AERC BOD Conference Call 4/13/20, 6 p.m. PT



Call to order and roll call



Acceptance of agenda


Approval of 3/5/20, 3/7/20 & 3/8/20 convention meeting minutes - ### below


Excusals – None received as of 4/1/20


Statistical report – Kathleen – to be provided before your meeting


Dashboard – Kyra – to be provided before your meeting


 Business before the Board:

            Executive Committee approval of ride changes – Monica 

            Addition of Michael Campbell to the Ride & Tie Committee – Monica

             Coronavirus discussion 

             Motion from the Executive Committee - %% below the minutes

             Motion from the Sanctioning Committee - $$$ below

             Motion from the National Championship Committee - ### below

             Bylaws update

             Strategic Plan update

             Action items


### AERC BOD Convention Minutes - 3/5/20


President Monica Chapman called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. Board members present: Nick Kohut DVM, Monica Chapman, Lisa Schneider, Michael Campbell, Mike Maul, Connie Caudill, Jan Stevens, Heather Reynolds, Dawn Hilliard, Naomi Preston, John Parke, Jessica Cobbley, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, Vance Stine, Susan Kasemeyer, Tim Worden, Christoph Schork, Bob Marshall DVM. Also present; Executive Director Kathleen Henkel and Legal Committee representative Barbara Baris.

Board members absent were Troy Eckard, Marcia Hefker-Miles, Tonya Stroud-Oaks, Shawn Bowling, Andrew Gerhard, Gordie Cowan, Angie Mikkelson and Olin Balch DVM.

Susan Kasemeyer made a motion to accept the agenda, Nick Kohut DVM, seconded. Motion passed

Nick Kohut DVM made a motion to approve the minutes of the 2/10/20 Board meeting. Naomi Preston seconded. Motion passed.

Naomi Preston made a motion which was seconded by Heather Reynolds to excuse Gordie Cowan, Olin Balch, Marcia Hefker-Miles and Andrew Gerhard due to business conflicts, Shawn Bowling, Tonya Stroud-Oaks, Troy Eckard due to family conflicts and Angie Mikkelson dues to health concerns. Motion passed with one No vote.

Kathleen Henkel reported that the 2021 AERC convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

Kathleen Henkel reported that the 2021 AERC convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

Kathleen Henkel gave an update on the statistical report which is staying close to the previous year.

Membership 2/25/2019 3442

Membership 2/28/2020 3421 (more are waiting to be entered)

Sanction fees 2/25/2019 $11,760

Sanction fees 2/28/2020 $10,915 ($500 more is waiting to be entered)

Rider fees 2/25/2019 $6,571

Rider fees 2/28/2020 $4,183 (awaiting credit cards fees to be entered for $2039)

New members as of 2/25/2019 203

New members as of 2/28/2020 198

Connie Caudill made a motion from the Sanctioning Committee for Board approval of the Shore to Shore 3-day ride as a Pioneer ride. The dates will be July 24-26, 2020. The ride is managed by Diane Meinders. Motion passed.

Monica Chapman introduced Griffin Keller, chair of the Green Bean program within the Membership Committee. She updated the Board on the Green Beans which supports newer members (1000 miles and less). This program has been well accepted. She explained that bonus points were given for volunteering, mentoring, Juniors, webinar participation, 100-mile mentor program and more. Points can be earned even without horses. They offer Team awards. Teams must be registered by March 15. The different divisions in the program are called “On The Vine”, “Picked” and “Cooked”. Currently 300 members are enrolled. The Green Bean program has been an excellent program for retaining members. Monica Chapman thanked Griffin Keller for working on this program, coming to the meeting and answering the Board members’ questions.

Kyra DeMartini gave an update on the statistics dashboard. The AERC Office will continue in 2020 with the “Ride One More” and added the “Step It Up” program, which gives members goals.

