AERC Board of Directors Meeting January 27, 1980


Sparks, Neveada

Meeting called to order at 8:10 AM.

Members present: Jim Remillard, President; Mathew-Mackay-Smith, Vice President; Louse Riedel, Treasurer; Bernice Kalland, Secretary; Dave Clagett, Lew Hollander, Marion Arnold, Bruse Branscomb, Neel Glass, Kathie Perry, Bill Bentham, Hal Hall, Boyd Zontelli, Gene Nance, Dave Westlake, John MacDonald, Tom Van Gelder, John DiPietra, Larry Kanavy, and Theresa Ferguson.


Minutes of 1979 meeting read and accepted.


Reading of Financial Statement.


Discussion about the Junior Division, including age, insurance and sponsors.


Motion made: Juniors must ride 250 miles in a least four sanctioned rides. No minimum age set by AERC. May ride without a sponsor at age 14, if  above is met. Maximum age 17 yrs., as of Jan 1st. FAILED.


*bracketed by secretary: Motion made: A Junior rider is anyone under the age of 16 on Jan 1st. ALL Juniors riders must be sponsored in order to receive points and./or mileage within the Junior division. PASSED


*bracketed by secretary: Motion made: Any rider under 18 yrs must have ridden 250 miles with a sponsor in order to ride without a sponsor in the Senior Division (for points). PASSED


Discussion about the point system:


Motion made: To reduce bonus points for winning to ˝ point per mile. FAILED

Motion made: To remove all bonus points for winning. PASSED

Motion made: To re-open former motion for discussion. PASSED

Motion made: To reduce bonus points for wining to ˝ points per mile. PASSED


Committee appointed to review the whole point system. Boyd Zontelli, chairman.


Motion made: To adopt Top Ten bonus points in relationship to number of riders. Less than Ten total starters will have points reflected to percentage of starters. PASSED


Motion made: That Points be taken from Overall in all divisions for National and Regional points. FAILED


Discussion about length of rides:


Motion Made: For sanctioned rides there be set a minimum of 50 miles and a maximum of 150 miles. PASSED


Motion made: To eliminate sanction of Elevator Rides. At the start of any ride, the rider must state which mileage ride he will compete in. PASSED


Motion made: That at the start of any multiple mile race the rider must state which mileage ride he will enter. PASSED


Discussion about Best Condition, and then the Committee for B.C. presented their recommendation.


*Motion made: To accept the report and recommendations of the committee.


Discussion about Weight Divisions:


Motion made: To keep the present point system and weight division as … PASSED


Discussion about Trails Foundation Report:

Motion made: To accept Report: PASSED


Motion made: That AERC contribute the $1.50 sanction fee collected from non-members on every ride, and donate it to Trails Foundation for its exclusive use. PASSED


Discussion on sanctioning Tevis Cup 100 Mile Ride

Motion made: That Pat Fitzgerald be allowed 5 minutes to explain the Tevis side of the non-sanctioning in 1979. PASSED


Motion made: That Dave Claggett be allowed 5 minutes for the AERC side of the non-sanctioning of the Tevis in 1979. PASSED


Motion made: That the 1979 Tevis Cup met all qualifications and should have been sanctioned. FAILED


Motion made: That mileage credit be given to the horses and riders that finished the 1979 Tevis Cup. FAILED


Motion made: That no ride put on by Bob Eason, his family members or appointees, including the Hashknife 50 (proposed Apr 5th), Fossil Bowl 50/100 (proposed July 23) and Ochoco 50/100 shall be sanctioned by AERC for the 1980 season. PASSED


Motion made: That AERC is in total opposition to drugging, as defined in the Veterinarian handbook. PASSED


Motion made: That Targhee 50 be put into the Mountain Region. PASSED


Motion made: That Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri be put in a separate region called the Lower Midwest.. FAILED


Motion made: That we continue the AERC Newsletter on a monthly basis. PASSED


Discussion on the function of the Treasurer. Bylaws call for internal audit each year.

Motion made: That a CPA should to do that audit. FAILED


Discussion on paying a staff secretary and/or a computer.


Motion made: To authorize the president to hire a full time secretary for help. PASSED


Motion made: To hold a Director’s Meeting at about mid-year. Exact date and place to be announced later. PASSED


Suggestion that the Big Horn 100 Miler on July 19, be used for the meeting.


Motion made: that ride sanctioning requests be sent to the Regional directors, as soon as it is received in the AERC office. .PASSED


Motion made: To increase the Annual AERC dues to $15.00 single and $25.00 family. PASSED


Discussion of Convention sites for 1980. Marion Arnold will check on this.


Meeting adjourned at