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Last updated - Dec 16, 2011 23:00 by mkm

Online Ride Results Entry Program

The AERC Technical Committee working with the Ride managers Committee has an new online web interface for:

  • Entering your ride results
  • Checking whether a member is current in dues
  • Correcting wrong horse and rider AERC #
  • Calculating the fees to be sent to the office
  • Calculating ride times
  • Sending your ride results directly to the office for submission
  • Submitting fees for the ride using your credit card online

Once you finish your ride, you can enter the ride results for AERC horse and riders by simply entering their AERC #, the finishing time, and pull code. The program checks for current dues, adds the name, and the weight division for you. If Day member information is entered, the ride manager needs to select a wt. division.

    If you enter an AERC # for either horse or rider - don't enter any of the other information. The program will fill in the rest of the information. Entering both an AERC # and a name will cause the program to ignore the AERC #.

You can also use the program to pre-enter riders/horses to check that their information is correct.

You can enter part of the ride results and logout - then come back later to enter the rest of the results. You do have to be online to use the program as it's directly accessing the AERC office records for checking.

The complete report including BC results is transferred directly to the office where once fees are received - it will be placed in the official results.

Using the interface will reduce errors significantly by always having the correct information about a horse/rider and with no need to retype the ride results into the office database.

In principle, submitting results this way from a ride on Saturday could be online for riders to see on Monday if fees are paid by credit card.

If you are a ride manager and have a ride already on the calendar, you can login to your members page and under the Ride MGT menu - select "Enter Ride Results" as the 5th entry.

This will enable you to open your coming rides and experiment with entering results as you would with actual ride results. You don't need to paper mail ride results and there's a log of when the results were submitted.

*****Once you finish each distance and close it - you MUST still submit the whole ride at the beginning page for all distances. If you do not see a date submitted - then you still need to complete the last step of the input.*****

****If you did not pay the ride fees online using a credit card - note that you still need to call the AERC office at 866-271-AERC to provide a CC # for fees or paper mail a check ***

A Help page is available from the Help pulldown menu at your members page.

The help instructions are linked directly at

Help with Results Input

and it's always best to read them first. If you don't already have a members page login - the Help page tells you how to activate your login. Feedback on how to improve the help page is also welcome.

There are other ride manager's services available from your member's page such as

  • Paid member list
  • Regional Vet list
  • Online sanctioning
  • Member Horse/Rider lookup

If you have any questions - email or call 713-725-7776

Mike Maul
Chair - Technical Committee