Tim Worden updated the Board on the discussions with the Ride and Tie (RAT) members. Ride and Tie member Steve Shaw spoke with Time Worden about having a relationship between AERC and RAT that would be beneficial to both organizations. They shared several creative ways to spend their funds in order to make things work well for both groups. Currently RAT has 300 members. Many of them are also AERC members. It’s easy for ride managers to host Ride and Tie events. The Board discussed the pros and cons of a partnership. Monica Chapman appointed Tim Worden, Naomi Preston, Mike Maul and Lisa Schneider as an exploratory group to look further into this and report their discoveries to the Board.

Kathleen Henkel reported that all Board members had completed their Safe Sport training, and all had signed their Conflict of Interest statements.

Kathleen Henkel stated that the new computer program had hit some glitches but the IT group that was hired for the job are working on it and are in contact with Mike Maul. They underbid the job but say they will fulfill their obligation, but it may not be as quickly as originally thought.

Lately AERC has had some issues with the current program as someone has to physically reset it. Stace Moss is looking at moving it to the cloud so the problems can be handled easier. The original 2003 database is obsolete. The website and database are in two separate places. Mike Maul and Russ Humphrey are the only people who can make changes in the current program but with the new one the AERC Office will be able to make changes.

Mollie Krumlaw-Smith reviewed the AERC finances. She stated that the net ordinary income needs to remain positive. Even though we had projected a negative budget in 2019 we ended up $3,000 on the positive side. Keeping the budget flat was partly due to day member fees/rider fees being up, a successful convention, $15,000 cash sponsorship and the maturity of a $20,000 long standing bond. We also had a raise in the drug testing fees but have not spent much yet. We have budgeted for a loss in 2020 due to low interest rates, membership/ridership/convention uncertainty.

Due to a legal discussion, the Board went into Executive Session at 8:38 pm and came out at 8:55 pm.

A motion was presented by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith from the Executive Committee to approve Mike Maul as the third Board member (filling a vacancy) in tier one of the AERC Legacy Foundation (ALF). Motion passed with one abstention.

Connie Caudill presented from the Sanctioning Committee a motion for clarification on rule #1. Currently the rule states “The ride must be 50 miles in length per day, up to a maximum distance of 150 miles in three days. For special sanction rides, see rule 16.2 and 16.2.1., which leaves no room for variances or discrepancies in measuring devices. With the clarification rule #1 would now state- The ride must be 50 miles in length per day, up to a maximum distance of 150 miles in three days. For special sanction rides, see rule 16.2 and 16.2.1. Mileage is expected to be measured accurately. A 5% variance is acceptable due to human and mechanical errors.

The clarification for this rule change will be sent out in an email blast from the Office, and it will be changed online in the rules, and will be changed in the next printed rulebook. Motion passes unanimously.

Monica Chapman led a discussion on the results from the Competitions Committee’s survey concerning the addition of the 40-45-mile distances. This was a continued discussion from the midyear Board meeting. The committee has written two articles for Endurance News and sent out a survey. Some of the replies felt this was dumbing the sport down but Susan Garlinghouse pointed out that AERC has actually made the sport much tougher due to a stricter vetting criterion. Many thought the sport needed to be doable and fun. It was suggested that all Board members show up in the morning for the Hot Topic discussion that John Parke will lead on this subject. As Board members we will listen to our members both here at the convention as well as through all other avenues to see what is wanted or needed. No one on the Board has an agenda except to make endurance better.

In the Sunday Board meeting discussion will be held concerning articles that would be useful in explaining the adding of 40-45-mile distances to our members.

Monica Chapman announced that due to time, the strategic plan will be postponed to Sunday’s meeting.

John Parke made a motion to adjourn at 9:40 pm, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Connie Caudill


General Session Convention meeting 3/7/2020

Monica Chapman called the meeting to order at 10:35 am.

Monica Chapman thanked out going Board members Marcia Hefker, Tonya Stroud-Oaks, Shawn Bowling and Troy Eckard, for their service. She welcomed newly elected Board members Susan Garlinghouse DVM, Chalice Coward and Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss.

Robert Ribley swore into office regional directors- Nick Kohut DVM, Monica Chapman, Lisa Schneider, Michael Campbell, Connie Caudill, Jan Stevens, Dawn Hilliard, Naomi Preston, John Parke, Jessica Cobbley, Vance Stine, Susan Kasemeyer, Andrew Gerhard, Susan Garlinghouse DVM, Chalice Coward and Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss.

