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Endurance News -- March 2017

President's Letter
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President's Letter: AERC's enduring prizes

by Michael Campbell, AERC President

We all like to know that we have the approval of others and we have prizes in life to signify that approval. We receive diplomas and degrees for schooling, plaques and certificates for work and social services, badges for special accomplishments, etc. Sometimes, just being allowed to clean the erasers at school is a fine reward. As a child, I recall that I was especially proud of receiving a special decorative pin from our pastor for one year of perfect attendance in Sunday School.

This issue of Endurance News features the lifetime, national and regional awards our members have earned over the last ride year. We are blessed to have a variety of awards to recognize the accomplishments of our members, human and equine, across the wide range of interests of endurance riders.

Our endurance culture is designed to recognize achievement at all levels. Of course, our motto is “to finish is to win.” So, at every ride we have completion awards, awards for Top Ten and for best condition. Many rides also feature junior awards, middle of the pack awards, turtle awards, hard luck awards, an award for the rider that traveled the farthest, etc. My wife jokes that one ride we attend has an award for the third Paint horse to pass the live oak tree across the first creek on the second loop of the 50 mile ride.

But this issue of EN focuses primarily on our national awards for the riders and horses we admire and respect the most.

The unique feature of AERC awards is that our participants may focus on specific niches to emphasize their special talents and interests. Some focus on points. Our point system combines miles ridden with placing such that winners in these categories have consistently finished well over many rides. If you really like riding 100s, AERC has a National 100 Mile Award. Have a special stallion or mare? You've probably got your eye on the Jim Jones Stallion Award or the War Mare Award.

Our young riders may compete for the Junior National 100 Mile Award or the Kathy Brunjes Young Rider Award. For older riders, AERC has the Bill Stuckey Award. I have an elderly friend who can barely walk and can't trot his own horse, but by golly he'll ride a horse to his own funeral.

If you enjoy riding with your spouse, you could earn the Bob and Julie Suhr Husband and Wife Team Award. Working toward this award is better than marital therapy. The husband has the opportunity to have the errors of his ways explained to him clearly for at least 50 miles. If you like riding with the whole family, you may aspire to the Bill Thornburgh Family Award. This award allows parents to ride and keep the kids out of all kinds of mischief at the same time.

If you're not a rider, AERC has a Volunteer Service Award for members who have volunteered in significant ways on behalf of AERC for many years. AERC also has the Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award for members who have worked to protect and preserve our equine trails. We all owe our volunteer and trails award winners our appreciation for keeping the computers running and the trails clear for our riding enjoyment.

Many of our awards focus on longevity in our sport. We have rider and equine awards for mileage. Of particular note are the 3,000, 5,000 miles and more, in increments of 1,000 miles, lifetime mileage awards for our horses. These are special awards because they indicate not only the durability of unusual horses, but the special care required to help a horse achieve these remarkable levels. This includes all the hours you spent wrapping legs, hydro-ing injuries, hauling hay and paying vet bills, not to mention training and training and training.

It is a special mark of distinction for a horse and rider to receive a Decade Team Award, indicating that they have competed together for ten years. At the top of this list of awards must go the Perfect Ten -- for horses that have 10 years of competition, 10,000 miles, 10 first place finishes and 10 best conditions. Any horse achieving this award is truly special and few horses make the list.

At the upper echelons of our awards are the Hall of Fame awards for equine and member. These are horses and riders recognized by the Hall of Fame Committee for truly outstanding achievements and contributions to our sport and organization.

Finally, the very pinnacle of AERC awards is the Pard'ners Award for the horse and rider team that take care of one another and exemplify good sportsmanship, friendship, championship and enthusiasm for the sport. Pard'ners are the mortal manifestation of “to finish is to win.” If your name is not in the next few pages, be content with the fact that only one in a hundred thousand people the U.S. can do what you do -- ride endurance. You have the fortitude to live the AERC motto.

If your name is in this issue of EN, you have earned the admiration and congratulations of us all. You are an example of what is best in all of us and in our sport.

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