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Specialized Saddles Rookie Award

All new 2019 members are automatically entered into the Rookie Award program at no additional cost.

(Joined AERC in the past but did not do a ride? Contact the office to be added to the eligible rider list:

Link to 2019 Rookie Award Flyer

*** Prizes for top three 2019 mileage earners in Endurance and Limited Distance ***

Endurance prizes:
1st place: Specialized Saddles endurance saddle (custom-tooled Eurolight with a fleece seat, conchos, and leather covered stirrups)
2nd place: Custom hay bag
3rd place: Custom hay bag

Limited Distance prizes:
1st place: Custom belt buckle
2nd place: Custom hay bag
3rd place: Custom hay bag

2018 Rookie Award Guidelines:

Your ride mileage will begin accumulating towards this award from the date you join AERC.
Award based on one rider and one or two equines.
Equines must be the minimum age as required by AERC rules.
In the event of a tie, the higher number of completions will break the tie; second tie-breaker will be the higher number of longer ride completions (55 miles and up).
Riders with a completion rate of less than 80% at the end of the season will be ineligible for the Rookie Award.
Riders against whom a protest has been filed and upheld by the Protest and Grievance Committee for a failed drug test, equine abuse or poor sportsmanship are not eligible.
Rides done as a non-member (day member) will not count against this award.

2018 Rookie Award Winners:
1. Mykayla Corgnell (W) - 635 miles
2. Rebecca Horihan (MW) - 350 miles
3. Lauren Coziah (MT) - 225 miles

Limited Distance:
1. Jennifer Fredrichs-Ramon (MW) - 270 miles
2. Marie Umbarger (SE) - 265 miles
3. Michelle Lee Splonskowski (MW) - 215 miles

2017 Rookie Award Winners:
1. Rose Sandler - 315 miles
2. Rita Batka - 200 miles
3. Sarah Carlson - 150 miles

Limited Distance:
1. Susan Dent - 275 miles
2. Kelley Trierweiler - 170 miles
3. Sarah Carlson - 130 miles

2016 Rookie Award Winners:
1. Whitney West - 425 miles
2. Cortney Bloomer - 250 miles
3. Tiffany Vance - 100 miles
3. Rachelle Hobbs - 100 miles

Limited Distance:
1. Kimberly Love - 570 miles
2. Caroline Henderson - 130 miles
3. Nicole Jeter - 125 miles

Special thanks to David and Tracy Kaden of Specialized Saddles for their sponsorship of this award.


Updated 4/11/19