Directors at Large Board members present were Mike Maul, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith. Bob Marshall DVM, Heather Reynolds, Christoph Schork and Tim Worden.

Absent were Gordie Cowan, Angie Mikkelson and Olin Balch DVM.

Stephanie Palmer DuRoss nominated Maribel Paulson to fill the SW Regional Director vacancy. Naomi Preston seconded. Motion passed.

Robert Ribley swore in Maribel Paulson as the newly appointed Southwest Regional Director. Monica Chapman welcomed her to the Board.

Monica Chapman then opened the nomination for Secretary. Susan Kasemeyer nominated the entire slate of officers for another term by acclamation. Seconded by Lisa Schneider. President Monica Chapman, Vice President Nick Kohut DVM, Treasurer Mollie Krumlaw-Smith and Secretary Connie Caudill were voted into office by the Board.

Monica Chapman gave a review the previous year. She explained that the Board has been working through the strategic plan which can be seen on the AERC website. She acknowledged that there had been a lot of work by Ride Managers, the Board and the AERC Office in retaining and gaining members and getting members in the saddle. Monica Chapman went on to explain SafeSport and the importance of it to AERC.

Monica Chapman thanked Robert and Melissa Ribley for their wonderful job in putting on a first class AERC National Championship ride and asked that members keep up the momentum by supporting the 2020 National Championship ride which will be managed by the Stevens’ ride at Fort Howe’s in Montana.

Monica Chapman reported that the Board will be working on revising and updating the AERC Bylaws. She asked members to remember AERC in their estate planning and support AERC through the new supporting organization- AERC Legacy Foundation.

Monica Chapman acknowledged and thanked the AERC Office staff; Kyra DeMartini, Troy Smith and Kathleen Henkel.

The floor was opened for comments or questions to the membership. To list a few of the comments; Doug Shearer DVM thanked AERC for the trail grant for the ross Florida Greenway Trail in Florida. Valerie Kanavy thanked AERC-I and the NE funds in support of the Young Riders Clinic. Nina Barnett

spoke about the 100 mile mentor program and the webinars. Vance Stine praised Christo Dinkelmann and Jane Lee for hosting the 100 mile mentor ride which had 21 first time 100 mile riders entered and 17 of them completed.

It was noted that Regional clubs and members were coming up with some awesome ideas on getting riders and making it happen. Stagg Newman said all horse industries are facing problems and we need to get the word out to the other disciplines that Endurance is for all ages and is a great cross training sport. Get articles into publications with photos when possible. Becky Pearman suggested that riders should support the professional photographers who work at rides- The AERC Photographers Guild. The SafeSport training was discussed, John Parke stated all members should take it as it covers several things such as bullying, cyber bullying, abuse and much more.

Monica Chapman concluded by saying; Endurance, we are friends and family, we are a tribe so let’s be respectful of others on social media.

Jan Stevens made a motion to adjourn at 11:25 am, Naomi Preston seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Connie Caudill


AERC Convention Board Meeting 3/8/2020

Monica Chapman called the meeting to order at 8 am. Board members present were Michael Campbell, Monica Chapman, Connie Caudill, Jan Stevens, Chalyce Coward, Dawn Hilliard, Nick Kohut DVM, Jessica Cobbley, Naomi Preston, John Parke, Lisa Schneider, Susan Kasemeyer, Vance Stine, Maribel Paulson, Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss, Andrew Gerhard, Susan Garlinghouse DVM, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, Bob Marshall DVM, Mike Maul, Heather Reynolds, Christoph Schork and Time Worden. Also present; Executive Director Kathleen Henkel and Legal Committee representative Barbara Baris.

Susan Garlinghouse DVM made a motion to accept the agenda, Nick Kohut DVN seconded. Motion passed.

Jan Stevens made a motion to excuse Olin Balch DVM, Angie Mikkelson and Gordie Cowan. Secconded by Heather Reynolds. Motion passed.

Monica Chapman appointed chairs to each committee for Board approval.

