American Endurance Ride Conference Board Meeting  APRIL 26, 1976


The meeting was called to order by President, Sam Arnold, on April 26th at 9 a.m.

in Auburn, Calif. Present were Sam Arnold, Pat Fitzgerald, Julie Suhr, Phil Gardner, Kathy Perry, Todd Nelson, Roger Taylor and Shirley Wheeler.


The list of sanctioned rides was reviewed by regions. A total of 64 rides have returned their sanction applications and received confirmation of sanctioning from the AERC. A new list of sanctioned rides only will be printed and mailed out to all persons requesting ride information from the AERC. It was also de­cided to make an effort to increase our membership.


Julie Suhr reported a balance of $824.00 in the AERC account in Scotts Valley. It was decided to make a transfer of funds from the Auburn account to Scotts Valley.


Pres. Arnold read a letter from Hall of Fame Chairman, Fred Hecker, who pro­posed a panel of five members chosen for life. Roger Taylor made a motion that members serve for five years only with a new member being selected each year. The motion passed.


A general discussion followed on AERC prizes and Awards. Sam Arnold reported that Midwest Regional Director Lindsay Taliaferro, Jr. had made a suggestion that the first twenty-five numbers at each ride be reserved for the top twenty-five national riders. Other suggestions were that the AERC post a banner at each of its sanctioned rides and that members have a button which they could wear on their hat or shirt indicating membership in the AERC.


Financial assistance for the regions was discussed. Phil Gardner moved that we return $l per member back to the regions for their use. The motion passed. The refund will be sent to the Regions when Saddle Action Magazine completes the list of members by region. Sam said our eventual goal should have the regions doing the sanctioning and collection for their areas. A possible re­duction in sanctioning fee is a probability if our membership can be in­creased.


The election of board members was discussed. A copy of the By-Laws is to be sent to those present for further clarification.


Todd Nelson gave a report on veterinarian matters. He plans to make up a list of qualified endurance veterinarians that we may send to people who inquire.


The matter of location for the 1977 Awards Banquet and Seminar was brought up. Everyone felt we should make an effort to hold it in a new location in order to accommodate some of the out of state competitors who would not have to travel so far. Mr. Arnold asked Roger Taylor and Shirley Wheeler to come up with a loca­tion which would be agreeable to the largest number of people. He also indicated a willingness on his part to attend some of the Regional Award Banquets, in order to demonstrate AERC interest and support.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15.


Respectfully submitted.


Mrs. Robert Suhr. AERC Secretary