FRIDAY, 20 FEB. 1986




The meeting was called to order at 7:18 pm. at the Nugget Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. Present were President Lindsay Talliafero, Jeri Scott, Jeanne Hanson , Barbara McCrary, Jon Saunders, Jackie Mitchell, Rod Meier, Maggie Price, Carol Blue, Jeff Briscoe, Robbie Pruit, Jim Bumgarder, Louise Reidel, Carolyn Roberts, George Behee, Smoky Killen, and Joe Long.  There being a quorum the following business was conducted.



The minutes were approved as published.



Moved and seconded that juniors riding in excess of 400 Miles or more, will receive a regional award.


Moved and seconded that motion be amended. There shall be no more than 5 junior awards in any region.  11aye, 4nay. AMENDMENT CARRIED


Call for the question. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



Moved and seconded that the junior and Senior divisions will be completely separate for ride results and bonus points. The junior starters for a ride shall not be counted in the overall count of starters. This motion is to clarify the existing system.  14 aye, 3 nay. MOTION CARRIED



Dave Clagett brought the AERC insurance problems to the meeting. moved and seconded that AERC will not sanction a ride that does not carry liability insurance.  Motion withdrawn.



(1) AERC will not sanction a ride that does not carry liability equal to minimum requirements established by AERC.

(2) At this moment in time, AERC is looking for a national program with a price per ride or per rider.



Dr Frank Bennett presented a suggested program for weight divisions. No action.



Finishing criteria guidelines were voted on in a directors mail ballot. To appear in the Endurance News.



Sanctioning of multi-day rides and special events clarification was discussed.  No action.



Moved and seconded that AERC add a rule that no horse and/or rider can be entered in more than one AERC sanctioned event in a 24 hr. period. 14 aye 1 nay 2 abstained





Moved and seconded that Carol Hunt's rides may not be sanctioned for the remainder of 1986 and 1987.


Moved and seconded to amend motion. Sanction privileges removed for- 1 year ( twelve months from today's date.)  11aye 5 nay


Question called.  motion as amended, carried unanimously.


Moved and seconded that no points, placings or miles be recorded for Carol Hunt's 1986 Searchlite ride.  2 aye, 11nay. Motion defeated.



Moved and seconded that we change our mileage awards program, to have the national champion horse have the mileage accumulated with only one horse and one rider.  5 aye, 9 nay Motion Defeated.




Moved and seconded that we create a new ten award program for the National Long Distance Horse with placings 1st -10th.  10 aye, 1 nay. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded that this award program start in 1986, the current ride year.



Moved and seconded the husband and wife team award be based upon points and one member of the team must have ridden1/3 of the total miles for the team.


Moved and seconded the motion be amended to state the award be based on total miles and one member of the team must have ridden 1/3 of the total miles.  5 aye, 10 nay amendment defeated.


Question called. 14 aye, 2 nay. Motion carried.




Moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.


Meeting adjourned at ll:29pm.


Respectfully submitted;


Joanne Hanson, secretary