Competitions- Vance Stine

Education - Andrew Gerhard

Elections - Robert Ribley

Finance - Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

International - Meg Sleeper DVM

Junior - Karen Chaton

Legal - Marcel Smith - Chair

   Members Lisanne Dorian, Barbara Baris, Lisa Siderman

Membership - Angie Mikkelson & Tim Worden Co-Chairs

National Championship - Connie Caudill

Protest & Grievance - Diane Rowley Chair - SE

   Members Blanca Cheveller – NW, Gail Conway DVM – CT, Debbie Schultz – NE, Dennis Sousa - W

Research - Margaret “Peggy” Brosnahan DVM

Ride Managers - Jan Stevens

Rules & Bylaws - Michael Campbell

Sanctioning - Connie Caudill

Technical - Michael Maul

Trails/Land Management - Monica Chapman & Dawn Hilliard Co-Chairs

Veterinary - Jay Mero DVM

   Non Vet Member - Michael Campbell

Welfare of the Horse - Nick Kohut DVM

Executive Committee 5th Person - Vance Stine

Lisa Schneider made a motion to approve the committee chair appointments. Mollie Krumlaw-Smith seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

John Parke suggested that we find a way to add a person from the West to the Executive Committee as a guest when the committee has meetings. Monica Chapman asked Lisa Schneider if she would be willing to sit in on the committee during meetings. Lisa Schneider agreed.

Connie Caudill presented a motion from the Sanctioning Committee for the approval of a different concept in a Pioneer Ride by giving flexibility to the Ride Manager and riders in deciding which 3 days of a 4 day ride they would like to ride as a Pioneer ride. Currently the Spanish Peaks Pioneer ride is sanctioned as a 4-day Pioneer ride to be held June 12-15, 2020. The ride manager, Tennessee Lane, would like to also offer within those ride days a 3-day Pioneer ride on June 12-14 and also a 3-day Pioneer Ride to be held on June 13-15. She will change the 50 mile ride to a 55 mile ride distance on either the 2nd or 3rd day. The rider may choose to ride either a 4-day pioneer ride or the first 3 days as a pioneer ride or the last 3 days as a pioneer ride.

There was some concern on how the results would be reported. Jan Stevens said she would discuss the reporting process with Tennessee Lane to make sure they are done correctly. Mike Maul stated that in order to do this with the computer program the Ride Manager would need to sanction them as 3 separate Pioneer rides but said it was something the program could handle. There was some concern that this idea takes the concept of pioneer rides in a different direction.

Motion passed with 2 no votes and one abstention.

At 8:35 am the Board went into executive session to discuss financial issues. The Board came out of executive session at 8:45 am.

Discussion was held concerning the recent survey on the 40-45 mile distances put out by the Competitions Committee and what information to have in an upcoming article. Vance Stine believed the survey results showed that most people were open minded and willing to accept change. John Parke said the hot topic discussion showed people wanted to get together on this, keep it simple and the members at the meeting were flexible. Vance Stine said the timing is good since we are currently working on revision of the bylaws and it may be good to make them less specific on definitions. Christoph Schork would like the article to be on the results of the survey, outline the options and write solutions that members can review. The Board felt there should be no hurry, most important to get it right. Tim Worden felt it was important to get the members involved in looking at the options.

Monica Chapman summed up the discussion on the article that will be written. The article will review the survey results, a for your information article to make the options easy to understand. It needs to be clear that the Board has no opinion except doing what is best for the organization. It is important that the members get behind what they want moving forward.

The article will come out in the May issue and will need to be completed by April 1.

Legal representative, Barbara Baris, explained that the bylaws are the core foundation for the organization. They should be clean and general, keeping specifics in the rules. This makes it easier to not be out of date. Monica Chapman would like to get the revision out to the members as soon as possible.

Susan Kasemeyer would like to have reduced membership fees for nonriding Ride Managers. Mollie Krumlaw-Smith agreed to have the Finance Committee look at how many nonriding members are ride managers but said that offering discounted rates often lead to the revenue plummeting.

Jan Stevens will have the Ride Managers Committee discuss it.

