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May 2015


Convention Highlights

By Lisa Schneider, AERC Vice President

AERC hosted a very successful annual convention in Reno, Nevada, on March 6 and 7. The board of directors met twice, several committees met, and there were two well-attended Hot Topics discussions, moderated by John Parke. In addition, a General Session was held with President Michael Campbell giving a presentation to members on the state of the AERC, followed by a very productive feedback session with the members in attendance.

On Friday evening, regional awards were presented. The convention culminated with the national awards banquet on Saturday night, where Pat Oliva was honored as the Hall of Fame person and Karen Fredrickson's horse, MRR Pyro (“Murphy”), was honored as the Hall of Fame equine.

Ron Barrett and his horse, Rafuro HCC, were honored with the Pard'ners Award, presented by Bruce Weary DC. Gail Williams was awarded the Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award and Starla Dale was named the Anne Ayala Junior Scholarship recipient.

National mileage champion Dave Rabe and his horse, White Cloud, were honored for completing 1,710 miles in the 2014 season. Dave also rode other horses for a season total of 3,035 miles, bringing Dave's lifetime mileage to over 61,000 miles!

The trade show vendors saw a lot of business with some very interesting new products, and the used tack sale was an overwhelming success. Check out the AERC YouTube videos done by Ken and Julie Herrera for highlights of the National Awards ceremony and the trade show. The AERC YouTube channel is accessed from the home page on the AERC website,

Elections were held for the 2015 officers. Re-elected for another term were President Michael Campbell and Treasurer Mollie Krumlaw-Smith. I will serve another term as vice president. Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, was elected as our new secretary.

AERC has several ad hoc committees, including a planning committee for the strategic plan. Members of the committee are Michael Campbell, John Parke, Mike Maul, Mollie Krumlaw-Smith and me.

This project is near and dear to my heart because it drives what the board of directors should be focusing on -- how we spend our time, efforts, and AERC's funds.

The strategic plan is akin to the 30,000-foot view of where we are going over the next several years. When I last wrote about the strategic planning project in October 2014, the committee was developing the strategies. This is an update to what has happened since then.

We solidified the five strategies after thorough discussions with the board. The five strategies are: membership, financial stability, trails preservation, education/horse welfare, and governance.

John Parke reviewed the plan with members on Saturday, March 7, and updated it with the feedback received. On Sunday, March 8, the new board met and John presented the refined plan. A motion was put forth to formally adopt the plan, and it passed unanimously. (The full text of the plan was published in last month's EN.)

The five strategies will be championed by people who are passionate about that particular area. They will be responsible for working with the relevant committees and keeping the focus on the long-term goals and direction.

The next steps are for the champions to be approved by the board at upcoming board meetings; development of an implementation plan for each strategy specifying goals, time frames and budget; regular status reviews with the board, and a comprehensive review at the board's midyear meeting in August.

The AERC Board of Directors is committed to continually working on the long-term health of AERC via our strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Committee will monitor progress and regularly report status to members. Happy trails!