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Young Rider and Junior Members of AERC

Juniors and Young Riders are very welcome in endurance riding. Many rides offer special awards for young riders, and national and regional endurance and limited distance awards recognize junior riders each ride season.

Some definitions:
Junior riders
are those who are 15 or younger as of the first day of the new ride year (December 1). Rules specific to junior riders are found in the link below.
Unsponsored juniors: Some junior riders are eligible to compete in the Senior Division, provided they are 14 or older and have completed 500 or more miles in the AERC rider program. A letter from a parent or guardian must request unsponsored junior status from the AERC office. Please contact the AERC office for more details.
Young Riders are riders ages 16-21 and unsponsored juniors. These riders are eligible to compete for the Kathy Brunjes Young Rider award and also to be part of the Young Rider Team Challenge (see below).

Each month Endurance News has an article on Juniors and Young Riders. You are welcome to submit an article for publication about your experiences as a junior rider.

More Junior Information

Junior Awards -- Junior FAQ -- Junior Rules

Safety considerations come first for junior riders

Ensuring success as a junior sponsor

Young Rider Team Challenge

AERC's Young Rider Team Challenge is designed to encourage participation and competition among AERC Young Riders (age 16-21 and unsponsored Juniors). The AERC Young Rider Team program is an official AERC program. This page includes links to sign up a team, to provide information/class excusal so team members attending school may incorporate the program into their extra-curricular activities and request excused absences to attend events.

2018 Young Rider Team Challenge information/rules

2018 Young Rider Team online registration (to be filled out by team coach)

2018 Young Rider Team online tally form (ride reporting form to be filled out by team coach)

2018 Young Rider Team tally form (paper) (ride reporting form to be filled out by team coach – if you prefer to fill out the form on paper)

Points calculation table for 2018 Team Challenge ride reporting

Letter of explanation for schools

Excusal letter

Article on the 2017 Young Rider Team Challenge results which appeared in the February 2018 issue of Endurance News:

Questions? Contact Young Rider Team Challenge program administrator Kelly Kimbler at

Updated 7/6/18