Board of Directors Meeting

January 28, 1979


(Typed by Jackie Mitchell, Sec. 1989 from summary in February 1979 issue Endurance News, to complete catalogue of minutes of AERC Board Meetings.

July 1989 This is typed exactly as appeared in the newsletter.)


The meeting was opened at 8:15 am by President Dave Clagett. Board members in attendance: Vice president, Lew Hollander; Secretary/Treasurer, Marion Arnold; Directors-at-Large, Bruce Branscomb; Neel Glass; Terry Hecker; Jim Remillard; Regional Driectors: Pat Fitzgerald; Virl Norton; Terry Eastlake; Pat Ireland, representing Roger Taylor; Jackie Grape; Hanne Hollander; Elene Bonine; Tom Van Gelder; Louise Reidel.


Marion Arnold read the minutes from the Board Meeting held at the 1978 convention. The minutes were amended and approved.


Pat Fitzgerald presented the tentative financial statement. Lew Hollander asked about there being nothing this year in the financial statement for any clerical costs. Pat explained that Donna Fitzgerald did most of the correspondence and Marianne Clagett did the points, both without renumeration. Louise Reidel asked if phone calls had been reimbursed by AERC. Pat said no. Tom Van Gelder moved, that the Fitzgeralds and Clagetts be reimbursed for their end of year phone calls. Seconded by Virl Norton. Passed.


The Board agreed to President Dave Clagett's policy to have AERC reimburse anyone for postage or phone calls made on behalf of AERC. The tentative financial statement was approved.


The convention site for 1979 was discussed. All agreed at this time the Reno area offered the best all-around package. Elene Bonine mentioned that in the not to far future we will need to explore holding the convention in a more easterly location. Pat Fitzgerald pointed out that the Nugget did not charge us for the use of the facilities. The only charge was for the banquet, coffee, etc. President Dave Clagett discussed the possibility at some later date of the President being sent to represent AERC at each of the Regional meetings to hand out regional awards. Jackie Grape said this should be one of the items (convention location) that should be included in a survey of the members. It was moved by Tom Van Gelder, seconded by Virl Norton to again hold the convention at the Nugget for 1979. Approved. Next years convention is tentatively set for the last weekend in January, 1980, same location. President Dave Clagett to appoint a convention chairman.


A discussion was held as to the due dates of membership dues and any grace period to be allowed. Dues will remain the same. $12.00 for an individual membership, and $17.00 for a family membership. All dues are due and payable by April 1st. Dues received by June 1st will allow for the retroactive inclusion of all rides and points for the year. Any membership dues received after June 1st will allow for the counting of rides and miles from that point on only.


There will be no retroactive rides or points allowed in considering standings for the National and Regional point or mileage awards. The board’s stand is "No pay, No points." after June 1st. Marion Arnold suggested that the AERC allow retroactive inclusion of the most recent ride done by a new member. Pat Fitzgerald had already moved, seconded by Jim Remillard, that we accept the above procedure and would not accept the amendment as presented by Marion. Pat's motion was approved.


Pres. Dave Clagett discussed that he will try to obtain a sponsor for the National and Regional awards this year. Possibly Shell Oil Company, who he understands sponsored the awards this year for NATRC. Also he feels with the help of Harold Cassen who has agreed to handle the newsletter we can greatly reduce the cost of the newsletter through advertising. All agreed we should have a Yearbook again for 1979.


There was a discussion regarding the Junior Advisor, Bernice Kalland, no longer having a vote on the Board of Directors. Pat Fitzgerald suggested reappointment of Bernice as Junior Advisor. Pres. Dave Clagett was in agreement but pointed out this still did not give a vote on the Board for the Junior Advisor. Lew Hollander suggested that we might possibly appoint a Junior to the board. They would have no vote unless we amended the By-laws. Tom Van Gelder volunteered to assist Bernice as .Junior Advisor thus giving a vote to the ideas forthcoming from them. President Clagett asked Bernice if this met with her approval, and would she continue as a joint advisor with Tom. She was agreeable. It was agreed that next year at the convention we would have the Juniors elect a non-voting representative to attend the Board of Directors meeting.


A discussion was held on this years trophies. There was agreement that they liked this years awards and instructed President Clagett to continue with this as a standard award for the near future.


A very lengthy discussion was held regarding the ride with very small number of riders, including elevators. The suggestion was made and accepted to include the number of starters/finishers and fastest time recorded from the previous year, be included as additional information on our ride list of AERC sanctioned rides. Also to ask all rides to include on our ride results form all riders who started but did not finish for our records. The Board was in agreement to these two ideas. No minimum number of riders was set, however the Board did pass three important motions regarding sanctioning requirements. In addition to the current rule that a ride must be at least 50 miles the first day, a motion by Pat Fitzgerald was carried making a minimum of 50 miles each day. In addition a motion by Jim Remillard was passed which restricts elevator rides to segments of 50 miles each, i.e., to elevate from the original 50 mile ride, the next step would have to be 100 miles. Also the board approved a motion by Marion Arnold, which was seconded by Bruce Branscomb that the maximum number of days and mileage which will be considered by AERC is 200 miles in three (3) days.