Some pros and cons on setting up term limits for Board members were discussed as well as a smaller board size. Getting members who want to work is difficult but it may open opportunities to more of our members. We need to get more members participating on committees. Board members were asked to send Monica Chapman reasons for and against term limits/reduction in Board size which will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

Nick Kohut DVM discussed Bylaw 7.16 (d). Currently a Director can miss two Board meetings in their two-year term unless the absence is excused. Nick Kohut DVM, felt that directors have a duty and should make a commitment to attend (unless truly emergency). He suggests that this bylaw be revised to state X number of absences may be cause for dismissal and remove language concerning excused absences. The Board members present agreed. Further discussion on this will take place.

Monica Chapman discussed bylaw 9.01 concerning the Executive Director. We may want to expand the Executive Director description to include other titles as certain titles comes higher salaries. AERC may not always be able to afford an Executive Director and may want to revise the wording to reflect other titles. It was decided that the Board would need a robust discussion on what is expected from the Executive Director. This discussion needs to be based on the Governance Group discussion.

John Parke stated the we need to add a provision in the bylaws authorizing the P & G Committee.

Discussion was continued with bylaw 13.1 concerning the percentage of membership it takes to petition to amend the bylaws. Currently it takes just 5%, the Legal Committee is recommending 20%. This should be a meaningful right. Some felt in order to petition for an amendment change there should be a larger percentage of members wanting the amendment. Will compare this to other organizations. Kathleen Henkel will discuss with our nonprofit attorney. After some research Monica Chapman will bring back for further discussions.

Monica Chapman will compile the revision comments and changes and will send out to look over at the next meeting.

Monica Chapman stated the current strategic plan is not realistic on some of the goals so will need to be tweaked. She would like the strategic groups to get together to update them and to have discussions. We now have the implementation plan so now we need to start acting on them.

Kathleen Henkel, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith and Monica Chapman on a midyear meeting date and place. They will be updating the Board.

Tim Worden made a motion to adjourn at 12pm, Lisa Schneider seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Connie Caudill




Motion Name: Revoke sanctioning for all AERC events and in-person clinics from April 14, 2020, to May 11, 2020.

Proposing Committee: Executive Committee

Date of Motion (Date to be presented to BOD): April 13, 2020

New Proposed Motion:

Revoke sanctioning for all AERC events and in-person clinics from April 14, 2020, to May 11, 2020. Virtual clinics and webinars are the exceptions. These dates will be reviewed on May 11, 2020, during the AERC BOD conference call and the date may be extended at that time, if necessary.

Background, analysis and benefit (describe the problem this motion is solving):

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AERC Board of Directors feels strongly that it is important to protect our members, their families, friends, and the local communities where AERC events might be held, therefore, it is recommended to revoke AERC ride sanctioning and in-person clinics during the stated period.

Further, because of the pandemic, many local, state, provincial, and federal agencies within the USA and Canada have instituted or are instituting “stay at home” (shelter in place) orders that require limiting the number of individuals gathering in one place due to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our insurance carrier, Equisure, has notified the AERC that there is a clause in our liability insurance for events that AERC sanctions (rides and in-person clinics) that will not cover these events where these types of moratoriums have been enacted.

Budget effect/impact (Attach spreadsheet if appropriate):

Loss of at least $13,000 in ride start fees.

Benefit and/or Impact to Membership and/or the AERC Organization:

This motion allows AERC to keep all future events and in-person clinics insured in accordance with our insurance policy.

Impact on AERC Office (Workload, budget):

Keep the AERC website and Facebook page updated with all cancelled and postponed events and in-person clinics.

Implementation plan (Schedule, resources, financial):

The AERC Office will contact all affected ride managers and in-person clinic organizers about the revocation of sanctioning of all AERC events and in-person clinics that fall within this time period. The AERC Office will also post the information in Endurance News, on the AERC website, and on the AERC Facebook page.

Supporting materials (List of any other documents and/or spreadsheets):

Language from our insurance company stating the clause in our policy:

Statutory Breach Arising out of, based upon or attributable to a breach, violation or alleged breach or violation of any federal, state, municipal or local rules, laws, regulations and any amendments thereto, breach, violation or failure to obtain or comply with any state or federal license or permit needed, including but not limited to any caterers, food, liquor, events authorizations, licenses or permits.

