American Endurance Ride Conference Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes.

April 5, 1980 by Phone



The following Director's participated in AERC's first telephone conference Board of Director's meeting: Bernice Kalland, Louise Reidel, Larry Kanavy, Boyd Zontelli, Bill Bentham, John MacDonald, Dave Clagett, Marion Arnold, Perry Hecker, Neel Class, Lew Hollander, and. Jim Remillard. The meeting began at 10:00am with the following announcements being provided by AERC President - Jim Remillard:


* RESULTS OF THE SCOTTSDALE 50 PROTEST (SW): The Board voted, by mail, to award completion only mileage points for all finishers.


* AERC MEMBERSHIP RATES FOR CANADIAN & FOREICN ENDURANCE RIDERS: It has been decided that AERC's membership rates to Canadian members will be increased $3 in each category, and that all other foreign memberships will be in­creased by $5 in both categories. The additional cost is necessary to off­set the first class mailing that must take place to forward our Newsletter.


* TEVIS CUP SANCTIONING FOR 1980: Matthew Mackay-Smith had contacted Dr. Wendell Robie just prior to the telephone conference call and had re­layed the message to Jim Remillard that the WSTF was not interested in being sanctioned by the AERC.


* FINANCIAL REPORT: The report previously mailed to the Director's thru March 22rd indicated that "cash flow" was tight, but as membership renewals began to come in for 1980, the pressure should ease.


* VETERINARY CONTROL COMMITTEE: Will form in the months ahead, whose specific purpose will be delineated at a later date by our V-P. Basically, its role will be to collect data, analyze distressed horses reports from rides, and make recommendations and suggestions that might be used by vet crews to avoid such problems in the future. Perhaps a handbook could evolve from this committee.


* BOYD ZONTELLI's COMMITTEE ON THE NATIONAL POINT SYSTEM: He reported that he would inaugurate this process with an article in the May Newsletter, with subsequent monthly updates of activities with his committee.





The Board discussed, and took the following action on these items:


* MID YEAR MEETING AT THE BIG HORN 100: It was determined that only 8 Director's could give absolute assurances that they could attend such a meeting. Since the minimum number of Director's needed to establish a quorum is 11, it was felt that such a meeting should not be planned unless at least that number could guarantee their attendance. It was moved/seconded and. passed unanimously that no mid year meeting be held, but that a mid year telephone conference call take place.


* 1981 CONVENTION SITE: A discussion took place on the 1981 site headed by Dave Clagett who had volunteered to research possible sites. He reported that it basically centered around Las Vegas and. Reno, Nevada. After due consideration to  convenience, cost to our members, and the adequacy of its facilities, it was moved/seconded and passed unanimously that the 1981 AERC Convention be held at the Nuggett Convention Center in Reno, Nevada on January 29 thru the 31st.


* SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENT FOR RIDERS BETWEEN THE AGES OF 16-18: Jim Remillard indicated that such a procedure could possibly be a nightmare to enforce when ride results began to come in. Therefore, Dave Clagett moved/John MacDonald seconded that this sponsorship requirement be removed. Motion passed unanimously.


* BEST CONDITION SELECTION PROCEDURES & PROBLEMS: Marion Arnold began the discussion, followed by Bill Bentham both indicating that reports of displeasure by certain riders concerning the B/C selection procedures. The concerns basically focused in two areas: (I) the WEICHT category, which some feel favors the heavier rider to the exclusion of lightweight riders, and (2) the Best Condition section, which appears to allow the possibility that a marginal horse could win the award, even though they might not be considered the Best Condition horse in the eye(s) of the Veterinary examining committee. Arnold/Riedel moved and seconded to:

I.            That AERC require a minimum of 92 on the veterinary score for a horse to be eligible to win the Best Condition award, and

2.            That AERC keep a record of all horses who receive a perfect 100 on the vet score, and publish this list at the end of the year.

Motion was Defeated.


Bill Bentham then moved/Arnold second that the veterinary score criteria be tightened up to prevent an unsuitable horse from winning B/C, and that a horse should receive a score of 90 to be considered.

Motion was Defeated.


It was then recommended that AERC needs to re-educate our members that the new B/C award system is really a "Best Performance Award", not strictly a Best Condition award as has been known in the past. The Award attempts to recognize the horse and rider team who have excelled during the course of the event, when equal consideration is given to weight carried, speed traveled, and veterinary criteria. The Board also was aware that some adjustments may have to be made in the future in the B/C program if it becomes apparent after receiving other documentation that problems exist which must be addressed.


Discussion took place concerning the Regional Director's involvement in the sanctioning of rides. It was suggested that Regional Director's should be notified by the AERC office when a new ride in their region is requesting sanctioning. The Director's will be given two weeks to report back to the President any concerns, suggestions, or problems  that they see regarding the sanctioning of a particular ride. If during that two week period of time a potential ride is listed in our ENDURANCE NEWS before final approval comes from the Regional Director, the ride will be so indicated with an * to indicate that it is only tentatively sanctioned, awaiting feedback from the Regional Director.


The meeting was adjourned at ll:100am PST.


Submitted by:                        Typed and Prepared By;
                        Jim Remillard
Bernice Kalland
Louise Reidel