AERC and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)


AERC is a Recognized Affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation. Here is information from USEF regarding the relationship between the two organizations (from USEF):


“The term Recognized Affiliate Association is reserved for one organization acknowledged by the Federation to represent an International Discipline or the National Breed or Discipline that has a body of rules which has been approved by the USEF Board of Directors for inclusion in the Federation Rule Book. The Federation recognizes only one breed or discipline association for each of these sets of rules. The term International Discipline Association (also referred to as FEI Affiliate) applies to the respective designated representative associations for each of the eight FEI disciplines. Recognized National Affiliate Association (also referred to as Recognized National Affiliate) describes an organization representing a national breed or discipline. For additional information see USEF Bylaw 222.”

Bylaw 222 – Recognized Affiliate Associations


Recognized Affiliate Associations consist of corporations, organizations, and associations in good standing that have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Federation. Recognized Affiliate Associations shall comply with and be bound by these bylaws and the Rules of the Federation and decisions of the Federation including those of the Hearing Committee, and must pay annual fees and/or dues as determined by the Federation. Recognized Affiliate categories shall include:

1. International Discipline Associations where the discipline is recognized through the Federation to the FEI or the USOC.

The Federation may only recognize one International Discipline Association for each discipline recognized by the FEI.

International Discipline Associations are sometimes referred to in these Bylaws as the “FEI Affiliates”;

Bylaw 205 – Suspensions

Section 3. A suspension or other disciplinary action imposed by the Federation in accordance with these bylaws shall be recognized by all Members and Affiliated Entities of the Federation upon notification by the Federation. Suspensions and other disciplinary actions taken by Affiliated Entities of the Federation may be recognized by the Federation and all other Federation Members upon proper notification to the Federation and determination by the Federation’s Hearing Committee that the party subject to the action received hearing and procedural rights substantially similar to those set forth in these bylaws and the Federation’s Rules. However, should the Hearing Committee find that such procedural rights were not substantially similar, then the Committee may in its own discretion conduct a hearing after proper notice to the affected party and only after such hearing may the Hearing Committee recognize the suspension or other disciplinary action imposed by the Affiliated Entity of the Federation.