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Junior Awards

Juniors are eligible for a wide variety of awards programs in AERC. Mileage programs for juniors and their equines, in both endurance and limited distances, are a great way for juniors to work toward distance goals.

Best Condition. Juniors compete with adult riders in the regional and national best condition awards for both endurance and limited distance.

Regional Point Awards. There are junior division placings in each of the nine AERC regional points divisions.

Regional Mileage Championship. The top endurance mileage junior in each AERC region becomes the Junior Regional Mileage Champion. A rider may ride up to two horses for this award.

Regional Limited Distance Mileage Championship. Three junior LD riders in each region are eligible for this award, once a minimum mileage requirement of 200 miles per ride year have been met. This award is based on mileage only, with one horse and one rider.

National Mileage Championship. This award, based solely on mileage, honors the top five junior rider/horse teams with the most mileage accrued during one season.

National Limited Distance Mileage Championship. Based just on LD rides, this honors the top three junior rider/horse teams with the most miles accrued during one ride season.

Junior National 100 Mile Award. The top five junior riders completing at least two one-day 100-mile rides in a ride season are eligible for this award, which is based on mileage only, not placement.

Bill Thornburgh Family Award. A family (either father and/or mother and one or more dependent children) with the most miles completed will be considered for this award. Note: The miles applied are those where at least one parent and one child start any sanctioned distance at an event.

Pioneer Award. This award honors riders with the most points earned on multi-day events, with awards going to the top five juniors each season. Qualification is a cumulative score for the same horse and rider team; all days of the ride must be completed.

Special Note: Young Riders Award. This award, new in 2012, honors the top 10 high-mileage senior riders between the ages of 14 and 21 on any number of equines (300 miles minimum). This award is available to young riders who are competing in the senior division.


Junior Scholarship

Junior Scholarship. For the past several years, the Junior Committee has awarded a scholarship to a young AERC member. For information about the scholarship program, contact a member of the Junior Committee.

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