Board of Directors Meeting American Endurance Ride Conference January 29, 1978

8:05 AM. Board Room Second floor of Nugget, Sparks, Nevada


The meeting was called to order by President Pat Fitzgerald. Those present were; Vice President Dave Clagett, and directors, Sam Arnold, Louse Riedel, Sharon Saare, representing Britta Bennet, Elene Bonine, Roger Taylor, Terry Westlake, Neel Glass, Tom Van Gelder, Lew Hollander, Hanne Hollander, Bernice Kalland, Virl Norton, Dan Heath, Teri Hecker, representing Fred Hecker.


The minutes from last year were read.


Lew Hollander made a motion to amend the minutes to read, a ride must be 50 miles on the first day, this was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.


Pat Fitzgerald brought up the point about the dues due date on January 1st. Sam Arnold, our past President, said that it was more feasible to have it on April 1st. Roger Taylor made a motion that we amend the minutes to read April 1st, seconded by Virl Norton and passed. Roger Taylor moved that the unofficial minutes submitted by Julie Suhr, be accepted as official, seconded by Louise Reidel, and carried.


After going over the financial statement, Dave Clagett reminded us that A.E.R.C. owes Sam Arnold $2287.20 for administration Roger Taylor moved that we accept the financial statement as last years budget and reimburse Sam Arnold, seconded by Dave Clagett and carried.

Sam Arnold said that we really clamped down this year at the convention, we charged everyone that came through the reception desk, and there were no free rooms or expenses for anyone but the speakers. We had approximately 356 people register with 310 attending the dinner. The cost of the dinner was $928.20, the Hors D' Oeuvres on Friday, $669.50, and coffee twice at $77.02. Also to be included in the expenses were the desk folder, that were given to each person who registered, their cost $600.00. We charged $10 single and $15 for Family registration, dinner tickets were $12 Adult, and $5 child..The Raffle tickets were $1 each.


Dave Clagett asked where the clerical function will be. Pat will handle most of it in Reno, Sam Arnold said that if the mailing address would remain at his office, Marion would direct it to the right people.


It was decided that a Convention Report and a copy of these minutes go out to the members right away. By March 1st the dues statements should be in the mail. It was agreed that the Sanction Fee stay the same. There was a discussion on if we should continue to give a subscription of Saddle Action with the membership. Dan Heath said that the contract was up and he would not like to renew it. There was a discussion between Sam Arnold and Dan Heath, as to if the bill was paid in full.


Dan made a motion that the A.E.R.C. obligation was fulfilled and the contract terminated, and that he wouldn't be sending out anymore Saddle Action on the A E R.C Contract. This was seconded, by Terry, voted on and carried.


There was a discussion on Trophies, Dave Clagett said that the expense was about $3000.00 and that maybe we could get them donated. Terry Westlake said that it was more important to give trophies to Juniors, the adults don't appreciate them. It was the general feeling that trophies are important to everyone.


Dave said that we should recognize more than 1000 in the rider program. Dave Clagett was appointed as head of the Trophy Committee, and authorized to create a patch for 4000, 5000 miles etc.


Sharon Saare made a motion that, the name of all persons receiving Regional Awards should be recognized and read off at the banquet there was a discussion and it was decided, because of the time element to leave it up to the convention chairman each year. Sharon's motion was seconded by Roger Taylor, voted on and not passed.


There was a discussion on where should the Convention be held next year. It was decided that Reno was centrally located and easier to get to for most people. Virl Norton made a motion, seconded by Tom Van Gelder, that the Convention be held in Reno, the last weekend in January 1979, this was voted on and passed.

Pat will appoint a chairman for the Convention, and make a site selection as soon as possible.

Hanne Hollander said that she would like to have a change in the point system, one point per mile including those over 50. After discussion, Hanne made a motion that the winner of a ride get 1 point per mile for bonus points only and 1/2 point per mile for Best Condition, this was seconded by Tom Van Gelder, voted on and passed.


Virl Norton said that if a ride was short of awards, he would like to make a rule that the kids and new riders get theirs first. There was a discussion and it was decided that this was a ride management decision.


Roger Taylor said there is a real need for a guideline or pamphlet on Ride Management. Roger was appointed to lead the committee, with Louise Reidel and Neel Glass.


