AERC Board Minutes  31 January 1982


The Sunday 31 January 1982, AERC Board of Directors meeting .was called to order at 8:10 AM by president Hugh Bryson. Twenty~one directors (members) were present.


The minutes of the last Board meeting, 28 January had been presented. Past president Bill Bentham moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded that they be approved as submitted with minor additions if needed. Motion passed.


Past president Bill Bentham asked if he could be the questioner in the discussion and hearing concerning Linda Creighton-Benson. Both Bill Bentham and Linda Creighton-Benson swore on The Bible to answer all questions truthfully~ to the best of their ability. Questions were put to Linda by Dr. Bentham and members of the AERC Board especially in regard to incidents at the Turkey Trot Ride in November 1981. A statement was made that the person who had nominated Linda for an AERC West Regional Directorship would not have done so if the above incident had happened earlier. Phll Gardner moved and Maggie Price seconded a motion that Linda Creighton-Benson be removed from the Board of Directors for cause, the cause being convicted of drug use by the State of California. A proposed amendment to the motion was made by Joe Long and seconded by Bill Bentham that a secret ballot be taken. Motion was defeated. The voting to remove Linda Creighton-Benson was 14 aye, 7 nay and no abstentions. It was pointed out that this was a 2/3rds majority.


Barbara McCrary moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion to fill the vacancy (West Regional Director) on the board by taking the candidate with the next highest total vote from the November ballot. This is Carol Ranta. Motion passed unanimously. At this time, Carol Ranta and Jim Johnson who was not present on Friday morning were sworn in and seated as members of the 1982 AERC Board of Directors.


Phil Gardner moved and Joe Long seconded a motion that it be the policy of AERC board to establish a permanent national office. It was pointed out that the exact same motion was passed in 1981. The motion was amemded by Phll Gardener and seconded by Walt Koerner that the national office be located in the Auburn, California area. Discussion followed. The motion passed with 12 ayes and 6 nayes.


James Barnett moved and Barbara McCrary seconded that we set aside the previous motion establishing a national office in the Auburn, Calif. area. Motion passed with 12 ayes and 10 nayes. Some members of the Board wished to hear Tom van Gelder a candidate for the Executive Director's position speak. Tom would establish the National office in his home and office in Greybull, Wyoming. Tom made a short present­ation to the AERC Board.


Bill Bentham moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion that this matter go back to the Office Procedure Committee and that information on candidates be then sent out to the board for vote in the future. A two week deadline was proposed. After discussion this motion was withdrawn.


Walt Koerner moved and Joe Long Seconded that we establish the national office of AERC in the Auburn, California area. Motion passed with 12 ayes, 2 nayes and 10 abstentions. Joe Long moved and Walt Koerner seconded a motion that the AERC rent the office space that the Office Procedure Committee had found in Auburn at $109.00 per month. Motion passed 17 ayes, 0 nayes and 6 abstentions. Joe Long moved and Terri Perkins seconded a motion that the Office Procedure Committee go back and re-interview the candidates and provisional candidates as soon as possible. The recommended candidate Ann Starrs finds that she is unable to start work as previously indicated in mid-February. Motion passed 12 ayes, 0 nayes and 5 abstentions.



Board members pointed out that at this time the procedure would be for the board to vote on any proposed candidate before hiring could take palace. The need to have a Executive Director as soon as possible was~ discussed.


Walt Koerner moved and Bill Bentham seconded a motion to give Hugh Bryson as AERC president and chairman of the Office Procedure committee, and the committee the authority to make the final decision on a candidate and hire same for the Executive Director. Motion passed with 15 ayes, 2nayes and no abstentions. A board member asked if there was a job description of the Executive Director's position. There was one sent to the AERC Board Members in February 1981.


Bill Banthem moved and Sherrode Powers seconded a motion that the Board accept the Veterinarians Handbook draft as presented to the board on Thursday evening by the committee chairman Matthew Mackay-Smith with those revisions collected at the convention and that these be reviewed and inserted and the handbook ready for publication by the end of February 1982. Discussion followed, some board members had not received a copy or had time to read same, need for the handbook was pointed out. Motion passed with 17 ayes, 2 nayes and I abstention.


Jim Johnson moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion to accept the AERC Drug proposal as stated (written copy of statement given to each director). Motion passed with 22 ayes, 1 naye. A list of the drugs on the California prohibited list is to be attached to the statement, and mailed to the directors.   


  Executive Director Jim Remillard asked that John Creighton, Chairman of this years Trade Show be allowed to give a report to the board. John sent out notices to about 600 possible exhibitors we had 20 accept. Most will come back next year. Mr. Creighton, who organizes Trade Shows as a profession, stated that contacts need to be made now for the 1983 convention. Mr. Creighton gets 25% of the money from the booth rental. Bill Benthan moved and Joanna Hanson seconded that we retain Mr. Creighton to perform the same services next year. Motion carried. AERC made $1000


A discussion followed on getting information from this meeting and other pertinent topics out to members. At present, AERC publishes 7 issues of the newsletter and the AERC Yearbook which is in effect the Jan-Feb. newsletter. Bill Benthan moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion that we use the same schedule of printing the newsletter in 1982 as we did in 1981 until such time as AERC has a functioning computer system. At that time, publication dates could be reviewed. Motion passed unan.