Committee and Office Feedback (Include feedback from the office and the following committees, Competitions, Education, Finance, International, Junior/Young Rider, Membership, Research, Ride Managers, Rules & Bylaws, Technical, Trails, Veterinary, and Welfare of the Horse.)

Feedback is forthcoming.

Supporting approvals (proposing committee, participating committees):

Executive Committee, AERC Office


$$$ - Board of Directors Motion Proposal


Motion Name -Suspend 2020 National Awards. Continue as usual with the regional awards and awards not associated solely with yearly competitionsuch as HOF and mileage recognition.


Proposing Committee- Sanctioning


Date of Motion (Date to be presented to BOD) April 13, 2020


Classification of Motion Request (new, change, add, delete, by-law, rule, policy) New


Proposed Motion (use exact wording) Due to the COVID19 nationwide shutdown and in turn the cancelation of rides, AERC will not award or recognize 2020 national awards associated solely with 2020 competitions.


The following will be awarded: Pardners, HOF Equine, HOF Person, Decade Team, Longevity, Perfect Ten, Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award, Volunteer Award, 3,000 Mile Equines, 5,000 Mile Riders, breed associations, Century Club, and regional awards.


NOT GIVEN: Bill Stuckey Award, Thornburgh Family Award, Bob & Julie Suhr Husband and Wife Award, Pioneer Award, Jim Jones Stallion Award, War Mare Award, Kathy Brunjes Young Rider Award, National 100 Mile Award, Junior National 100 Mile Award, National Mileage Award, National Limited Distance Mileage Award, National Best Condition Award, Rookie Award.


Background, analysis and benefit (describe the problem this motion is solving) The riders are not on a level or fair playing field as some of the regions have had opportunities for rides while other regions will not have many opportunities. AERC will be impacted financially with little income and the expense of awards when very few rides will take place this season.


Budget effect/impact (Attach spreadsheet if appropriate) Positive for AERC in some respects but could impact the 2021 San Antonio convention.


Benefit and/or Impact to Membership and/or the AERC Organization In the long run, financial stability is important to all members.

Impact on AERC Office (Workload, budget) The Office will be responsible for communicating the information to all members as quickly as possible.

Implementation plan (Schedule, resources, financial) As soon as possible. Notice will be given to members on the AERC Facebook page, on the AERC website and in Endurance News.



### - Board of Directors Motion Proposal


Motion Name - Postponement of 2020 AERC National Championship Ride to be at Fort Howe’s to June 2021


Proposing Committee; National Championship Committee in conjunction with ride managers- Bill and Jan Stevens.


Date of Motion (Date to be presented to BOD) April 13, 2020


Classification of Motion Request (new, change, add, delete, by-law, rule, policy) New


Proposed Motion (use exact wording) The 2020 AERC National Championship Ride to be postponed until June of 2021 due to the Covid19 shutdown nationwide.


Background, analysis and benefit (describe the problem this motion is solving) The ride will be better attended next year. The possibility of travel is not looking good and financial strain on members may be great.


Budget effect/impact This postponement will be a savings to AERC during a potentially critical year with finances. AERC funding for this ride is $11,000.


Benefit and/or Impact to Membership and/or the AERC Organization.  This postponement will give more members an opportunity to attend the National Championship Ride in 2021. The qualifications will the same with the following addition: Riders who finish in the top 10 of their region during either the 2019 or the 2020 ride season will be qualified to enter the 50 or the 100 mile ride.


Impact on AERC Office (Work load, budget) Positive of $11,000


Implementation plan (Schedule, resources, financial) The notice will go out from the AERC office immediately so members can make plans.


Supporting materials 


Committee and Office Feedback (Include feedback from the office and the following committees, Competitions, Education, Finance, International, Junior/Young Rider, Membership, Research, Ride Managers, Rules & Bylaws, Technical, Trails, Veterinary, and Welfare of the Horse.)


Supporting approvals (proposing committee, participating committees)