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Endurance News -- November 2018

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President's Letter: Check your ride records!

by Paul Latiolais

You may have already won! Act now before it's too late! This is a limited time offer!

I've heard from a member that who found, six months later, that there was a mistake in a ride result. "It would have made me the top . . ." It broke my heart that it was too late to change the previous year's standings. The person should have pointed it out much earlier, and the correction would have led to a much happier outcome for the rider.

So, please, it is November. If you think you might be in line for an award, double-check your ride results. Then check them again.

The season is effectively over for many of the regions, but there are still rides going on for the rest of this month, and riders from all regions riding those rides. Good luck to you all in reaching whatever goal you are aiming for in the 2018 season.

For those of us who know that we did not win anything, good luck in planning for next season, which is just a month away, if you can make it to one of the Southern tier rides. Otherwise remember the AERC motto, "to finish is to win," and take heart.

Personally, I am planning to attend the Twenty Mule Team ride near Ridgecrest, California, in February. Mostly, I will be there to volunteer and to scope out the location for the National Championship ride which will be held there next the fall (pending board approval). I have already committed to volunteer at the National Championship next year. Please consider attending the 2019 National Championship rides!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. Hope you get a chance to ride before the holiday season gets in the way.

Vice President's Letter: AERC Tidbits

by Monica Chapman

It's that time of year to renew your membership. Remember when you renew your membership to donate some extra money to the Trails, Research, and Education committees. Make sure you are renewed before the start of the ride year because you don't want to miss out on any issues of EN.

National Championship. The 2018 AERC National Championship in Asheville, North Carolina, at the Biltmore Estate was amazing. Stagg and Cheryl Newman did an wonderful job as ride managers. It was a challenging course with the heat and humidity but everyone did a great job taking care of their buddies. I was proud of our AERC members.

The AERC BOD did a great job supporting the event. Board members present were Vance Stine, Susan Kasemeyer, Heather Reynolds, Nick Kohut, Bob Marshall, Connie Caudill, Lisa Schneider, and Monica Chapman.

Jeremy Reynolds and Erin Lemmons tied for first place and first LW in the 50 mile ride. Erin's horse Tuscarora John also received best condition for the 50 mile ride. Other top finishers in the 50 mile ride were Alisija Zabavska as first FW, Jane Rodrigue was first MW and Don Meuten was first HW. Madeline Isaacs was first junior.

Holly Corcoran finished in first place as first LW and her horse Poete received best condition in the 100 mile ride. Other 100 weight division winners were Marcia Weilbach as first FW and Cheryl Van Deusen, first MW. Guy Worthington was first HW.

There were many riders representing the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and Central regions. (I'm sorry if I missed riders participating from other regions.) As a follow-up to one of my past columns: my guy, Rushcreek Atley, and I did not finish the 50 mile National Championship. It was too hot and humid for his big body. We are now two for three in finishing 50 mile National Championships. Hopefully next year's will be cooler and less humid.

Director-at-Large. The director-at-large ballots should be out for your voting pleasure. Remember to vote for people you feel will do a good job. Just because you have heard of someone's name doesn't mean that person will make a good BOD member.

Read their candidate statements, and email, Facebook messenger them, or call them, and ask questions. If they don't respond to you then that is probably the kind of BOD member they will be.

You can vote for up to eight people but you don't have to cast all eight votes. Feel free to contact another BOD member you feel comfortable talking to and ask how productive and interactive any sitting BOD members have been. Don't just go by their ride record, or the region they are in. Those facts don't necessarily mean they are good at running an organization.

Volunteer! Get involved in volunteering within AERC. AERC is a volunteer-run organization. The only paid employees are the ladies in the office. Feel free to contact ride managers and committee chairs about volunteer opportunities. I'm sure someone can find a place for you to fit in and volunteer. Have a happy Thanksgiving and fit in any last-minute rides for this ride season!

Trails Post: $10K-plus in trails grants approved

by Alex Uspenski

As the year winds down, it is a fair time to summarize the work of the Trails and Land Management Committee and report on what has been approved and discussed among the group.

To preface this, let us point out that AERC primarily funds trail grants through donations. These grants are slated for "bricks and mortar," and function on a reimbursement basis. There are other factors that go into the decision making:

-- Is there currently a ride at the proposed location?

-- Is there a plan for holding a ride there?

-- Can a ride be held there?

-- Do AERC riders condition there?

This committee usually comes to a consensus within a week, and I will say it is a pretty respectful bunch.

Out of five submitted proposals this fiscal year, three were approved:

North Kettle Moraine, Cambellsport, Wisconsin. The site of Colorama and the Kettles n' Bits rides. This proposal is to reconstruct approximately 600 yards of horse trail in environmentally sensitive areas adjacent wetlands near the headwaters of the Milwaukee River. Wetlands are tough, and in this case it takes a hardened surface (stone) to bring sustainable use to the table. Making mud go away is a good thing. Total project: $6,250. Total AERC commitment: $3,125.

South Kettle Moraine, Palmyra, Wisconsin. No relation to North Kettle Moraine, except that it is in Wisconsin! The site of Glacier Trails, Bonecrusher, ApDRA and DRAW-a-Rama rides. This proposal is for revamping horse camping facilities, and this grant helps build 16 pens on the ride camp site. Total project: $13,288. Total AERC commitment: $7,055.

Big Hill Lake Shelter, Cherryvale, Kansas. The site of the Little Ozarks at Big Hill Lake ride. It is also frequented by AERC riders for conditioning. This proposal is to buy a shelter and install it at the south equestrian campground of Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill Lake. We are a relatively small contributor to this large project with several contributors, but credit will be given to the AERC on the plaque for the building. Total project: approximately $18,000. Total AERC commitment: $500.

Besides the monies AERC granted, we also received $20,000 from the National Stewardship Alliance in our name for work in the Wayne National Forest in Ohio. The AERC also received a $1,000 donation from Marathon Petroleum. This came as a result of volunteer trail work done by Marathon employees. Corporations have volunteer incentive programs, so don't be afraid to ask your HR department if you work for a progressive company.

Please donate to the trails fund! An important consideration is during renewal of your annual dues. If you don't have time to work on trails, consider donating towards AERC's trails fund. Many riders do, and it really makes a difference.

If you consider the return on each dollar spent, it is very high. The work is primarily volunteer, and the volunteers are you and your fellow riders.

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