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Juniors: Rule 10

10. All Junior riders in both full and Limited Distance rides, whether they are AERC members or not, must be accompanied by a competent adult (21 years or older) sponsor throughout the competition. Junior and Sponsor must ride together at all times, including entering and leaving all vet checks at the same time; the only exception being that at the finish a Junior may finish within the same minute or within the one minute on either side of the sponsor's finishing minute.

10.1 A Junior is a rider who was under the age of 16 as the first day of the ride season in which the ride is held.

10.1.1 All Juniors, sponsored or un-sponsored, must wear approved safety helmets (Approval by AHSA, PCA, ANSIZ90.4, or Snell).

10.2 Junior riders may participate in AERC competition only with the written consent of a parent or guardian. This consent shall imply:

10.2a. Acceptance of all AERC rules, particularly the ability of a Junior to substitute a sponsor during a ride as allowed by AERC rules and regulations; and,

10.2b. Prior consent to any emergency medical treatment or aid.

10.3 An AERC member 14 years or older who has completed 500 miles or more in the AERC rider mileage program may ride un-sponsored, but will compete in the senior division.

10.3.1 Such un-sponsored young rider must have on file in the AERC office a letter by parent or guardian which consents to and requests un-sponsored status.

10.3.2 The AERC office will then provide a letter for this un-sponsored young rider verifying 500 miles in AERC rider mileage program, which letter must be presented to ride management at check-in or earlier.

10.3.3 Management may choose not to honor the "un-sponsored young rider" concept and require all persons under 16 years of age to have sponsors.

10.4 The sponsor must be a competent adult (21 years or older) and must be duly entered as a competitor in the event and sponsorship must be documented on the Junior entry form complete with sponsor signature, at the time sponsorship begins.

10.4.1 Junior and/or sponsor normally may suspend their sponsorship agreement only at regular stated checks and then only with the knowledge and consent of ride management, and management's documentation of the change when it occurs. Sponsorships may change between checks only in the event that either competitor or either competitor's mount is unable to continue safely to a checkpoint. In the event of an emergency and in order to remain in competition, the Junior who is in last place and whose pre-registered sponsor is pulled, and there are no other qualified sponsors to follow, the Junior may be sponsored by an un-entered qualified rider through the completion of the ride, with ride management and ride veterinarian approval. He would receive last place junior points. This emergency sponsor will receive no credit for mileage or points. The Junior may also be sponsored by an adult on foot from the last veterinary check with the approval of ride management.

10.5 Infraction of the sponsorship shall result in either the sponsor and/or the Junior being disqualified.

10.6 AERC points must be submitted and recorded per the above regulations independent of ride management's local ride rules governing Junior and Senior riders.



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