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Updates for Ride Managers

Upcoming 2020 AERC Rides: An additional approval is needed to ensure your state and county requirements are being met. Thank you so much for filling out the Covid Plan Documentation form for early summer AERC rides. Watch for details about rides in late summer and early fall.

Reminder: All limited distance ride results must include rider placement and completion time.

Starting rider fees are $5 per rider per distance, plus the $6 per rider drug testing fees (except California rides, whose drug tests are administered separately). Day member fees are $15 per rider per distance.

The pricing varies slightly for Canadian rides -- contact the AERC office for details.

SafeSport: Each AERC ride in the U.S., beginning in the 2020 ride season, must have a designated SafeSport ride management representative who has passed the SafeSport online training prior to the ride. The AERC office must have proof of SafeSport training before the ride occurs. (Reimbursement is available for one management team representative per ride.)

Link to: sign-up information for SafeSport online training and SafeSport general information

For U.S. rides, ride insurance is handled automatically when your ride is sanctioned at no cost to ride management. The office forwards your ride information directly to Equisure, Inc. If you require additional certificates of insurance for your ride, contact Equisure directly at 800-752-2472 or fax the Certificate of Insurance Request Form to 303-614-6967. The form is included in your ride confirmation email from the AERC office.

INSURANCE NOTE: Please read the certificate of insurance form carefully, as landowners are not automatically covered under AERC’s ride liability insurance and you must be certain to include their name and mailing address so they receive proper coverage for the ride. They may have special wording regarding the land involved and it is important to include that information on the certificate request form. Some landowners may require only proof of insurance and that information must also be indicated on the form.

Introductory rides of less than 22.5 miles and educational clinics held in conjunction with AERC-sanctioned rides are covered by AERC's insurance only if noted on your application at the time of sanctioning. To insure coverage of your "intro" ride and/or clinic, a few other rules also apply -- a day member fee of $1 per rider or participant must be collected from individuals who are not current AERC members and participate in the clinic or intro ride, and it is necessary to provide AERC with the names and addresses of those day members. Forward the contact information to the AERC office along with your ride results.

A form entitled "AERC Day Member Contact Information" is available in the Ride Manager Packet for recording the contact data of all day members attending the ride, whether riding a limited distance or endurance ride, and for those participating in a clinic or introductory ride.

All AERC-sanctioned rides must use an AERC-approved rider card for the control veterinarian(s) to record the results of their examinations. These were updated in 2015. Use the one that works best for your ride.

Post-ride rider survey: Please make copies for your riders. Their input will be forwarded on to the Veterinary Committee chair.

AERC ride evaluation sheet: Copies of this form can be supplied to your riders and returned to ride managers to assist in planning future rides. Please do not return them to the AERC office.

Please direct any question to the office, 866-271-2372.

Updated 7/22/20