AERC Board of Director's Meeting Thursday, January 27, 1983


The meeting was called to order at 7:45 PM by President Hugh Bryson, the following directors and officers were president: Vice-president John Di Pietra, Sec. Arlene Morris, Treasurer Suzy Alexander, Phil Gardner, Al Beaupre, Bill Bentham, DVM, past-president, Jerri Scott, Joe Long, Carol Ranta, Sherode Powers, Barbara E. McCrary, Joanne Hanson, Terry Perkins, Louise Riedel, Maggie Price, Lewis Hollander, Walt Koerner.


Annie-t Ronan, Executive Director gave a report on the AERC in 1982. We had 269 sanctioned rides; in 1972 only 44 rides. Already in 1983 239 rides have requested sanctioning. AERC riders had 5,781 starts.                                        .

Phil Gardner, Chairman of the National Office Review committee presented a report compiled and mailed to the Directors earlier. He had included salary recommendations Bill Bentham moved and Suzy Alexander seconded the salary increases for the AERC paid staff, motion passed unanimously.


Phil Gardner also recommended that we move to a larger office in the same building, he passed around pictures showing the office when it opened in early 1982 and the same room almost bursting with equipment, files etc. at present. Furthermore, we had to rent another room for storage in late 1982. The new office would cost $I00.00 more a month in rent and is included in the 1983 proposed, budget. Joe Long moved and Al Beaupre seconded the motion that we move our AERC National office into a larger room that will probably meet our needs for the next several years. Motion Passed unanimously.


Due to the workload in December and January, Phil also suggests that the AERC convention be put back until the end of February, this will give the office staff more time to prepare the yearbook and get ready for the convention.


Long Distance Riding Rules Committee Report, Dr. Dick Barsaleau, DVM chairman gave report. The FEI. is the international body who makes the rules for all equestrian events. At present, the U.S.A. 's only input into the FEI has been through the American Horse Show Association. Although Canada, Australia and the United States do more long distance riding than the European countries, we have no input. However, the USA has been invited to a rule or policy making meeting on long distance riding in Feb. in Berne, Switzerland. Australia has asked the U.S. to represent them at this meeting. Other countries already on the FEI long distance rules comm. are France, West Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. They are all very nationalistic and have a very traditional background of equine sports. Dr. Barsaleau, DVM did meet with a representative of West Germany here. in the U.S, this past summner.


A copy of the new Ride Managers Handbook was presented by Ride Sanctioning Comm. chairman Joe Long. Most of the booklet was very satisfactory a few directors feel need of some minor changes and re-wording. Those interested will meet with the Ride Sanctioning Committee on Friday evening to go over areas of interest, conflict etc. The booklet as amended from that meeting will be presented for approval at the Sunday AERC Board meeting. Ride managers interested are welcome at the Friday meeting.


A new award, the Bill Stuckey Memorial to be presented each year to the AERC rider over 60 who completes the most sanctioned miles was proposed. A fund of money has already been collected to pay for the trophy and engraving and Sterivet has offered a year's supply of supplements etc. for the annual winner. Walt Koerner moved and Maggie Price seconded a motion to include this in the AERC awards. The motion passed unanimously.


Barbara Mc Crary proposed that we change the Junior's birth date cut-off from January1 to coincide with December 1 beginning of ride year. Suzy Alexander made a motion to effect this change which was seconded by Bill Benthan. Motion passed unam..


Approval of 25 mile novice rides was made by mail ballot during the year. A discussion of how to implement this vote to give Novice Ride Recognition brought out a variety of director opinions. Joe Long presented a possible method which Walt Koerner moved we accept. Motion seconded by Joanne Hanson. The motion failed on a 5 for, 12 against vote. AERC will continue to sanction rides of 50 miles or more and record miles for same.


A motion setting & minimum of 30 minutes of hold time at some point in a ride had been sent to director's by Walt Koerner. Walt subsequently found it was not supported by PNER members so the motion was withdrawn from the agenda.


Joe Long moved that the item concerning the refusal of rider entry's by Ride Management be postponed to the Sunday Board meeting because input from the general membership could be given at the Hot Topic discussion that covered this point as well as comments made at the General Business meeting on Saturday. Maggie Price seconded Joe's motion. Item was postponed until Sunday.


Joe Long made a motion, seconded by Barbara McCrary to clarify AERC's position and policy about veterinarian's setting minimum time limits on selected riders over selected portion's of an endurance trail. Joe maintained it is not legal for a ride veterinarian or ride management to set a time. They can advise slow down for safety of horse or rider. A discussion followed with comments from both Bill Bentham DVM and Sherrode Powers DVM. Board did not agree with Joe Long 5 said it was illegal, 12 say AERC rules grant ride vet or ride management permission to set min. time.