Rick Bingham, was introduced and he gave a short presentation about his proposed North American International Endurance Ride that will cover 3400 miles and take four months in the summer of 1986. There will not be a Best Condition award but Rick would like to see AERC take an interest in long distance rides particularily /those /with historical significance. Suggests that AERC form a committee to discuss and report back on this type of Special Event.Walt Koerner moved and Marge Hentges seconded a motion that we set up a Special Event Committee to be chaired by Phll Gardener to look into this activity. Motion carried.


Walt Koerner moved and Joe Long seconded a motion that the National Office Procedure Committee deal with the selection of a computerized record keeping system. Motion carried.


Four consecutive 50 mile rides have been sanctioned in the West region. An AERC member expressed some concern about this Capitol to Capitol Ride. The Ride Manager Tom Bowling presented a brochure to many directors on Thursday night and spoke briefly at this time. Walt Koerner moved and Lew Hollander seconded a motion to give this ride sanctioning as submitted. Discussion followed including the fact the ride was already sanctioned. Vote taken with 10 ayes, 7 nayes and 5 abstentions ride is sanctioned by AERC Board. Concern was expressed that at present AERC rules limit rides to 150 total miles and this ride is a total of 200 miles and might open the way for other consecutive long distance rides. Joe Long moved and John Barnett seconded a motion that the sense of this Board and the policy of the AERC not to sanction consecutive rides of more than


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3 days and a total of 150 miles. That the Board can at its discretion grant waivers to this policy upon request. (What was just done for Capitol to Capitol Ride which is trying to preserve a Historical Trail) Motion passes unanimous.


Joe Long than presented the Ride Sanctioning Form for approval as revised. Walt Koerner moved and Terry Perkins seconded a motion to accept the Ride Sanctioning Form as presented with the revisions. Discussion followed. Board members are concerned and wish consideration of the following:

               Drug Use Statement added to all Rider Application Forms

               Rides with horse fatilities be reviwed automatically, ride procedure evaluated

                 standard Rider Application Form be required                                      by AERC 8oard

               Rides must be physically measured

Part of the proposal to set up a review of rides applying for sanction by the Ride Sanctioning Committee was discussed. Felt there was too much time involved and that is what the Regional Directors are now doing. A Ride Critique Form has been suggested for use at all rides. A copy of this will be sent along with Ride Result Forms etc. and with the hope that Ride Management uses same. The motion on the floor was withdrawn. Walt Koerner moved and Joe Long seconded a motion that the Ride Sanctioning form complete with revisions and suggestions now added (copy submitted to show theee changes) be approved. Motion passed unanimously. James Barnett moved and Teresa Ferguson seconded a motion that all miles be measured physically on rides sanctioned by AERC. New ride sanctioning form does ask how mileage is measured. Would be impossible to monitor. Motion defeated 2 ayes and 18 nayes. Bill Bentham moved that an ideal Rider Application or Entry form be drawn up. Joe Long chairman of the committee asked that samples be sent to him and he will work out one to send out to Ride Managers as a sample. Information to Ride Managers will also include the AERC Drug Statement to include on entry form. Report on ride is also to include report on any horse fatalities.


A motion was made by Bill Bentham and seconded by Suzy Alexander-Remillard that the West Regional Directors contact the Ride Managers of the Dru Barner ride and offer help in the management of that ride. This ride has had horse fatalities in the last two years. Motion passed unanimously.


Discussion of the Best Condition Form tabled on Thursday evening began.

Bill Bentham moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion to accept the B.C. Form as it was printed in 1981. Someplace in the submittal of material it was not stated that the directions for figuring B.C. in 1981 should have read under Time to subtract 2 points per minute. Those on B.C. committee in 1980 had only said Vet score 300 points, Time 200 points and weight 100 points. Motion tied 10 ayes and 10 nayes, president Bryson broke the tie and motion defeated. Joe Long moved and Terry Perkins seconded a motion to change the weight factor to read subtract ˝ point per pound. 15 ayes 5 nayes, motion passed.


Committee Assignments for 1982 were than made and discussed. 8ill Bentham moved and Barbara McCrary seconded a motion to appoint Lynda Walker as the Convention Chairman for the 1982 convention to be held in Sparks, Nevada at the Nugget the last weekend of January 1983. Motion passed unanimous. Joe Long Moved and Joanne Hanson seconded a motion that we set up a special committee to investigate the practicality of having the convention at alternate locations, possibly on a rotating basis. Factors to be considered participation, at present we get use of all the convention space for free only pay for food-dinners. Motion passed and James Barnett will be chairman.


