Minutes – Board of Directors Meeting  January 30, 1983


The meeting opened at 8:45 A.M. Sunday, January 30, 1983, new president Joe Long presiding. Directors present were Louise Reidel, Joe Long, Terry Perkins, Lew Hollander, Margaret Price, Walt Koerner, Jim Remillard, Doyle Carraway, John DiPietra, Carol Ranta, Cortez H. Killen, Jeri Scott, Barbara McCrary, and Arlene Morris.


Cortez "Smokey" Killen, being absent at  previous meetings, was sworn in by Jim Remillard.


The first item on the agenda concerned the procedure of registering protests against a ride. Jim Remillard called the board's attention to the Hart vs. Northshore Ride protest, saving it was not an official protest, since a protest must be based on a rider participating in an event and having a problem as a result of the event.. Since Hart did not attend the ride the "protest" is therefore not official.


By unanimous consent of the board, it will become the policy to deal only with protests registered against an event which the protester attended.


Discussion was then opened on the subject of "open rides"    It was moved by Lew Hollander, seconded by Maggie Price, that the AERC adopt proposal #2, as listed on Joe Lonq's "Open Rides" Resolutions. The motion carried unanimously.


Item II: Adoption of the revised ride managers' handbook. At a special meeting Friday evening, the following recommendations were made: Delete appendices A & B. Combine balance of new book with old for a com­pletely new book. Include a paragraph defining Vet Gate procedure. It was moved by Jim Remillard, seconded by Arlene Morris, that the ride mana­gers' handbook be printed as revised. Motion carried unanimously. New handbooks will be ready soon.


Item III: Arlene Morris reported on compilation of AERC rules from past minutes. She spoke of Hall of Fame selection procedures, age of a sponsor for a junior rider (legal age in state in which sponsor is riding), when a 5-year-old horse is considered of age (5 at time of ride), purposes of AERC (by-laws and articles of incorporation).  Arlene's notes will be passed on to the AERC office for printing.


Item IV: Annie-t. spoke of Rodger Ford's proposal for printing the AERC yearbook in 1983.


Item V: Convention date change from the end of January to the end of February. Extra time is needed to assemble ride results, calculate winn­ers, and print the yearbook. Motion by Maggie Price, seconded by Jim R. to change the convention date from Jan. to Feb. 1984. Discussion followed. Motion massed unanimously. Motion by Jim R., seconded by Barbara McCrary, to have next year's convention at the Nugget again. Passed unanimously.


Back to Item IV: Annie-t. stated that Rodger Ford's proposal would save at least $3000 on the cost of the yearbook. Lew proposed endorsing Joe Long and Annie-t. to make the best deal possible on the yearbook. The board consensus was that this was a staff problem. Expected volume: 2000 copies @ 136 pages.


Item VI: Byron Meredith proposed an auction of horses in conjunction w/trade show. Motion by Jim R. for Byron to work w/Ted Jeary in coordinat­ing a plan. Discussion followed. Jim suggested that Byron form a comm­ittee and report back by June 1st.


Item VII: Proposed 1983 budget. Annie-t.presented a proposal on Board of Directors Error & Ommission (E & O) insurance, which would cost $1200 for 3 years prepaid, or $450 for 1 year. Discussion followed. Motion by Jim R., seconded by Arlene, that AERC purchase E&O insurance. Passed unanimously. More discussion as to whether to purchase the 3-year policy, whether we can purchase a 3-year policv on terms, or whether we can purchase three 1-year policies with premium guaranteed. The board voted to purchase 1 year at $450 if the premium could be guaranteed not to increase, or the 3-year policy at $1.200 if there could be no guarantee.


Also under budget business, there were discussions re: donations to Federations  Equestrian Internationale and American Trails Foundation. Approval of the 1983 budget was postponed until later.


Dick Barsaleau gave a talk on U.S. representation to FEI (committee for long distance riding rules). U.S. representation now must go through the American Horse Show Assn. Rules we've seen and read do not appear acceptable at this time. Discussion on whether AERC can afford to send a delegate at this time to a meeting in Bern, Switzerland. Harold Van Dyke spoke on N. Amer. representation to FEI committee. We must have a representative there or the Italians would be running the whole thing. Much discussion on the issue. Motion by Walt Koerner, second by Jim R., that AERC contribute the $500 collected at the banquet Saturday night to sending Jim Bryant, DVM of Canada to the FEI meeting in Bern 3 weeks hence, assum­ing he will accept. 9 ayes, 6 nayes, 1 abstention.


Item IX: By-laws revision. Becky Hart and Maryben Stover submitted an offer to undertake a revision of AERC by-laws for board review. Dis­cussion as to what constitutes a majority vote for amending AERC procedures. Presently, it must be a majority of all AERC members, i.e. 51% of 2000. Motion by Jim R., second by Carol Ranta, that this procedure be changed to 51% of members who actually vote. Motion carried with 1 nay and 1 abstention.