Walt Koerner withdrew a proposed motion to only grant AERC members points and that all riders must be AERC members to participate in 50 mile or longer rides. Discussion of membership advantages occurred.


A letter from Board member Marge Hentges was read concerning national testing of drugging of horses. At present, California only state were much testing occurs. The tests are costly, would raise entry fees. The matter will be looked into by the AERC Veterinarian's Committee.


Arlene Morris moved and Barbara McCrary seconded a proposal to allow lifetime mileage credit for both AERC members and their horses who complete all or segments of Rick Bingham's North American International Endurance Ride scheduled for the summer of 1986. This proposal was first presented to the Board in January 1982 and was deferred to the Special Events Committee originally chaired by Phil Gardener. Phil was involved with the AERC office, and asked that Arlene Morris take over as the chair. A letter concerning the ride was sent to all directors in mid-Jan. 1983 after the receipt of a letter from Rick Bingham. Rick was not at the Thursday evening 1983 Board meeting or at any subsequent AERC meeting.


Discussion followed showing that AERC could possibly get publicity and that not only this ride but also Ride and Tie events might become part of the AERC records. Bob Morris a non- Board member made the remark that endurance rides in the 1930's were held but since there is no one single place where the names of the participants in this event or records about same are kept that they will soon be lost.


Joe Long proposed and Terry Perkins seconded an amendment to the original motion that the records be kept in a separate category and that horse's and riders participating will get recognition for their mileage but it will not he added to their lifetime AERC mileage. This amendment passed.


A motion to defer the discussion back to committee since we have year's in which to develop a policy did not pass. The amended motion passed unanimously. The amendment carried 14 for and 2 against. A suggestion to have one page in the yearbook to record and publicize recognition of the 1986 North American Int. Endurance ride was not accepted.


Dave Nicholson the organizer of a series of rides each one day fifty miles set for five consecutive days in February 1983 spoke about the ride at the Board's request. The ride will use parts of the Pony Express Trail.


Joe Long moved and Barbara Mc Crary seconded a motion that this ride be given AERC Board approval. Apparently at the time of the initial request the Jan. 1982 Board's decision to have all consecutive rides of more than 3 days and a total of 150 approved by the Board was forgotten. The ride is listed in the AERC yearbook. The ride was approved by the Board on a vote of 13 for and 3 against. Because oŁ the need to submit such rides to the entire Board for a vote Joe Long moved and Arlene Morris seconded a motion that any ride of longer than 150 miles in 3 days must have an extra 30 days for sanctioning. Ride must be submitted to Regional Director 120 days instead of the normal 90 days before the ride date. This motion passed.


Bill Bentham, DVM past president proposed a motion, seconded by Suzy Alexander That AERC's directors and officers' be encouraged not to participate in any endurance ride that does not seek ride sanctioning by the  AERC: Motion did not pass on a 3 for and 13 against vote.


The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Arlene C, Morris, AERC Sec.


After the meeting was called to order president Hugh Bryson asked the Board members to introduce themselves. He also asked the three newly elected but not yet seated Director's at large in the audience introduce themselves, they are: Carol Blue, Doyle Carraway and Jim Remillard.


During the course of the meeting, Louise Reidel asked about the use of a proxy she was carrying for Lindsay Taliaferro a director from the Midwest. Robert's Rules of Order state that a proxy vote could be used if the specific motion was listed with the vote to be cast.


**** Due to problems involved with the' recording of this meeting, the discussion about the sanctioning of 25 mile rides is not on tape. Furthermore, the tape ran out during the discussion of Dave Nicholson's 5 day Pony Express Trail consecutive 50 mile rides° If any Director after reading the above has more information that needs to be included please let me know. I relied on my notes and my memory. ACM


Saturday January 29, 1983 AERC Board of Director's Meeting


The meeting was called together at 8:15 AM by AERC president Hugh Bryson.


The following Board members were present: Carol Blue, Carol Ranta~ Joe Long, Jerri Scott, Louise Riedel, John Di Pietra, Barbara E. McCrary, Jim Remillard, Terry Perkins, Joanne Hanson, Arlene Morris, Walt Koerner, Hugh Bryson and coming in late after the ballots for president were cast was Lew Hollander.


The main business was the election of AERC officers for the 1983 year. Elected by the Directors were:


Joe Long, President

Jerri Scott, Vice-president

Carol Blue, Treasurer

Barbara E. McCrary, Secretary


Respectfully submitted,


Arlene C. Morris, AERC Sec.