26 February, 1984; 8:40am. Nugget Convention Center, Reno, Nevada.


QUORUM     The meeting was called to order by the president, Joe Long. The following directors were present: Barbara McCrary, Pat French, Jackie Mitchell, Carol Blue, Jeff Briscoe, Jim Bumgardner, George Behee, Joanne Hanson, Jeri Scott, Joe Long, Tom Goton, Maggie Price, Arlene Morris, Holly Ulyate, Louise Riedel, Lindsay Taliaferro, Walt Koerner, Jim Remillard, Al Beaupre, Rod Meier. There being a quorum, the following business was conducted,


NORTHEAST DIRECTOR Maggie Price as Northeast Director, presented the name of Earl Baxter to the Board as the second director from the Northeast Region. The Board approved the nomination. Action: Joe Long to contact Earl Baxter.



1985 CONVENTION Moved and seconded that the 1985 convention be in Reno at the Nugget Convention center. The dates to be February 22 and 23. Motion carried.




RAFFLE Raffle chairman reported more than 100 gifts and 40 ride entries  were donated to the 1984 raffle. The proceeds were $6,529.00.


NATIONAL  OFFICE The minutes of the National Office Committee meeting of October 22,  1983 were read. The following action items from the minutes were acted upon:


Action #1: National Office Committee recommends that a computer be on-line for the office by December 1, 1984. A computer development Fund, with a budget of $7,500 was further recommended for inclusion in the 1984 budget. Moved and seconded that we establish a computer development fund with a budget of $7,500 to be included in the 1984 budget. Motion carried.


Action #2: National Office Committee recommends that a dues increase of $5. for single members, $5 for family members; $5 for additional family members and a $5 processing fee for new members be adopted for the 1984 membership year. Moved and seconded that this dues increase be established, effective immediate. Moved and seconded that this motion be tabled until after discussion of the budget. Motion to table carried.


Budget reviewed, no action taken at this time.


Moved and seconded to untable the previous motion on dues increase. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded to amend the Motion to make the dues increase effective April 1st. Motion carried.


Question called for motion as amended. Motion carried with vote of 7-7, president breaking the tie.


JUNIOR POLICY    Moved and seconded: "Due to the fact that the present Junior points system has many inequities and that AERC regulations restrict equal competition; I propose that the Bonus Points for Juniors be abolished.


I remind you that the resolution regarding Juniors adopted by the AERC in 1975, states that the 'Juniors will have their own separate point and award system'. That in 1983 we had only 90 junior members riding. Furthermore, present AERC rules and guidelines dictate that Juniors riding for Junior points in our AERC must ride with a sponsor at all times. Therefore, I propose that Junior riders receive mileage points only. They are eligible for Best Condition if they finish within the 20% time frame. Regional and National Junior points will be awarded horse-rider teams as in the past. The present Junior mileage program will continue unchanged."


Moved and seconded to amend motion to drop all junior points and leave-the mileage as the only way of ranking Juniors, with Best Conditions as a tie breaker. Motion to amend defeated.


Question called on original motion. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded that we reconsider the motion. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded that we table this motion until the mid-year meeting. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded that the junior motion from Thursday evening meeting be untabled. Motion carried.                                        ~


Moved and seconded to amend the previous motion to allow top 5 junior placings in the Northwest, West and Southwest regions. All other regions to have top 2 placings. Motion to amend carried.


Question called on the junior placing motion as amended. Motion carried.


LIMITED DISTANCE.RIDES  Moved and seconded that the AERC add a new division for limited

distance rides, whereby the AERC will keep records and recognize mileage only in a separate category for limited distance (less than 50 miles) ride, which meet the following conditions:


1.      The ride is held in conjunction with an AERC sanctioned endurance ride.

2.      The ride is under the control of qualified veterinarians exper­ienced with horses or endurance rides.

3.      The ride give NO speed place awards.

4.      A Best Condition Award is available.

5.      The ride is at least 25 miles long.


Moved and seconded to delete "Less than 50 miles". Motion to amend defeated.


Moved and seconded to add the following condition:


6.      A $2. sanction fee per rider be assessed.


Motion to amend carried


Moved and seconded to add the following condition:


7.      Horses must be at least 48 mo. old at the time of the ride to participate.


Motion to amend carried.


Question called on motion as amended. Motion as amended carried.


1984 BUDGET  Moved and seconded that we adopt the budget as presented in principal     pending revision. Motion carried.


Moved and seconded that we increase the sanction fees to $3. effec­tive Dec. 1, 1984.


Moved and seconded that motion be amended to have the $3 sanction fee apply only to the Northwest, West and Southwest regions. Motion to amend failed.


Moved and seconded that the motion on sanction fee increase be tabled until the mid-year meeting. Motion carried. Sanction fee motion tabled to mid-year meeting.


Moved and seconded that we have a $10. Minimum sanction fee, for rides with less than five riders. Motion carried.


