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2021 AERC Bylaws Update

Be informed. Vote. Thank you.

Bylaws update webinar: YouTube presentation on bylaws changes presented by AERC board member John Parke. John goes through each individual change, noting why the update was needed. This hour-long video should answer any questions you may have about the update.

Frequently asked questions: Link to FAQs

Statement from the AERC Board of Directors, 5/24/21: Some of our members have expressed concern over the proposed revisions to the bylaws, and specifically, the proposed revisions to Articles 2.01 and 4.01.

During the process of revising the current bylaws (which were adopted in 2003) in order to bring them into compliance with the California Corporations Code, the lawyers conducting the review also recommended that the current language contained in Articles 2.01 and 4.01 be essentially "converted" to rules. The bylaws should provide the general, overarching framework by which AERC operates, whereas the rules should be more administrative in form and speak to the specifics governing AERC's operations.

Moving the specific language from the bylaws to the rules is not intended to redefine endurance, combine limited distance miles with endurance miles or establish stand-alone LDs. While all of these issues have been suggested on social media as being the goal(s) of the bylaws revisions, none of them are a part of the proposal.

There are 26 members of the BOD. Nearly 80% of them are 100-mile riders who currently have 273 100-mile rides amongst them. Twenty-two members of the BOD -- 85% of the BOD -- have endurance miles that number in the collective thousands. A rule is not created or changed without much discussion and a minimum of two majority votes of the BOD. One vote comes when the motion for a new rule or a rule change is made. If the motion is approved, the Rules Committee is tasked with writing the rule and that writing is put to the BOD for the second vote. This process is in place for the ongoing success of the organization and consideration of its members.

Have additional questions? Please send an email to board member Lisa Schneider or to the AERC Office. The responses will be added to the FAQ page.

April EN article: This article explains the background and summary of the bylaws update.

Proposed bylaws with highlighted revisions: This copy of the proposed bylaws with changes highlighted in red as discussed in John Parke's webinar.

Corrections to bylaws mailing: The text next to the page numbers on pages 13-24 should note "Proposed Bylaws." Also, the first two articles on page 17 should be labeled 6.13 and 6.14.

Revised 5/24/21