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March 2015

On the cover: At last year's Spring Fling @ the Sand Hills ride, Julia Fisher and Curundu Samiyah rode in the glorious magical moment of a South Carolina sunrise. The ride, managed by Tammy Reid, will be held on April 10 and 11 this year, again at Sand Hills State Forest. Photo © Becky Pearman,

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Table of Contents

  • Board of Directors and Committees
  • President's Message: It's All About the Journey, by Michael Campbell
  • Treasurer's Report: AERC 2014 year-end treasurer's report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith
  • AERC: Onward to 2015, by Meg Sleeper, VMD
  • AERC Ride Calendar
  • 3,000-Mile Horses
  • 3,000+ Mile Equine Career Mileage
  • 2014 Equine Medallion Recipients
  • 2014 National & Regional Awards, Special Honors, National Award Profiles, AERC National Championships
  • 5,000+ Rider Career Mileage
  • Rider Lifetime Mileage (by region)
  • Equine Lifetime Mileage (by region)
  • Stallion & Sale Directories
  • 2014 Year-End Statistics

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