AERC – ELDRC A consensus of the board was requested on the subject of joining the European Long Distance Riding Council. The board's consensus was "We think so". Action: Joe Long to investigate costs and require­ments and report to the Board.


NATIONAL POLICY  Moved and seconded that the present AERC policy of revoking all points earned from members who fail to renew their membership by June 1st be replaced with the following policy:


As members who fail to renew their membership by June 1st cease to be members of the AERC, they shall earn no points in the AERC awards programs form June Ist until such time as they restore their membership. Points earned prior to June 1st shall not be affected, although no one shall be eligible for an AERC award who is not a member as of the end of the ride season.


A member who fails to renew by June 1st shall also have no further career miles recorded for themselves or their horses, but these miles can be recovered by restoring their membership before the end of the membership year or by payment of research fees as established by the Board of Directors.


Moved and seconded to amend the motion that they also lose mileage for the period of time they are not a member. Change the word "or" to "and". (second paragraph 'membership year OR by payment..) Motion to amend carried.


Question called for motion as amended. Motion as amended carried.


Moved and seconded that we charge a one time fee for entering the rider mileage and horse mileage programs, fees for each horse to be $5.00.    Motion defeated.


IERA            Resolved, that the AERC endorse the International Endurance Riders Association in its goal of organizing and participating in World Championship rides in conjunction with FEI and ELDRC. Resolution approved.


The Board of Directors formed a committee to work on this with IERA, committee to be headed by Maggie Price, NE Director.


ELEVATOR RIDES Moved and seconded, effective with the 1983/84 ride year that elevator rides be established under the following conditions:


  1. In a sanctioned AERC event, a rider can only elevate once to a longer distance event.

2.      Once elevated to the longer distance, the rider is no longer considered to have been a starter in the shorter distance event, nor a finisher.

  1. Present policies regarding reduced bonus points for fewer than I0 starters applies.


Motion carried.


VET COMMITTEE REPORT   Chairman of the veterinarian committee reported that the vets upheld the No Drug Policy, particularly in the endurance rides. The principle being to safeguard the horse. The Board of Directors gave the chairman permission to continue the committee.


FEl The FEI committee report: There were two changes in the FEI rules for international endurance rides to conform to AERC requirements; A no medication rule and a rule removing the control of the ground jury over veterinarian matters were instituted.


The FEI formed a sub-committee on endurance riding whose purpose is to develop international rides to test and refine the rules for international competition. The sub-committee would welcome an AERC appointee as an un-official member. Dr. Barsileau or Dr. Gillespie were recommended for this position by the Board of Directors. Action: Joe Long to contact these gentlemen.


Several rides in Europe have been designated as international endurance competition to test the new rules, and a North-American ride would be welcomed for this international designation.


Moved and seconded; Resolved, that the Old Dominion Inc. be invited to provide a ride as international competition for this purpose. Motion carried.


PACING Moved and seconded: Resolved, the AERC is absolutely opposed to an entered horse being paced or prompted by:


  1. an unentered, withdrawn or otherwise unauthorized horse,
  2. a vehicle,
  3. a person other than another entry.


This does not preclude the ordinary support services of attendants or "pit crews". Motion carried.


Point secretary asked for a consensus of the board on her handling of horses not having reached their fifth birthday at the time of the ride.


Consensus being that the rule of all horses and mules entered in an endurance ride must be five years old at the time of the ride has not changed. It has been clarified to state 60 months of age. If complaints are filed, they must be handled by the board on an indiv­idual basis. Complaints to be filed according to rule for filing complaints.


VIDEO  TAPES   Horseman Video Showcase presented an AERC video tape proposal to the board, requesting that the board become one of several sponsors for a video tape series on endurance riding. AERC would be entitled to buy the tapes at wholesale and sell at retail to anyone requiring such a tape. The subjects proposed were Endurance Ride Training and Endurance Riding, Competition and Strategy.


Consensus of the Board was that AERC could not afford at this time to sponsor this project, and no action was taken.



VET COMMITTEE                                        Dr. Gillespie

NATIONAL OFFICE                            Jim Remillard

HALL OF FAME                                           Jeri Scott

PLANNING                                                 Barbara McCrary

AWARDS                                                  Dave Claggert

CONVENTION                                              Barbara McCrary

RIDE SANCTION                                          Arlene Morris

COMPUTER, sub-committee                   Jim Remillard

National Office

ELECTION                                                 Walt Koener

RAFFLE                                                   Lindsay Talifero


ADJOURNED            Moved and Seconded that the meeting be adjourned until the mid-year meeting to be held in Kansas City at 1PM, 8 Sept, 1984. Dallas to the alternate site. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned 3:22 pm.

Signed by Joanne Hanson


ADDITION: Jim Remillard made the recommendation that appropriate safety head gear be worn by riders. (This was not a motion or a-requirement, merely a recommendation.)