American Endurance Ride Conference Board of Director’s Meeting  28 January 1982


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 Pm by president Bill Bentham, with seventeen members present and two proxies.


The president introduced the new (recently elected, not yet seated) Regional Directors who were present.


The Financial picture, including a typed statement was presented by AERC Executive Director, Jim Remillard. Using estimated amounts from the convention AERC appears to have stayed within the proposed budget.


The possibility of an insurance bond to cover the AERC staff and volunteers who handle money was suggested by our auditors. A bid had been received for coverage at $175.00 per year. Tom van Gelder moved, Larry Kanavy seconded that the AERC purchase an insurance bond to protect those AERC officers and staff who handle AERC funds. The motion was ameneded that we buy the bond from the Reynolds Insurance Agency tonight 28 Jan. 1982. Motion and amendment passed. (13 ayes, 0 nayes, 1 abstention)


A question involving selling of the AERC mailed list was posed by Ex. Director Remillard. Should the AERC board set a policy who can be sold the list and cost. At present, the list has been sold to ride managers for advertising; it was also sold to a realestate salesman. There was a discussion on what price to put on the list if it were sold to outside interests. Tom van Gelder moved and Suzy Alexander-Remillard seconded that we continue the current practice of selling the mailing list only to rides for advertising. motion passed unanimously.


There was a discussion of proxy use. Mathew Mckay-Smith as parlimentarian ruled that

a proxy can not be used to make a quorum, but is possible for voting.


Executive Director Jim Remillard presented information about the sending of AERC Ride Results to a number of breed registries. He felt in some cases the breed organizations were asking AERC to do their work of verifying results. Matthew Mackay-Smith moved and Phil Gardner seconded that we continue to provide a copy of AERC ride results once a month to the breed registries. Motion passed (16 ayes, 0 nayes, 1 abstention)


President Bentham asked the Northeast and Mountain regional directors about ride results still not typed. Regional directors were responsible for preparing a typed copy of the results of each ride held in their region. In the future, these are due back two weeks after a handwritten copy is received from the national office. The outstanding results from 1981 ride year are to be typed and in the national office files in three weeks.


The Best Condition Form as revised in 1981 was used by a majority of the rides. Boyd Zontelli moved and Larry Kanavy seconded that we keep the same Best Condition form for use in 1982. A discussion of the form and possible mistake in printing was discussed

A motion to table the matter until Sunday was made by Joe Long and Seconded by Matthew Mackay-Smith. The vote was 10 in favor of tabling and 7 opposed. Further discussion of the Best Condition form on Sunday Jan. 31 and the matter is to placed on that meetings agenda.


In 1980 and 1981 we had a problem with Best Condition ties, Executive Director Jim Remillard asked for a method of breaking said ties. (example two horses each had five Best Conditions) Actual numerical Best Condition scores could be used to break any ties for Best Condition for regional-national awards, was moved by Joe Long and Matthew Mackay-Smith seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


A draft proposal of a new ride Sanctioning Form was presented by committee chairman, Joe Long. A ride evaluation form is included in the proposal. Discussion followed and some suggestions for revision were made. Further discussion and a decision will be made on Sunday after the membership has heard the proposal°


Hugh 8tyson, chairman of the National Office Procedure Committee presented a report and suggestions to the board of directors. The committee recommends that AERC needs to hire an ExecutiveDirector/Secretary as Jim Remillard has asked to be replaced. We need to move our records into a computer by June 1982. Office space has been found in Auburn for rent of $109.00 per month that the committee feels would be suitable. That AERC National Office be established in Placer County, Ca. as is stated in Article of the organizations By-Laws. Louise Reidel moved and Matthew Mackay-Smith seconded that this board give a sense of their recommendations and feelings on the above and also on one of the candidates that the committee felt qualified. Ann Starrs, the candidate was introduced and was questioned by board members. At the present time, she is unsure of the date she would be available.

The motion as proposed was amended that this topic National Office be put at the /top of the Sunday morning agenda. Motion passed with 3 abstentions.

Directional vote:

                        Office in Auburn                        8 aye, 0 nay, 9 abstentions
                        hire Ann Starts                        8 aye, 0 nay, 11 abstentions
                        computer                        unanimous aye
                        rental of office                        not voted upon


Marion Arnold presented information about the American Trails Foundation and a booklet prepared by the foundation was distributed, title "First Aid for Trails" The foundation has received its tax exempt status. A small slide show has been organized and will be available for rental. At present, sanctioning fees from all non AERC riders goes to the foundation. Tom van Gelder moved and Boyd Zontelli seconded that sanctioning fees up to a total of $1,000.00 be turned over to the American Trails Foundation in 1982. Motion passed unanimously.


