To Finish Is To Win

American Endurance
Ride Conference

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Preparing for Your First Ride

photo by C. Mike Tomlinson, DVM

Getting Started

YouTube videos from AERC -- learn the basics of arriving at camp, horse camping, packing a crew bag, the control check exam and how to stay on trail

Endurance Basics by Genie Stewart-Spears, reprinted from Arabian Horse World (pdf)

Getting Started: Beautiful Trails and Competition from Equine Canada HorseLife Magazine

Getting Started: Q and A from Equine Canada HorseLife Magazine

Using a Stethoscope video (.mov file) will give you an overview of stethoscope use for endurance riders

Tack and Equipment

Saddle Fit:

Fitting the Saddle to the Withers by Kim and Karin Baker, from

The Nine Points of Saddle Fitting by Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore, from Dressage Today magazine

Check for Back Pain and Saddle Fit by Joyce Harmon, DVM, from Practical Horseman magazine

Bridles, Bits, Hackamores, Breast Plates and Cruppers:

The Bit Gallery, from

Cruppers, from

Martingales, from

Hackamores, from


Preparing your horse for the (crazy-fun) sport of endurance riding (pdf), by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

Assessing Your Equine's Overall Fitness by Terre O'Brennan

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Ride? by Deirdre C. Monroe

Is Your Horse Fit? The Physiology of Conditioning, from the Alberta (Canada) Ag-Info Centre, via

Learning to Pace

The Art of Pacing the Distance Horse (pdf), by Sue Greenall

Pacing In Competition from the AERC Rider Handbook (Chapter 10)

Other Advice

(Note: these are only opinions and every horse requires individual adjustments)

Training for Endurance by Jim Holland, from

Glossary of Distance Riding Terms, from the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association

Tips and Hints on Endurance Riding, from


Choosing the Right Electrolyte (pdf), by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

Sweating the Small Stuff by Ken Marcella, DVM, from DVM, the Newsmagazine of Veterinary Medicine

Recognition and Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Changes in Equine Athletes by Arthur B. King, DVM, from

What to Pack

What to Pack in Your Endurance Crewbag by Karen Chaton

Stocking the Complete Equine Emergency Kit by Ken Marcella, DVM

Trailering Considerations

Right on Schedule: Trailer Maintenance by Sharon Biggs, from

Trailering Articles from

Horse Trailering Information from the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Updated 6/28/21