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Endurance Ride Information Center (ERIC) Ride Management Program

Eric Rueter, a Southeast Region ride manager, has developed a Windows-based program that can be used to manage all aspects of an AERC ride.

Here's a short list of some of the things it can do for both AERC and AHA sanctioned rides. It runs on a laptop at your ride and can be set up in advance with your pre-entries.

  • Periodic updates of the AERC Membership / Horse database for accurate reporting
  • Automatic entry number assignment
  • All time calculations done within the program
  • All placings calculated by the program
  • BC calculations
  • Easily read results reports (including First Weight Division, Top Ten, Turtle and Middle of the Pack)
  • Extract of results in AERC format for uploading results to AERC
  • Extract of results in AHA preferred format (the AHA Spreadsheet)
  • Extract of results in PNER/OCER preferred formats (spreadsheets)
  • Email of entry confirmation
  • Email of ride results to participants and AERCMembersForum / RideCamp
  • Financial reporting

The earlier verions of ERIC V1.8 and V1.9 are still very useable and can be run concurrently with the newer V2. The databases are not compatable so your rides that used V1.8/9 will not appear in V2.

If you have never used the ERIC program and want to start with the current version V1.9 - download Version 1.9 This contains the manual and the install. Unzip and run the setup.exe to install. It is a large file ~200MB.

To get a preview of what the new version can do for you as a ride manager - view the User's Manual

While V2 has a lot of new features - some bugs are still showing up. There's been one update so far. If you are computer literate, have time to test all the features your ride will use - I suggust trying it. Otherwise stay with 1.9 for now.

If you already installed the 2.0 version - start with item 3 below to update to the latest.

To use the V2 program at your ride on a system runing Windows:

1. Download the ERIC Version 2.0 Program

2. Typically this will be in your downloads folder. Double click on the file and it will install in C:/ERIC.

3. Next download ERIC Version 2.0 Program Update It will show up in downloads as ERIC V2 Program.accdb In the ERIC folder - rename ERIC V2 Program.accdb to ERIC V2 ProgramOLD.accdb Now copy the downloads file to the ERIC folder. Double click on it to restart ERIC 4. Read the manual before using the program.

5. Before your first ride using the program, enter a small 5 rider test ride and go through all the operations you would in the ride including fees, labels, vet check, entering BC info, printing out check point sheets, awards meeting results etc.

Solving a problem during your ride is not something you want to do. Do this well before your ride so you have time to ask Eric for help at
Phone 865-986-5966 (H)
865-599-3594 (C)

5. When you receive pre-entries, put them in the program so you are prepared at the ride.

If you download the program please let Eric know by emailing him that you plan to use it so he can keep track of users for updates.

If you have any questions concerning download or install - email Mike Maul or call 713-725-7776.

Importing Horse/Rider updates before your ride

1. By the 5th of the month - download

where Xxx is the three letter abbreviation of the month - example Jan or Feb AND Y is the last digit of the year

2. Import following the directions in the manual.

Mike Maul
Chair, Technical Committee

Updated 05/21/2019