Hal Hall requested clarification of action by the 1981 AERC Board regarding the acceptance of the check for sanctioning fees of the 1979 Western States Trail Ride. The matter had been voted on in January 1981 and a ballot by mail was taken in May. Several votes and discussion was open, but the votes were determined out of order as was the May vote. Mileage only had been requested for the 1979 completers. A motion was made and passed by a 2/3rds majority to reopen the issue. A motion was then made by Phll Gardner and seconded by Suzy Alexander-Remillard to rescind the vote of 1 February 1981. Vote to rescind 9 aye, 10 nay, I abstention. Mileage is to be given to 1979 Western States Trail Ride completers and check for sanctioning fee is to be accepted and deposited.


Hal Hall presented a resolution regarding the Western States Trail Ride that as the grandfather of endurance riding it is exempt from sanctioning fees. Hugh Bryson moved and Matthew Mackay-Smith seconded we accept the resolution. Motion defeated 10 ayes, 11 nayes.


Information regarding the possible removal of director elect Linda Creighton-Benson was presented. A motion was made by Hal Hall and seconded by Theresa Ferguson that this matter be taken up at the Sunday morning board meeting after the new directors had been seated. Motion passed unanimously.


A 200 mile capitol to capitol (Carson City, Nev. to Sacramento, Cal£[.) has been granted sanction as 4 fifty mile rides held on consecutive days. A brochure explaining the ride was distributed. Discussion followed, a letter from a member has been received regarding this series of.rides.  A motion was made by Hal Hall and seconded by Joe Long that further discussion and a decision be tabled until Sunday.

Motion to table passed 20 ayes, 1 abstention.


A proposal to raise sanctioning fees to $2.00 was made. Matthew Mackay-Smith moved

and Joe Long seconded that this topic be placed on the agenda for Sunday. Motion passed.


A drug statement was presented by president Bill Bentahm, this would supersede the present AERC drug statement. Rewording of the statement was suggested.


A copy of a revised Veterinarians' Handbook in draft form was distributed. Committee chairman Matthew Mackay-Smith asked for comments, suggestions and revisions before the end of the convention.


Tom van Gelder, vice-president and chairman of the Hall of Fame committee, explained problems involved in nominating, screening and electing candidates. Tom van Gleder moved and Matthew Mackay-Smith seconded that the 1981 Hall of Fame voting be re-opened. Motion was passed. Discussion followed. Joe Long moved and Matthew Mackay-Smith seconded the motion to add a final step to the current procedure; if no candidate receives 75% of the vote when two or more candidates are voted upon, the highest vote getter will be presented for another vote, that candidate must then receive the 75% vote. The motion was passed unanimously. Joe Long then moved and Louise Reidel seconded that the use the newly approved procedure to attempt to find 1981 Hall of Fame electees. Motion passed (20 ayes, 0 nayes, 2 abstentions) A further vote was then taken on Hall of Fame candidates.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 PM by president Bill Bentham.


Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                            Arlene C. Morris

AERC Director-at-large

(Acting Secretary)


A special Board meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM on Friday evening29 January 1982, by president Bill 8anthem. The newly seated Regional Directors were present making a total of 21 in attendance.


The Hall of Fame was the subject of the special meeting. Although directors felt the Hall of Fame is an important part of AERC they were unwilling to attempt to find at the last minute candidates who might be selected. Lew Hollander, vice president in 1979 explained the system he had set up to find, keep data on and present suitable candidates to the AERC board. He expressed the opinion that it was a difficult and time consuming task. A motion was made to form a permanent committee, chaired by the newly elected vice-president to look into the Hall of Fame present selection process and report to the Board by May 15, 1982. This changed from a motion to a suggestion.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


ArIene C. Morris ....

AERC /Director at large

(Acting Secretary)


On Saturday morning, January 30, 1982 the AERC Board of Directors met to elect new officers. The meeting was called to order by president 8ill 8anthem at 8:15 AM.


Results of the election - AERC Officers for 1982


Hugh Bryson, President     John Di Pietra~ Vice president

Arlene Morris, Secretary   Suzy Alexander, Treasurer