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AERC’s monthly magazine, Endurance News, is filled with information for the endurance rider. Find out more about the current issue and access archived issues.
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Donations in memory of Roger Taylor: (more)

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Director-at-Large Election: (more)

Anne Ayala Scholarship Application: (more)

AERC Welcoming Statement: (more)

Guidance for AERC Events during Covid-19: (more)

Covid-19 Plan Requirements for Ride Managers: (more)

Office Policy Regarding Members Joining Board Teleconference Calls: (more)

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Endurance 101 Clinics for new/potential endurance riders: (more)

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Press Releases (Click here to expand all)

AERC Press Release: (more)

AERC Awarded $20,000 Trail Grant from the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance (more)

Finding My Sport (more)

AERC Equine Longevity Award (more)

2017 AERC Convention (more)

Trails Stewardship Act (more)

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Janet Tipton and Lady Jasmine: 5,000 LD Miles(more)

2016 World Champs removed from UAE(more)

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AERC Celebrates Achievements:(more)

Discover Endurance Riding with the American Endurance Ride Conference:(more)

AERC Board of Directors passes resolution to oppose the sale of federal lands managed by the Departments of Interior and Agriculture to State ownership(more)

From trail ride to endurance ride: not such a big leap:(more)

Cache Creek Trails Grant: (more)

Promotions (Click here to expand all)

2016 Specialized Saddles Rookie Award All new members are invited to apply for the first-ever Specialized Saddles Rookie Award -- for riders who have not entered any AERC rides of 25 miles or more before 12/1/15. Great prizes for the top 3 in both LD and endurance divisions.

Discover Endurance Riding Booklets Just reprinted for 2016! 16 page full-color newsprint booklets contain information about endurance riding and touching stories by many AERC members. Call or email the AERC office -- just let the office staff members know how many booklets you'd like to have to hand out to potential new members. Call 866-271-2372 to order.

Each One Add One "I Got Mine" bumper stickers are available on request for members who encourage a new member to sign up with AERC. Just let the office staff know and we'll be happy to send one out.

AERC Brochures Four-color tri-fold brochures promoting AERC are available upon request from the office for you to distribute at local tack stores, horse clubs . . . just about anywhere you can find riders who might be interested in endurance riding. Call 866-271-2372 to order!

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