Discussion returned to the FEI issue. Jim moved, Lew seconded, that AERC is interested in an international long distance riding movement and as much as possible we would like to support it with a representative and the availability of funds. The motion was massed. Dr. Bryant was located and he spoke to the group. It was decided he would go as an observer, not as a representative, and report back to AERC.


Item X: Motion by Walt, second by Barbara, to re-instate elevator rides. Discussion followed. The motion was passed.Walt amended his motion to read,"after the initial segment, the minimum increment would be 25 miles. Seconded by Joanne Hanson. Amended motion passed. Motion by Lew, second by Arlene, that only one  increment be allowed. Arlene withdrew her second.


Motion by Lew, second bv Jeri Scott, to  reconsider. Motion massed. More discussion. Jim moved to table the discussion of the elevator ride until it can be further definied. Motion massed.


Item XI: Can a junior rider be considered the winner of a ride?


A ride manager can give first place to a junior, but in the AERC point system, junior riders have a completely separate point system. Junior riders are not eligible for senior best condition, overall winner, top ten, or awards in the point system.


Item XII: Age of sponsor? A sponsor can be any age as long as he or she is not a junior.


Item XIII: Rides established on the same date within 150 miles of each other? There has been a gentlemen's agreement to try avoiding the scheduling of two rides on the same date within 150 miles of each other. This is becoming increasingly difficult in the West Region in particular, with so many rides scheduled. The solution to this problem is at the regional director's discretion.


Item XIV: Motion by Louise Reidel, second by Smokey Killen, to change bonus points for first place from 1 point per mile to ½ point per mile. Motion defeated.


Item XV: Motion by Barbara, second by Jeri, to accept the Lapsed Membership Policy resolution as stated. Discussion followed. Motion defeated.


Item XVI: Horse recognition program.


Motion by Arlene, second by Carol Blue, that regional and end of year best conditions count on the horse and not the horse-rider team. Motion passed by 9-5.


Motion by Arlene, second by Terry Perkins, to give no trophies, just printed recognition in the yearbook to the top i0 horses nationally, and the top 5  regionally. Committed to the sanctioning committee for further study.


Item XVII: AERC Vet Research Committee. This committee, headed by Jim R. and including Ruth Waltenspiel, Arlene, Sherode Powers, DVM, and Jerry Gillespie, DVM, was appointed by past-president Hugh Bryson to try to develop data on better endurance horses. Proposal from this committee to form a joint committee of AERC Vet Research and Assn. of Equine Sports Medicine, co-chaired by Jerry and Arlene; goal - to make more information available through AERC newsletter on research happening on horse perform­ance, products available, different techniques. Budget of $500 from AERC to study blood chemistry program.


Motion by Arlene, second by Walt K. that AERC allocate $1000 to joint committee to further scientific study. Discussion followed. Motion amended to read "an undetermined number of dollars", to be decided later, depending upon the status of AERC treasury. Motion carried.


Item XVIII: Transferring a ride from one region to another, Midwest to Mt. Region. A region is where you live, not where you ride. Discussion, no motion.


Item XIX: Multi-day rides. Motion by Jim, second by John DiPietra that any ride which extends beyond 150 miles over a period of 3 days be granted mileage only. Motion withdrawn.


Item XX: Maggie Price asked for consideration of forming a new region in the NE, an East Canadian Region.


Item XXI: Committee assignments: Awards - Dave Clagett, Ride sanc­tioning - Arlene Morris, National office - Phil Gardner, Long distance riding - Richard Barsaleau, DVM, Research - Arlene & Jerry Gillespie, By-laws - Jim Remillard, Vet committee - Jerry, Membership - Carol Ranta, Convention - Barbara McCrary & Lynda Walker, Raffle - Joanne Hanson, Elections - Jeri Scott.


Item XXII: Budget presented by Annie-t., followed by discussion.


Motion by Walt, second by Jim, to donate $1000 to American Trails Foun­dation. Walt withdrew motion.


Moved by Jim, seconded by Arlene, to do­nate $500 to Trails Foundation. Passed.


On donation to the research committee, Arlene proposed $1000, Jeri proposed $500, Joanne proposed $750. The board chose to donate $500. Motion by Arlene, second by Louise to adopt the budget as now presesented. Motion passed.


Smokey asked about Hall of Fame selection procedure, which Joe stated is now a fixed procedure. John DiPietra explained the procedure to Smokey.


John DiPietra moved the meeting be closed. Seconded by many, motion passed, and meeting adjourned at 1:45 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,


Barbara McCrary