting. Cliff Lewis offered to work with the committee on this.


Maggy Price brought up the situation of other organizations presenting their awards at our banquet. By acclamation the Board declared that EHRA awards should not be held at the AERC banquet, but should be held as a separate function during the convention.


In regard to the National Points System, the directors were asked to write individual recommendations to be forwarded to the appropriate committee. At this point each director was given the opportunity to express his or her opinion. Although there were many suggestions, the consensus was the system needed revision. It was made a matter of record that the chair is not pre-judging this question. This matter was remanded to committee after discussion.


Members were asked to indicate which committee they would like to serve on. By May 1 a charter and a plan of action should be presented by each committee. The committees’ recommendations are to be circulated prior to the mid-year meeting where they can be acted on.


Lindsay moved that the budget as presented byu the National Office Committee be accepted. Maggy Price seconded. Motion carried.


Jim Baumgardner moved that every treated horse’s name, reason for treatment, what treated with and the outcome must be submitted on a form filled out by the veterinarian and submitted by management, a status report to be published from time to time. Crocket Dumas seconded. Lindsay moved to table. Motion defeated. The motion was reworded by Heidi Flint, chairman of the Veterinary Committee, to read “Horses at rides that are treated shall be reported on a form (to be provided to ride management) to be filled out by the veterinarian and submitted by ride management with ride results. These forms shall be reviewed by the veterinary Committee”. Motion carried.


Jackie Mitchell moved that the Directors be exempt from paying the registration fee for the convention. Barbara McCrary seconded. Motion carried.


Pat French asked that the Bill Thornburgh and the Husband/Wife awards be remanded to committee. It was so ordered. Lindsay Taliaferro moved to rescind the motion passed at the Thursday Board meeting forming a membership-education committee. Caroline Ellis seconded. Motion carried.


Meeting recessed for lunch at 12:45 and reconvened at 1:45.

Tom Bowling moved to change our existing point system to add a new system of rides to determine our national champions, to designate each region to put on one qualified endurance ride. The rider with the best results in five (or number to be determined) out of eight rides would be the national champion. Jim Baumgardner seconded. The chair pointed out that this matter had been remanded to committee, and he expressed the desirability of taking time for consideration and for allowing the membership to participate. He therefore ruled the motion out of order. A straw vote to test this concept showed the Board to be unanimously in favor. Tom Bowling and Joe Long were named as co-chairman of the Competitions and Sanctioning Committee, which will consider and make recommendations. The co-chairmen will select three additional members.


Frank Bennett recommended that more regions put on benefit rides for AERC.


Suggestions were made for personnel to be asked to administer the 1988 convention: Robbi Pruit, chairman; Tom VanGelder or Fred Toomey, raffle; Darolyn Butler, mistress of ceremonies.


Tom Goton moved that, effective December 1, 1987, the weight divisions be amended to read “WITH TACK”, the weight divisions to read: Lightweight 1 – 160 lbs; Middleweight, 161 -  200 lbs; Heavyweight, 20 – up. Each rider riding for weight division points must be weighed at the beginning of each ride. Cindy Collins seconded Motion carried.


Tom Goton moved that, effective December 1, 1987, the term ”without tack” on the Best Condition form be amended to read “with tack”. Cindy Collins seconded. Motion carried.


Pat French moved to adjourn at 3:00 p.m.


Louise Riedel, Secretary.