Dan Heath made a motion to eliminate extra points for best Condition, seconded by Dave Calgett. After a long discussion, it was voted on and not passed.

Lew Hollander suggested that rules be set up for selecting Best Condition. Pat will work with him on it.


Lew Hollander made a motion that all points accumulated for the year not be awarded unless the person is a paid member, seconded by Roger Taylor, motion amended to read money due within a 60 day grace period of April 1st in 1978 only, and not retroactive if not paid by June 1st. This motion was voted on and passed.


Lew Hollander made a motion that any rider crossing the finish line will receive points for that ride, seconded by Bernice Kalland, after a discussion, it was decided that this should not be made an A.E.R.C. rule but suggested as a guideline to ride managers, it was brought to a vote and not passed.


Neel Glass made a motion that all persons completing the prescribed course and mileage in allotted time, and having met the specified, criteria as to pulse and respiration, receive mileage points, there was no second.

Dave Clagett made a motion that the Southwest and West Region's boundary be amended in the Lone Pine Area, to accommodate those riders east of the Sierras near Hiway 395, and put the Mr. Whitney Ride in the Southwest Region. Dave's motion was seconded by Lew Hollander and carried.

Alex Bigler and Phil Gardner will be the Trails Preservation committee . Pat will talk to Sharon Saare about being a member also. Dave Clagett said that he was approached by a member, making a rule about not allowing anyone on the trail on foot. There was a discussion, at the request of the member in question, there was a motion made that you cannot go forward except on horseback, there was no second.

Roger Taylor said that there is a need for a standard packet for new riders. He volunteered to head the committee to set up a new rider packet. Lew said that he will see that the northwest sends down its Guidelines for new riders, so we will have a place to start on preparing our rider package.


Phil and Shannon Gardner will put out the next Newsletter.

Courtney Hart has presented the following proposal for Ride Forms.

  1. Vet Check Form: To include the following information: a maximum ride time to each vet check; b. distance between each vet check; c. pulse and respiration requirement at each vet

  2. Timer Sheets: Individual rider slips; timer check station log sheet. This would include an explanation of where and how to see these forms.
  3. Ride Result Sheets; Would include an explanation of how to generate and fill out the correct ride result sheet for each individual ride.
  4. Ride Rating Forms: This form would allow the rider to rate the ride, would include such questions as; how well was the Trail marked; b, were the maximum ride times reasonable; were the facilities adequate?
  5. Vet Requirements: This would include a detailed description of how a ride manager would go about selecting his head Vet, which would include a detailed explanation, of what he should expect from him. information should also be provided to show the ride manager how to determine how many vets he needs for his ride.
  6. Ride Manager Check List: The object of this list would be a check - off list of all the different things that must be done to put on a successful endurance ride. This would also include an explanation of each term on the check-off list.

This will be taken under consideration by our Ride Management Package Committee, consisting of Roger Taylor, Louise Reidel and Neel Glass.

Bernice Kalland made a motion that the top 5 Juniors who have accumulated the most miles, be given separate trophies, seconded by Elene Bonile and passed by unanimous vote.


Lew Hollander made a motion that the directors terms be limited to one term, this motion was seconded and voted on but not carried.


Dave Clagett made a motion that the dues structure stay the same as in 1977, $12 single & $17 family, seconded by Roger Taylor and Passed by unanimous vote.


There was a discussion on the Yearbook. Lew Hollander feels it is more important to have a newsletter, Dave Clagett said that it is quite expensive for something that will become outdated. Roger Taylor said that it is a good reference for new members Dave Clagett the Yearbook Chairman, said that the biggest problem is the front money but he feels that it will pay for itself in one year, he said we also can get advertising. Dan Heath doesn't feel that Casino ads would be in good taste, he is willing to give us his list of advertisers. It was decided that if Dave could find a way to finance it, we will have a yearbook The Regional news will be the responsibility of the directors.

Lew Hollander was appointed to head the committee on the By-Laws and Constitution.


A motion was made to keep the Regional elections on a national level it was seconded and carried.

Pat announced that we had gone through all 33 items on the list from the open meeting on Saturday from the members.