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Past Articles of Interest

To stay current, not all past issues of Endurance News are included on the AERC website. Some past articles are still relevant and well worth reading. Here are some of the most-requested articles from past years. Your suggestions for additions to this page are welcome.



Following the last ribbons down the trail (Mike Maul, 2006)

Coping with information overload (Stagg Newman, 2006)

AERC membership growth and you (Stagg Newman, 2006)

How to keep our new AERC members (Mike Maul, 2006)

AERC is a lot more than just riding (Mike Maul, 2006)

Promoting our sport to other riders (Mike Maul, 2005)

AERC: who are we and what do we like? (Nick Warhol, 2005)


Competition / Ride Management

Inside a ride manager's 'perfect world' (Anne Ayala, 2006)

Sanctioning directors perform a balancing act (Nick Warhol, 2006)

Prospective members and the ride manager (Connie Caudill, 2006)

Ethics and endurance riding (Connie Caudill, 2005)


Equine Health / Veterinary Issues

Post-ride colic in the endurance horse (Melissa Ribley, DVM, 2006)

AERC funding available for necropsies (Melissa Ribley, DVM, 2006)

AERC's unsung hero: the veterinarian (Connie Caudill, 2006)

Responsibilities of the head vet (Melissa Ribley, DVM, 2005)

Longevity or top 10? (Mike Maul, 2005)

The proper use of pull codes (Melissa Ribley, DVM, 2005)



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