I. Meeting Opening


A) President's Remarks -- Quorum present. Meeting called to order at 2:06 PM. Agenda and meeting procedures addressed. Hearing plans addressed -- Eiland and Lingar not able to be present. Recommendations made for handling sanctioning problems. Hearing for Eiland and Lingar scheduled for 3:30 PM Friday.


B) Approval of 1986 Minutes -- approved unanimously.


C) Agenda -- Heidi Flint requested additional items; integrated into existing items. Agenda approved by unanimous consent.


II. Officer and Committee Reports.


A) National Office Committee -- written copy mailed to all Directors.


B) Treasurer's Report -- written copy mailed to all Directors.


C) Executive Director -- application made for second class mailing of Endurance News. Pamphlet for new members needed. Endurance News to contain more information on board actions. Veterinary Directory started. Membership is up. Recruiting pamphlet is being sent to rides. Revised ride sanction application fees requested.


D) Hall of Fame Committee -- report on structure, membership, and workings of Committee. No majority this year on a Hall of Fame person.


I) Legal and insurance Committee -- no formal legal report. Potato Richardson addressed insurance coverage; AERC processes applications and receives portion of fee for each ride policy written. Some questions and problems, but system working well overall. Rides expected to apply when sanctioned, and must apply 60 days ahead; special handling procedures and fees have been established. Participants excluded from coverage; this was defined as participants not protected if they are sued, but the ride is covered if a participant sues the ride. Frank Bennet moved that Potato present a program to supply individual equine liability insurance to AERC members on a group basis; Cindy Collins seconded. Motion passed. Potato addressed the AERC's remaining insurance needs, particularly Board of Directors' Liability Insurance. Consensus is that AERC doesn't need Directors' Liability Insurance.


E) Ride Sanctioning -- written report submitted. Jackie Mitchell, Joe Long and Heidi Flint submitted additional items to be considered under item IIIE, Other.


H) Awards -- will be reported under budget.


F) Rules -- written preliminary report was amended. Courtney Hart submitted the charter, as amended. All items to be considered Sunday.


G) International -- Lee Wittle addressed history of endurance riding in FEI. Plans for 1987 were addressed, 1988 World Championship was addressed, both of these rides to be held at the Old Dominion trail. Relationship between AERC and FEI addressed, along with the role of the AERC International Committee. The International Committee will spend no AERC funds, FEI funds will be kept separate. Selection process for FEI teams explained. Certain "arbitrariness" in the Committee activity accounted for. Discussion by Board of the AERC's role in FEI rides. Heidi Flint reminded us that the members don't want us distracted from domestic issues; Barbara McCrary explained that the FEI will not influence AERC policy.


I) Veterinary -- Heidi Flint addressed Vet Qualifications for AERC rides. First step: require that the Head Vet be an AERC member. Recommended making the pre-ride vet check mandatory. Address need for keeping contracted ride vet present post-ride. Noted that a vet present only at start/finish is not adequate vet control. MOVED: That a pre-ride vet check be made mandatory, seconded by Barbara McCrary. Matthew Mackay-Smith suggested defining "veterinary control" as an alternative. Discussion followed. Moved by Joe Long to recommit to Veterinary Committee, second by Jon Saunders. Passed.


III. Old Business


A) Hall of Fame motion -- as submitted in writing, moved by J. Long, seconded by P. Ansorge; much discussion followed. Defeated 13-4.


B) Membership/Education Committee -- Moved C. Roberts, seconded by C. Collins. Passed.


Recessed for dinner at 5:12 PM.


Meeting resumed at 7:40 PM


C) Edie Booth charges re Director Pat French -- a formal hearing was conducted in accordance with our Bylaws into the charges presented by Edie Booth calling for the removal of Director Pat French for cause, see attachment A. The Board determined that the case was not proven, and Director French was not removed.


Randy Eiland & Chris Lingar -- As Randy Eiland and Chris Lingar were present, a formal hearing was conducted, see attachment B.


Heidi Flint reported on disposition of the matter of the canceled ride involving George Behee, which will be handled within the Northwest Region.