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Last updated 11/28/11, tms

AERC Membership News

Benefits of Joining AERC

  • Lifetime equine and rider mileage tracking

  • Subscription to Endurance News, an informative monthly magazine featuring articles on endurance riding, an extensive ride calendar, ride results, and equine product advertisements

  • Subscription to AERC Extra, the organization's quarterly online newsletter (for members with email addresses on file)

  • Copy of AERC Rider Handbook

  • Copy of AERC Rules and Regulations booklet

  • Voting rights on member issues

  • National and regional award eligibility

  • Annual membership directory

2012 Membership Information

New Member Discount. Thanks to a donation by FarmVet (www.farmvet.com), new members -- and those who last joined prior to the 2007 season -- will receive a 15% discount on their 2012 membership dues. A new membership is $63.75, with additional family members 18 or older as of 12/1/11 at $42.50. Additional youth members (17 or younger as of 12/1/11) are $17, as are "non-riding" family members.

Dues. 2012 AERC memberships are $75 per year. The "additional family members" category is now split into 3 levels:
  • an additional full adult family member (18 or older as of 12/1/11) is $50 per year

  • a youth family member (17 or younger as of 12/1/11) is $20

  • a non-riding family members are $20 per year. If the non-riding family member chooses to enter a ride, he/she must pay the day member fee of $15 per ride, or phone the office to upgrade membership for $30.

Gold membership (U.S. members only). For an additional $20 for individual (one adult and non-adult children) or $40 for two adults (and non-adult children) AERC members can add $1 million personal excess liability coverage through Equisure. For more information about this membership level, contact Equisure at 800-752-2472.

As always, if you have any questions, please phone the AERC office: 866-271-2372.

You can join or renew your AERC membership by calling the office toll-free at 866-271-2372. Other options:

Printable membership formAdobe PDF Document - Click here to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader    to use if you'd like to join or renew by mail or fax.

Online renewal form for AERC membership renewal.

Online new membership to for first-time AERC members to join online.

Membership Dates and Deadlines

December 1: New AERC ride season begins/membership renewal due

February 1: Last date for membership renewal to include mile/points from the first of the ride season ("grace period") and to continue receiving Endurance News

February/March: AERC convention. For information about the upcoming AERC convention, visit the AERC convention page.

June 1: Last date to change weight division or region for the current ride season

July 15: Hall of Fame and Pard'ners Award nominations are due to the AERC vice president

September 30: Nominations (and $5 filing fee) are due to the AERC office for Regional Director (odd-numbered years)/Director-at-Large (even-numbered years)

Early November: Director ballots mailed out to the membership

November 30: Director ballots are due back to the official counting agency

November 30: End of the AERC ride season

AERC 2012 Schedule of Fees

AERC's membership year runs from December 1 through November 30
  • Membership (single) $75
  • Each additional adult family member $50
  • Each additional youth family member $20
  • Each additional non-riding family member $20
  • Youth-only membership (under 17 years old as of 12/1/11) $40
  • Aditional charge for Canadian members $20
  • Additional charge for other countries $40
  • AERC International membership $10
  • Vet/Control Judge membership $40 (includes EN subscription and control judge privileges only)
  • Gold membership $20 individual, $40 family
  • Subscription only (12 months of EN) $40
  • Equine registration $15
  • Ride sanction fee $25
  • Each additional distance/same day $10
  • $5 per starting rider plus the $3 drug fee (except CA) for a total of $8 per rider in each ride
  • Day member (one-day ride privilege for non-AERC members) $15
  • Director nomination $5
  • Protest filing $150
  • Returned check charge $25

Equine Registration

You are welcome to phone the office to register an equine with AERC's equine mileage program. (Your first equine registration is free; any other equine registrations are $15, and include lifetime mileage tracking.) AERC's toll-free number is 866-271-2372. Other options:

Printable equine registration formAdobe PDF Document - Click here to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online form to register your horse for the mileage program online.

For additional membership information, please email the AERC office or call 866-271-2372, 8-4 Pacific Time.

AERC Membership Login

The advantages of activating your AERC membership account include:

  • Access to the most current information on file for you and your horses
  • Print out the current AERC history records on you and your horses
  • Access to the up-to-date AERC member directory

For Ride Managers:

  • Online ride sanctioning
  • Verify and get addresses for ride entry mailings in your area
  • List of control judges/vets in your area
  • Verify AERC membership is current for riders entered in your ride

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