American Endurance Ride Conference January 29, 1981 Minutes


7:30 p.m. Meeting called to order: Directors present – Ferguson, Reidel, Nance, Westlake, Hollander, MacDonald, Van Gelder, DePietra, Zontelli, Remillard, Clagett, Mackay-Smith, Bentham, Glass, Arnold, Kanavy, Kallon.


Minutes of last meeting accepted as read.


Treasurer’s Report accepted as read.


Motion made to have paid Administrative system. Tabled for Sunday.


Motion made to raise AERC dues. Increase to $20.00 single and $30.00 family membership. PASSED


Motion made: Members will have June 1 cutoff for record keeping. If not members, no records will be tallied. If research is needed, it will be $50.00 per year researched per recording. If non member, a one year grace period will be given to record mileage. PASSED


Motion made to form a committee to study the feasibility of a National Administrative Office, with secretary. Allot $20,000 for two persons. PASSED


Motion made that Ride Managers and/or Ride Secretaries must be members of AERC by April 1, 1981. PASSED


Motion made to form a Ride Sanction Committee to study quality control, disciplinary action, ride problems and Veterinary control for 1981. John MacDonald will head this committee. PASSED


Discussion held on ride date conflicts. Motion tabled until Sunday.


Motion made that Veterinarian ride criteria uniformity, and the availability of first aid supplies be entered in the Vet’s Handbook. PASSED


Motion made to give “The Ride” finishers of the 150 miles both points and mileage. NOT PASSED


Motion Made: Move state of Virginia to Northeast Region, as of now. PASSED


Motion made: Move state of Ohio to Northeast Region, as of now. PASSED


Motion made: To have an extended horse and rider program for one horse and ride for mileage . NOT PASSED


Motion made: that AERC Regional awards be made at the regional levels. PASSED


Discussion on weight divisions: Leave as is.


Best Condition discussed: Motion made to accept 600 points total – 300 points allotted to Veterinarians, 200 points allotted to time, and 100 points allotted to weight. PASSED

Motion made: To accept the Veterinary breakout sheet presented by the Vet committee. PASSED


Motion made: That Best Condition forms are not mandatory for Sanctioning rides. PASSED


Motion made: For Best Condition, use the Top Ten horses in race, and remove the 20% time limit. NOT PASSED


Motion made: To retain the 20% of winners time for judging Best Cond. PASSED


Discussion on creating a National Administrative Office in the state of Calif.


Motion made: To accept I.N.A offer to fund trophies, as proposed by Dave Claggett; and to offer group insurance to members, pending receipt of written statement, to be accepted in principal. PASSED


Motion made: Vote of confidence given to president to dispense funds for National Administrative Office. Check with Officers. $20,000 allotted. PASSED


Motion made: To continue newsletter as last year. Then evaluate bids for printing future issues. Nine issues, plus yearbook. Not seconded, died.


Motion made: To have CPA audit of AERC funds for 1797 and 1980. PASSED


Motion made: That AERC directors accept check for sanctioning of Tevis Cup Ride, and officially record the mileage. PASSED (11 yes, 4 no, 4 abstain)


Motion made: On multiple level rides a rider must declare at the start of the ride the distance he is entering. The rider may receive bonus points only on that distance. A decision to change to another distance must be made prior to the veterinarians examination at the checkpoint where the change is made. Rider may elect to go forward or retreat. NOT PASSED


Motion made: Same as above, but last line to read – Rider may only go forward to a longer distance. NOT PASSED


Motion made: All restrictions against elevator rides be removed. Let elevator rides have no restrictions by AERC. NOT PASSED