Discussion of the Questionnaire followed, has now gone three years in a rom. First year good response, 2nd year fair this past year good. Bill Bentham moved and Joe Long seconded a proposal that the questionaire be every other year. Motion passed unanimously.


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Election Committee will be chaired by Louise Reidel. Suggestion that if possible to change by-laws both regional directors would not be elected at same time same year,


Veterinary Committee will be chaired by Sherrode Powers, DVM.


Hall of Fame Committee will be chaired by vice president John Di Pierre. Suggested that a permanent committee of Low Hollander, Louise Reidel, Jim Remillard and Julie Suhr set up criteria to make selections instead of coming thru Regional Directors. Not necessary to have just one horse or one person as candidate, Committee has already been charged to have information about a selection process back to the AERC board by 1 May 1982.


National Office Review Committee to be chaired by Phil Gardner who lives

in Auburn. A1 Beaupre will be consultant on the computer selection part of the

committee's work as he has had extensive experience with same.


A By-Laws Review and revision Committee to be chaired by Law Hollander.

Bill Bentham moved and Arlene Morris seconded a motion that the AERC board be authorized

to seek legal aid to facilitate changing of the by-laws. Motion passed.


Regional Directors - Administrative These directors are responsible for receiving request for new rides, ride date changes and to forward those sanctioning requests to the AERC office with 60 days lead-time. They also receive a copy of the Ride Results from each ride in their region from the national office they look them over for accuracy, and type up for permanent record one copy. Northeast Region - Maggie Price Southeast Region - Theresa Ferguson Central Region - Joanna Hanson Midwest Region Louise Reidel West Region - Barbara McCrary Southwest Region - Marge Hentges Mountain Region - John Di Pierre Northwest Region -Walt Koerner


Walt Koerner moved and Lew Hollander seconded a motion to change the boundary of the Northwest region to include that area of Montana west of the continental divide. Riders in that area usually travel west and south and ride mostly in the northwest. Five members of that area have submitted a petition to change. Motion passed 16 ayes, 2 nayes.


Walt Koerner moved and Bill Bentham seconded a motion to approve for sanctioning, the ride schedule as submitted by Walt Koerner of the northwest region. Sanctioning Forms are included in the list and many rides are already approved by AERC and on the Ride Schedule. Rides have been checked by the director of the region - Northwest. Motion passed 18 ayes, 0 nayes and 1 abstention.


Discussion followed on the River Bend Ride which did not get AERC Sanctioning due to a number of over-sights. Bill Bentham moved and Joe Long seconded a motion to table this issue until after the 1979 Tevis issue is voted upon. Motion to table 17 ayes, I naye. Motion Tabled.


Bill Bentham moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded a motion to reopen

the awarding of sanctioning, after the ride, to the 1979 Tevis. Discussion followed majority of board want the issue settled and closed forever. Motion to reopen failed on a 6 aye, 11 naye vote.


A1 Beaupre then moved and Law Hollanded seconded a motion to give career mileage to those riders who completed the River Bend ride in Washington in 1981. Prov­ided sanctioning fees are paid by the ride. Motion failed 7 ayes, 11 nayes, I abstention.



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Junior riders had requested changing the one minute sponsor time. An explanation of the one minute rule was given by Jim Remillard. The one minute rule applies for all Junior's who ride with a sponsor they must finish, as shown on the Ride Results within one minute of the sponsor's time. Otherwise they are not given credit as a Junior. At present, time can be one minute either way so actually have three minutes can be a minute earlier, at same time or as much as one minute behind sponsor.. Bill Bentham moved and Maggie Price seconded a motion that the AERC continue to use the one minute rule to determine Junior eligibility and sponsorship. Motion passed 18 ayes and 1 nay.


Teresa Ferguson moved and James Barnett seconded a motion to let Juniors

who have completed 250 miles of sanctioned rides and who are 14 years of age and older to ride unsponsored. Discussion brought out the fact that we would in essence be making another Junior class have two divisions the sponsored Juniors and the un-sponsored Juniors. Need separate records etc. Motion defeated with 2 ayes and 16 nayes.


Bill Bentham moved and Joe Lonq seconded a motion to raise the sanctioning fees from $1.50 per starter to $2.00 per starter. Discussion followed on when and how this should go into effect. Decision seemed to be that this should not start until 1 December 1982 the start of the next full ride season. The motion was amended to include the 1 Dec. 1982 date. Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting of the 1982 AERC Board of Directors was adjourned by the

president Hugh Bryson at 2:22 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Arlene C. Morris

AERC Secretary


I forgot to include the discussion about this year’s veterinarian convention that was held after we designated Sherrode Powers as head of the Veterinary committee. It was pointed out that the veterinarians attending received college credit for the workshop. AERC members asked to be allowed to participate in more of the veterinarian discussions next year. Suggestions to hold night meetings so less conflict of con­vention activities. Suggested that there be a vet panel to discuss certain set of issues that is open to all AERC convention attendendees. Dr. Gillepsie will chair the veterinarian section of the convention in 1982.