23 February, 1984


Meeting called to order by President Joe Long at 7:43 P.M.


Directors present were: Jeri Scott, Joe Long, Carol Blue, Terry Perkins, John DiPietra,Lindsay Taliaferro, Louise Riedel, Maggy Price, Jim Remillard, Hugh Bryson (past Pres.), Al Beaupre, Waly Koerner, Arlene Morris, Carol Ranta, Lew Hollander, Joanne Hanson and Barbara McCrary.


Dave Clagett, awards chairman, recommended the board make a modification on the number oŁ national awards, expanding the mile­age awards to the top 25 (from top 10). this would apply to one rider riding multiple horses. Dave also recommended recognition of Jack Garnett, who donates engraving for all national awards. Motion made, seconded and passed.


Jeff Briscoe, new director from the Sw Region, proposed a national Morgan Horse trophy in memory of Suzanne Ketcham to be given to the Morgan with the most mileage in one year. Lew Hollander proposed a committee to codify all miscellaneous awards. .John Di Pietra felt the Morgan Horse Assn. should handle such an award. Carol Ranta proposed the award be presented in the region in which it was won. (The award would be donated by the SW Region). Joe Long stated we really need an awards committee for one more year.


As Phil Gardner was absent, the National Office Committee report was postponed until Sunday, at which time Jim Remillard would report in Phil’s place if he were still absent.


Research Committee report – Arlene Morris stated that Jerry Gillespie, DVM was extremely busy and was difficult to contact., so she was unable to provide the articles she had hoped to publish in Endurance News. She announced the Second International Conference on Equine Exercise will meet in San Diego in 1986. Jerry had recommended, in a previous phone conversation with Joe, that having both Veterinary Committee and Research Committee was not in the best interests of AERC, and that the latter be dropped, the Vet Committee would take over both duties.


Ride Sanctioning Committee Report – Arlene Morris stated there was no consensus from the committee on Elevator Rides. Considerable discussion followed. Barbara proposed that elevator rides should have a rider signing up for the minimum distance, elevation by 25 mile increments, and being allowed for the last full increment achieved. Lindsay stated rules should fit all regions. Lew, originator of the concept, opposed Barbara’s idea, stating once a rider elevated to a greater distance, he lost any credit for the lesser distance should he be pulled before completion. Maggy felt there were other ways to encourage riders to participate in 100 mile rides. Jim stated there were always people who will try to manipulate rides. Carol Ranta thought elevator rides should fit into a different category.


Walt moved that the rider signs for the shortest distance, elevates to the higher distance, and would lose credit for the earlier distance if he fails to complete the higher one. Lew modified the motion – the ride should have only two distances available.  Motion defeated.


Special Events rides (such as multi-day rides), Arlene presented numerous facts. Many questions followed. Barbara stated if we must adhere to the 3-day, 150-mile ride rule, then give points for only the first 3 days, but give mileage for all days. Don't condemn the rides because of "points paranoia".


After further discussion, Barbara moved, Walt seconded, that once a multi-day ride has been sanctioned twice by board approval it may receive auto­matic sanctioning with the usual approval of the regional director in charge of sanctioning.  Motion carried.


On the Junior Policy, Arlene said there was little committee feed­back. There are only about 90 juniors riding in the country. She recommended dropping the bonus points for juniors, retaining only mileage credit.


She made it a motion, which was seconded. A1 and Lew felt the board should not spring this on our juniors without informing them. There was a motion to table the issue, which passed.


Jeri Scott made a motion to expand the NW Jr. places to 10 (equal to the W). Jim amended the motion to reduce the W Region awards to 5 (to equal the NW). Joanne moved to table the issue until Sunday. Motion passed.


Barbara was to bring up the issue of the inequities of the point system, but Joe stated this had all been worked over extensively not too long ago, so the issue was dropped. Barbara proposed the entire point system be abolished (with some facetiousness), and there was general hilarity in response.


Office staff introduced Carol Saunders as the new office help. The membership trend is up, with 514 new members in 1983. We need more fund raising ideas.


Special Events Committee report - Carol Ranta proposed new cate­gories for career mileage: 25-mile rides, ride & tie mileage, etc. Much discussion, all inconclusive. To be continued Sunday.


George Behee appealed for reinstated credit for mileage ridden on his horse, Keri's Frostbite, before the horse was actually 5 years old biologically. George was counting the horse's age by breed association rules. Considerable discussion followed. Jim Remillard moved to deny the credit. Seconded. Joe declared the motion out of order since points had already been denied by AERC office.


Lew moved to restore points and miles. Seconded. Motion passed.


Discussion followed on setting precise information as to horse's age. To be counted from actual birth or from January 1st? Not on agenda; postponed until Sunday.


No Vet Committee report.


By-Laws Committee - Marion Arnold not present. Joe went through the new by-laws revision item by item. After review by the board, they must go to an attorney, then back to the board for final app­roval. Amendments as follows: Article V - Definition: Barbara moved to re-word to read ".... an athletic event in which the same equine and rider cover a specified course of not less than 50 miles (usually 50 - 150 miles) within a maximum time limit ". Discussion followed. Motion Passed. Article V 1.: Barbara recommend­ed to read ".... veterinarians experienced with equines and endur­ance riding. Discussion: too difficult to obtain endurance-experienced Vets.


No motion, therefore no vote.


Discussion on whether a certificate would be acceptable as award. Consensus: Yes.


Discussion on whether there should be a maximum time limit. Con­sensus: Yes.


A motion was made to change the wording of the requirement 5 years of age to 60 months of age Passed.


Article VIII Section 4: Discussion on family and lifetime members.


Article IX Section 4: Jim submitted an amendment to read "Should a Regional or At-Large Directorship become vacant, the position would be filled by taking those original candidates for the res­pective elections and identify the member who had the highest num­ber of votes immediately following the elected candidates." Second­ed and passed.


Article IX Section 5: Jim moved to remove the following statement: "A director unable to attend a meeting may nominate an alternate who, upon approval of the board, may serve in his stead for the duration of the said meeting." Discussion followed regarding members who never attend meetings. What to do? Motion was seconded and passed.


Article XI Section 2: Jim moved the modification of the first sentence to read: "The executive director is responsible for the administration and management of the corporation on a day to day basis, and is directly res­ponsible to the board of directors reporting to the president." Motion seconded and passed.


Article XII Section 2: Jim moved the removal of the requirement "--And a five-year financial fore­cast". Motion seconded  And passed.


A definition of ex-officio was given by Joe.


Jim moved the by-laws be adopted as amended. Seconded and passed.


Courtney Hart spoke his objection to giving mileage to rides which may be produced in the future which have special qualifications (as we have in the case of The Race of Champions). Joe stated the ride does not defy any of AERC rules. Considerable discussion followed.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara McCrary, secretary