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Recognizing and Avoiding Problems During and After a Ride

photo by C. Mike Tomlinson, DVM

Keeping your horse -- and yourself -- healthy is vital to participate successfully in endurance riding. Take a look through the following links, do research on your own, and take good care of your horse. Contact the AERC office if you have any other suggestions for helpful articles to include in these education pages.

Vet Check Guidelines (htm) or (Excel file) for performing a check on your own horse, by Arthur King, DVM -- from

Preventing the Need for Treatment (pdf)

Preventing Pre-Ride Dehydration (pdf)

Recognition and Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Changes in Equine Athletes by Arthur King, DVM -- from

How to Help Your Horse Avoid Heat Stress by Caitlin Dobecka, DVM -- from

Watch for the Subtle Signs of Exertional Myopathy by Melissa Ribley, DVM -- from Endurance News

Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue in the Equine, by B.C. Throgmorton, DVM, from

Check Your Horse and Know Red Means Stop by Ken Marcella, DVM -- on the importance of assessing your equine's urine color

Tips and Hints: Equipment Failure/When Your Horse Just 'ADR'/Accidents from

Ailments Which Can Keep You and Your Horse From Finishing from the Appaloosa Horse Club

Trail Terrors, a 9-part series from

Updated 6/29/21